Back to WoW we go…

After a long break I’ve decided to return to World of Warcraft, although in a very different manner. Instead of playing it to raid and be on the bleeding edge of content, the goal here will be to very casually level a new character with the girlfriend, and once a week get together with some former guild mates and run an instance, starting with the Deadmines and working our way up to Outland.

With the recent changes to WoW with patch 2.3, the pace should be easy to maintain only playing a few hours a week. The plan is to run them as close to the minimum level, just to increase the challenge a bit, and experience it as close as we can get it to the ‘intended’ difficulty. I’m really looking forward to re-visiting some old stomping grounds, and seeing some of the changes since my departure, which was just before the release of TBC.

I’ll post all our race/class combos once we get all that set up, along with the server we will play on, just in case you would like to send a /tell.

And for all those worried this will turn into a WoW-only blog, fear not, I have no intention of droning on and on about WoW. There are plenty of blogs that do so already. EVE droning (ha, get it?) you might have to deal with, along with the usual random posts about the latest demo/beta I happen to install, and the general MMO bitching/complaining that we all know and love.

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  1. alcaras says:

    I recommend rolling on Horde/Mal’Ganis if you can. There’s a Elitist Jerks affiliated leveling guild (which I’m in) called ‘Serious Casual’ that might be of interest to you. You can learn more about them at

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