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One year of blogging done, and what a year it has been!

It’s been a year already? I initially started blogging for what I believe is the most common reason: to have a place to keep all my thoughts and ideas about gaming in one place. What originally started as just ‘something … Continue reading

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Holding Pattern.

Dear snow, thanks for that four hour drive yesterday. Nothing like leaving work early, at 2pm, and finally getting home at 6pm. That was awesome… On to a happy topic, gaming, I find myself in somewhat of a standstill. Currently … Continue reading

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A look ahead, and why can’t I have the Sword of Leetness+5?

Playing EVE Online, EQ2, and Sword of the New World all at the same time gives you a very interesting view of where MMOs are today. Two of the games (EVE, EQ2) were released a few years back, but both … Continue reading

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Training delay, SOE down, SotNW grinding.

Bit of EVE stupidity on my part a few days ago. I bought a +4 implant from the Ministry of War Loyalty Point store, having finally saved enough LP to get one. I proceed to unplug my +1 implant and … Continue reading

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AFK leveling.

Just a quick post today, but Sword of the New World is very… well different. You can AFK level yourself to basically 100, and the game does nothing to really stop you. It’s just one of the many differences between … Continue reading

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Sword of the New World I love you. No wait I hate you. No just kidding I love you.

Thanks to a PCGamer demo DVD, I installed Sword of the New World over the weekend to give it a go. Seeing as how the game is Free2Play (stupid marketing trend word) and got a 90% review in the same … Continue reading

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