Rift Review (EG Style)

Two days, two ‘reviews’ :snicker:, I spoil you guys!

I like the graphic style of Rift. It’s high fantasy, but it has enough of those little details to not make it totally forgettable. Bonus points for all the graphical options and adjustments, it’s nice to have that kind of control. In terms of performance, at 1900×1200 on Ultra I got around 35 FPS, which is more than acceptable. Oddly enough, at Medium I only went up to about 40 FPS, yet the game looks dramatically worse. Tonight we will see how Aria’s PC handles the game, which has older hardware but a smaller screen (1400×900).

The gameplay is standard themepark hotbar mashing. Icons appear in your bar when you get them, you mash them, stuff dies. By far the biggest hurdle for me with Rift is going to be getting over the combat. Darkfall has simply spoiled me in that regard, and while Rift certainly does what it does well, its Just So Damn Boring compared to even the lowliest PvE encounter in DF.

The fact that you stand still so often is shocking, as is just how much time you spend ‘waiting’ for a cooldown or for something to finish. In reality the wait is half a second at a time, if not less, but that’s so significant when you are use to focusing on three different things at all times in DF, always moving, always adjusting, always expecting something to pop out and change the whole situation. In Rift, and other hotbar mashers, you KNOW nothing like that is going to happen. You KNOW you have zero chance of dying against this mob, and you KNOW exactly what is going to happen, point by point, even before combat starts.

That massive hurdle aside, I do see potential in the class/soul system. One of the silly things about other talent trees is how little reward you get from putting points into something that, say, raises your crit % by 1 point per point. Sure, you dump the points in to reach something you really want, but those actual points are almost meaningless. Rift gets around this, because as you put more points in the top of the tree, it opens up abilities in the bottom/roots. So while you still have 0/5 +1% crit stuff, at least putting a point or two there also opens up a new ability for you. It’s a small thing, but feels very rewarding in terms of the whole ‘ding, points, new stuff’ experience.

I only made it to level 5 last night on one character, but man is that early area linear. I’m not talking a zone vs a virtual world here, I’m talking straight path, point A to point B stuff. If that’s just for the intro area, ok, but if the entire game is like this, not cool. I understand a themepark can’t be as open as Agon, but even WoW (at least in the early days) had zones where you could go in a few directions to accomplish things. Here every quest objective is just outside of the current hub, and once you complete them, the only road out of town takes you to the next hub, rinse repeat.

More time with it tonight, including hopefully seeing a rift in action and getting deeper into the classes.


Edit: Sadly many missed the inside joke, here is the real review.

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  1. PeterD says:

    You could have saved everyone a lot of reading time by writing your EG quality review as follows:

    “It’s not Darkfall. Fail.”


    • Remijdio says:

      Yeah, no joke.

    • roflmfao says:

      he just sounds like a darkfall fanboy imho.

      • lightgiver says:

        Lol, he didn’t even get past the training area, lvl 4? you didnt even get to your first rift.

    • James says:

      Rift has great game mechanics, but likes most MMOs they are horribly implemented. The class system offers a lot of variety, but the gameplay itself is just bad. By the mid 20s (Gloamwood area) not only are you limited on quest choices to level, but the quests are actually mandatory. That’s right they have mandatory quests in an MMO. It doesn’t matter if you run dungeons or PVP you can’t progress without finishing your main quest line. The issue is you accept the quest line, get cursed as a werewolf, and have to kill a boss to remove the curse. Sounds cool right? Sure, in a single player game. In a dynamic world MMO it is horrible. Ran an instance and need to go to town to sell/craft/wtf ever? Ohh you can’t your still cursed. Want to log out in town while you go to work so you get rested XP, can’t. It’s ok though, you just have to complete the quest chain without going in to town to heal, sell, or do any of the other functions a town has. Ohh and this non group quest chain involves closing a rift solo. Good luck with that if you chose to play a rogue without heals… You can technically opt to skip this and remove the curse by talking to an NPC. Unfortunately the game doesn’t give any indication of where he is located in town. Good luck walking around in a city full of people killing you looking for a single unmarked NPC.

      • SynCaine says:

        I also hate quests that have an impact on the game. I’m just here to collect my epics damnit!

        (just did that quest line, it’s excellent)

      • Drew says:

        Duude u just needed to use a spell like a passive one to remove disguises/curses. there are ways around most everything in rift too, like main quest lines. you dont HAVE to do them, maybe just one or two!

      • Anonymous says:

        There are no mandatory quests idiot.

    • marKism says:

      REVIEW: If you like WoW you will LOVE Rift. It is similar to WoW in that it is easy tio pick up and almost as linear in its initial game play, BUT – it has a much better char development system, better graphics, better quests, and more class diversity. This is the Franken-game of MMO’s it has really happily plagerized from a number of MMOs to incorporate, what it hopes to be, the best elements of them. That being said, it is not super challenging, it isn’t DF or even DAoC, but it is fairly light fun.

    • Anonymous says:

      i got this game. turned it all teh way up and it runs at 50fps….it runs betetr then any other mmo i have seen, and it is really fun with alot to do. 9 out of 10

  2. spinks says:

    I found the Defiant area felt much more linear than the Guardian. Might be worth trying the other faction to see how it compares.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea played Defiant last night, going to play Guardians tonight.

      • smee, T says:

        hated the defiant area, guardian felt better… both are still very linear though. I also enjoyed the class system and stuff the second time around. Also I played dwarf which was much better then the tryhard defiant races.

  3. Bhagpuss says:

    Both Tutorial areas are appalling. The very, very worst thing about the whole game that I have seen so far. I’ve sent some blistering feedback about how bad they are, but I don’t imagine anything will change.

    I really don’t see why MMOs insist on having Level 1-5 tutorials that are NOTHING like the game. They all do it, though, from EQ’s diabolically bad Gloomingdale Deep to Fallen Earth’s “start at Level 40 and get a ton of great gear then we take it all away and you start again”. Just put us in the damn game that we are going to be playing, already.

    Once you get through that nonsense and arrive in Feemarch or Silverwood, things pick up dramatically. There’s been a lot of complaint about linearity all the way to 20th, but it’s nonsense. Just go off-piste as soon as you arrive in the real Telara, go wherever you like, find some rifts, fight some invaders, pick up a bunch of quests here there and everywhere and the linearity completely disappears.

    On the other hand, if you let the NPCs walk you through the zone from quest hub to quest hub then yes, you will lose the will to live. So don’t let them.

    As for the combat, all the points you have as negatives are positves to me. The traditional click-hotkey-and-wait combat allows for much longer play sessions at a much lower intensity, which is great both for my mental and physical health. Compare it to DCUO (which I am also thoroughly enjoying), where I can really only play for a couple of hours a day because it’s just too physically tiring.

    Anyway, only got a short play-session today because of work so off to log in. Hoping to see some PvP tonight if I can work out how to get across that broken bridge.

    • Mala says:

      This is pretty much spot on. If you can force yourself off the beaten path, you can do alright post-tutorial. However, it is SUPER easy to get stuck on the quest treadmill that takes you from one generic quest hub to the next, each with 2-3 quest NPCs, a general goods vendor, and a healer. Even the Rifts get old pretty fast though. The idea is good, but basically as they stand they are randomly spawning public quests, and they are rarely around long enough for footholds to form. Once the footholds do form and roaming bands of elites start wandering the zone, things can get interesting though.

    • drilski says:

      I REALLY liked the Defiant opening zone. I don’t know why, but it just really pleased me and set the scene. Each to their own, though.

      Everything else you said is pretty much spot-on.

      By the way: to get across the bridge, in general today, Defiant-side, people were saying you could buy a teleporter that would take you across to Silverwood from general goods vendors. I didn’t check it myself, so not sure how true it is, but ’tis a start at least. Just remember to soul bind at Meridian.

  4. coppertopper says:

    I was watching some videos of duels and noticed assassins get stealth…I guess. Can you explain stealth in Rift? I haven’t read anything about the mechanic. Just like WoW? Any counter measures?

  5. eudaimonia says:

    Eh the questing remains hugely linear (even by theme park standards) throughout the rest of 1-20. Guardian Zone is a little better, largely because the Magic Academy quest hub has better writing and a stronger sense of place. (Make sure to do the Scotty quests, there’s an amusing coda to that line =D) All the other quest hubs, esp Defiant-side, are random campfires on the side of the road with a vendor, healer, and 1 or 2 quest NPCs. I am not exaggerating: many of the quest hubs are actual literal campfires, maybe a tent, and an assortment of NPCs. This is so you don’t need to walk more than 5 steps from the quest giver to the quest location.

    Soul system is where it’s at in Rift, and is the only reason I will buy this game. Your character can basically completely transform at will. As I level my cleric I can freely switch between caster DPS, melee DPS, healer, or tank. Each one has a completely different ability set to learn. It sounds like a minor change, but it actually make the whole theme park experience far far more varied and interesting. Basically it feels like WoW but with x4 the amount of novelty in the same amount of content. There’s a lot of endgame planned for Rift, and their system means I can run the same instance four different ways so the novelty factor remains high.

    • Dan says:

      Your comment, “There’s a lot of endgame planned for Rift” means nothing.

      What companies say will happen often does not, and I wait to see if they keep their promise, or “plan”.

      • Manny says:

        Unless you have played the game, you dont know what you are talking about.
        There are several clues within the game that shows that there will be raiding content.
        Besides there are raid examples everyday, we get to close rifts.

        Btw endgame =/= raiding, therefore endgame will happen despite raiding or not.

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  8. smoothietime says:

    I don’t get how WoW is so popular.. As I read this review and all the comments I was starting think I was having world of warcraft described to me. Absolutely appalling how uninteresting and generic their quests and leveling is. Absurd how a game that BAD got so popular. I remember 2005 “oh this looks pretty cool
    ” BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! Runescape has more interesting and changing quests than WoW! Dear god. I thought runescape was the scum of the earth but nope, Runescape>WoW.
    If RIFT is anything like WoW, (they sound literally the same besides the intricate leveling system which isn’t even original though [Final Fantasy 5 and 11 any one?]) then it is a garunteed shit pile.

    • Valrico says:

      smoothie you are definitely in the minority regarding your opinion of wow. I have been playing for years and the only thing keeping me from leaving is a game that is better and to this date there are currently none. So im not sure if you were just a terribad player or you are more into roleplaying with 60 year old grannies in eq but i think you need to either get a clue or stop posting. Btw learn to spell guaranteed.

      • Paprika says:

        WoW is popular for a reason. Despite it’s launch issues, it was definitely the most polished MMO all-around, and many of the new MMOs that came after WoW paled in comparison. Questing was boring for some, sure, but it wasn’t terrible.

        If you honestly believe questing is what makes a MMO good, then you’re a dummy. On second thought, you’re a dummy for thinking Runescape is better than WoW. And this is coming from someone who hates WoW and hasn’t played it in years.

        • Rossem67 says:

          WoW is terrible. I have to agree with smoothie on this one. I have played a lot of MMORPG’s out there and there are a few good things in each one, but a few good things and loads of crap things isnt enough to sell a game, im sorry. I like the fact you actually here the people talking in Age Of Conan and it has proper dialogue that you can interact with. WoW has pages of writing to read and quests that consist of “kill 10 of this enemy”, “kill 10 of the recoloured version of this enemy” “kill 10 of the recoloured,slightly stronger version of this enemy” and so on… even the “gathering” quests involve killing so many of the same enemy… its pathetic. And when the game is so combat heavy, why have a shitty click and wait system? nah… real games are the way forward, not half hearted MMO’s. And WoW is actually so popular because of a popularity spiral. It’s not because its good. 10 people play it so another person plays it. Before you know it 100 people play it and another 10 play it and so forth until it reaches the millions it has reached today… As for graphics… oh dear. RIFT sounds exactly like warcraft and i am genuinely disappointed because I dont hate MMO’s, i just know a shit game when i see one…

        • Sir man says:

          Well put

        • Manny says:

          One question… have you played rift past the starting zone?

        • Anonymous says:

          WoW was hugely more successful at launch than any MMO before or since, and has onlu gained in popularity since. Your complaints about questing aren’t really relevant in a game where you never have to quest to level up. You can lvl in dungeon or PvP, as well, to break the monotony. It may be repetetive at times, but you are given these options to break the monotony and still progress. Besides, leveling up is only the beginning, and the game doesn’t even start until lvl cap. As far as “click and wait” maybe you mean mage or something but most classes have instant attacks.

          Name what MMO you feel is better than WoW if you think WoW is so shitty.

      • marKism says:

        Smoothie is definitely not in the minority for serious gamers. WoW by anything other than the most simplistic standards is a total pos. It’s success is ENTIRELY due to the fact that they developed the easiest most brainless game possible to appeal to the latgest swath of clientele. WoW is easy to pick up and play and mash buttons to and engages its players little to not at all – basically it was designed to appeal to the lowest commen demoninator and as a result was hugely financially successful. That doesnt mean its a good game, it just means they had some good marketing for its development.

    • Dan says:

      I never liked WoW until Cataclysm came out. At lest now there is content that is very different, and not all quests require killing.

      Still, to me, WoW is not the best game to have hit the planet and I am left scratching my head why people play it for years. One year yes, two years if you find a lot of people to PvP or PvE with and use a voice program. People who like to rinse and repeat or craft forever should love WoW.

  9. KamiDOTexe says:

    Ya know, I sat and played beta 5 today, and I was thinking to myself.

    How do people play these click and attack type MMO’s I remember when I started AoC all I got was Welcome to AOC. Here is how you do this, this, this, and incase this happens type this. Off you go!
    And the game started, the PvP was instant and brutal, the game itself was brutal. I don’t see how people didn’t love that.

    Sure AoC had a lot of bug issues, or flavor of the week OP classes. But in all it was a very high intense, cut-throat game of survival. There were no ‘PvP’ zones, no place was safe except a Hub, and even then if you were strong or talented enough the only thing you had to worry about were the guards who destroyed all.

    So far this game has not really captured my interest.
    I’ll keep grinding until I want to rinse my mouth with buckshot and maintain updates.

  10. jaypee says:

    Like it or hate it wow have all it takes to be a very popular mmo (ez, linear, good graphics, funny classes and addicting end content (all based on gearing which is also easy but takes alot of hours out of a noob… and then they patch out new gear :) ))
    Rift seems to be based on wow which is a good thing to me i like easy repetitive games

    • Dan says:

      Cataclysm changed the game for the better, by a large margin. Many of the simple drops in open field solo killing simply destroy [as in outclass] some of the better gear in previous versions.

      And, yes, a Dwarf has to be the funniest character in the game.

  11. Sarious says:

    You know all you had to say at the start was I’m a level 5 n00b, and i quit, because I suck at mmo’s… that’s would’ve saved a lot of time reading that review… O_o

  12. lara says:

    ignore the comment above mine hes obviously retarded and doesnt grasp any of the points youve made, which are all very valid in my opinion. i agree with everything you have said and all anyone has to do is look at it from an mmo’s perspective like darkfall to understand. i still havent found a replacement for the thrills of darkfall and i quit that game 1 and a half years ago!

  13. lara says:

    plus id like to add its virtually impossible for anyone with more than half a brain to ‘suck at mmo’s’ as Sarious said, especially the tedious easiness of the point and click skill mechanic that countless mmo’s ever so uniquely share…sarcasm there; skill never even comes into it.

    • MR BIG says:

      skill is never a factor. dedication is…however. thats something these makers should really start looking at introducing into the game.

    • Dan says:

      Skill may not come into mmo gameplay, however, WoW Cataclysm stopped much of the macro mania. Lots of buttons to push these days.

      Skill may not be required, however, often a great deal of thought has to be given to how to attack and maintain the attack if the mob is elite or elite + a lot of adds while playing solo. When grouped paying attention to what everyone else is doing and why is important, especially against bosses and their adds.

  14. Richard says:

    Action MMOs and MMOs are two different genres, you should review them separately, I hope no one payed for this god awful review.

  15. LukeA says:

    WOW was popular. but that dosent make it a good game.
    just makes it popular. and as a game it sucks.
    anyone who plays WOW simply hasent found the MMO that realy caters to what they like about MMO’s

    WOW is 10% of everything. its just a mmo anyone and everyone can play, so they do, because everyeon ELS plays too.
    MMO’s arnt about how many players play, its about how the interaction takes place.
    in WOW.. theres lots of events were lots of people can take part. simple.
    WOW isent a good game, its just popular because it was the most popular.

    RIFT however, seems similar in some respects, yes it has prety generic class’s and generic races, and the simple 2 sides PVP.
    the story is just law. and the quests are probably fairly simple and repetative.
    but what you think of as uneque is infact a very old system used in MMO’s like FFXI and a more advanced version in FFXIV.
    its just new to western dev’s.

    i think its salvation lies in the PVP and the random encounters.
    the mixup of class’s will be intresting when pit Vs another player.
    likewise when a random hord of mobs atacks and you mix your style up to be better at taking them out.

    WOW = MMO noob farm.
    RIFT = pvp event mash up.

    if you like it, play it.
    (hell, if you only play mmos for the social side of things. wows the game for you.
    but gamers who play games because good game, WILL mock you)

    • Ravenshade32 says:

      Number 1 – WoW is no social game trust me, the community there compared to past mmo’s (EQ1 for eg) is shocking. someone who says that WoW has a great social community clearly has played nothing else lol.

      Number 2 – “but gamers who play games because good game, WILL mock you)” WTF does that mean exactly? =p

      I will agree though, play what you like not what other tell you is good or fun. I started out with EQ1 in late 90s played for 9years, went to EQ2 for a few years then moved to WoW for 4 or so years. Played a load of free mmo’s in between but my personal opinion is they suck, seriously you pay for what you get and the only people usually playing the crappy f2p games are the ones that cannot afford subs =p.

      WoW was fun because notghing better was out at the time, it was the MOST simple mmo I have ever played but the fun factor over took that. Then Cata came out I bought 6x copies of the expansion and then gave up 3 weeks after due to boredom, closed my 6 accounts down for good! Looking forward to sticking with Rift, I hope they don’t fck it up like other past mmo’s (Aion and Warhammer).

      • brad says:

        that is terrible math… late 90’s, 9 years…switched for a few…then switched again for 4? years? what are you from the future?

  16. Jert says:

    Darkfall is the biggest pile of shit ever launched into the MMORPG market. It literally looks as though a bunch of talentless broke college kids got together and tried to build a MMORPG and completely failed… But I suppose you would consider the 2,000 or so active accounts left playing Darkfall to be a success?

    • marKism says:

      Though admittedly DF models suck, the environments are actually pretty good. But ya the models totally suck. Aside from graphics however, DF is a very deep game and blows just about anythig out of the water with respect to combat, game-play, char development, and crafting. Basically the DF developers spent their time trying to make an intelligent and deep MMO with challenging game play rather then a themepark button masher with pretty pictures. Granted most people go for the latter – aka WoW – but there are a few gamers out there who actually prefer a challenge and have enough actual imagination left where they dont need to be spoon fed their world with state-of-the-art graphics engines.

  17. Ravenshade32 says:

    Please don’t compare this game to Darkfall in any way shape or form, Darkfall is an abomination in so so many ways. Darkfall is what EQ was in the late 90’s, would have been a great game then but newsflash! It’s 2011.

  18. Casandrea says:

    The linearity goes on till level 7 – this is more or less the newbie area where you get to choose your souls (talents etc.). After that it’s a free world with alot of mess to get involved in.

    I love the combat system. On my comp it runs smooth and play is very responsive. I feared that it would be clunky, seeing the graphics are considerably better than wow’s but the play is equally enjoyable ;-) Nice change of scenery.

    Classes mix very well, it takes a while to get something in the form of an optimal rotation – it’s all free to customize there is no way of play handed to you just from leveling. Creative minds will see potential, others may feel a bit lost and left wondering.

    So far thumbs up for Rift, few days played.

  19. Treyekh says:

    My wife and I have been playing for 4 days now (since headstart). We’re both mid 20’s and here is what I have to say about Rift.

    RE: Linearity. My wife and I actually love that the quests give us a running point and a direct path. On the way we’ll explore, get lost, die etc, but at least we know where the path is quite clearly. If you don’t like this, don’t follow this path. Run down the road and through the inlets, caves, sides, ravines, hills, mountains and pick up dozens of quests, then haphazardly run about and do them. It’s your choice. Don’t complain it’s linear just because you’re linear.

    RE: Combat. Yes, it’s your standard button pressing 1v1 auto swinging fight. TBH though, games that require an insane amount of moving and reaction while fighting low level mobs are physically and mentally exhausting and you can only play for a few hours at a time. This style allows you to settle in for a long day of relaxed playing. That’s a win for my wife and I.

    So far the game is great. They’ve done everything properly. Given you 100% control over your key mapping and interface layout, and haven’t shit the bed in any area re: weird mechanics or failed systems (FFXIV anyone?). In my opinion, this is the first game since WoW that actually plays normally without something cataclysmic going wrong. There’s no failed combat systems. It’s busy, it’s lively. It’s dynamic (rift events and invasions can completely wipe out a town).

    The professions are nice and smooth, simple yet rewarding. The game is definitely catering to that middle ground of players that want something not quite as technical as Aion crafting, but nothing brainless either.

    Honestly, it’s a great game so far and I think everyone should at least try it once.

    • Matthew says:

      Yeah def one of the best comments I’ve read so far. It did not seemed a lot less bias and told it how it is. I just purchased it due to the comment. Great reviews!

  20. Purusa says:

    Treyekh’s comments were the best. Caused me to actually give this game a chance. I started with Everquest and have played Wow ever since. I don’t know why I’d want to try something else, but who knows…?

  21. Scott says:

    RIFT seem’s pretty cool, but honestly all I see is just the vanilla version of WoW. I am hoping that with some due expansion packs then RIFT will fun in it;s own way.

    Aside from that, to all who are participating in this “omg wow suckks itss’ teh wurst gaem evar.” Honestly? Just because YOU think it is a bad game, means it is a terrible game to the world? What makes you think that YOUR opinion is THE opinion? I am sorry, but i was just wanting to hear a simple review of RIFT and all i see is just a bunch of discrimination, I just had to say something.

    • snes says:

      thats all i wanted to hear, thank you. rift is vanilla version of WoW. many people piss on wow and talk crap about it and in fact they are playing WoW but only the vanilla version.

  22. Torren says:

    Well, I have not yet picked up Rift, but I will be looking into it at some point for sure. First impressions from friends I have who play it though have not been positive. Its not that it’s linear, really, but the sheer volume of redundant skills I hear complaints about.
    Graphically? Even in screenshots, to me at least, the world looks great but the avatars don’t look like they belong in the same world. Think of it like this, take a Frank Furzetta picture, photoshop it into Avatar. Doesn’t look quite right. Now, this may be just an effect from the screenshots, but again my friends have said much the same thing and they run amazing gaming rigs.
    Having said this…Treyekh has made an excellent review and it has garnered my attention. I will look into giving this game its due when I can afford to do so.
    As for the wow haters out there, I can understand your dislike, but I cannot relate. It’s a great game if you want to play casually, and don’t mind the cartoonish look (not to mention the disjointed lore). I have my complaints with it but I have been playing it on and off for a while. *shrug* It’s doing something right to keep people coming back.
    I only hope someone else takes their example and manages to do what Blizzard did. WoW IS getting long in the tooth and needs to be unseated from its position.

  23. Pakesso says:

    Actually, coming from FFXI, Vanguard, Conan, World Of Warcraft and LOTRO, I have to say that this is the game that did everything right. They say a good artist borrows, but a great artist steals. If that’s the case, Trion is a great artist.

    Trion has FFXI’s story ambition. Vanguard’s map and skills ambition, Conan’s PVP ambitions, Warcraft’s living world ambition and LOTRO’s “War” ambition. And it’s all done so stunningly well I can’t imagine not recommending this to anyone.

    To say that it’s generic, well, it’s to be expected considering it’s an MMO. No MMO will change the formula of button mashing and such, because no MMO would be able to handle more than that. People want innovation, All Points Bulletin seemed to try something else, and look how that turned out.

    It’s like Rock N’ Roll. There is some awesome rock early on, but it grew, and there are always great surprises that make you listen to the genre all over again. (I’m not going to give examples, for fear of being torn apart lol)

    What REALLY changes the game from everything else, is the Rifts and Invasions. NEVER have I played an MMO where I felt that the world was living through consequences. If you don’t close a Rift, Invasions will take over the map and mess up your “linear” questing. Go ahead and try question and letting Rifts dominate. You won’t even be able to turn in. Tell me that’s still linear…lol

    In all seriousness, even the hardcore will like Rift. The casual will come in and enjoy it just as much. Because while they mosey along questing and petting furry rabbits, the hardcore will protect them and make their world safe.

    If you happen to get the game, join me and CitizenSane on the Harrow Shard/Server. We’d be glad to have you! Look for Pakesso or Calmwater to join us. If you don’t enjoy Rift, you’d better give up on MMO’s altogether. :)

    • Pakesso says:

      Oh, and the PVP will keep you hooked also. It’s got an extra soul for those going beyond 50 and aim at being legendary, and it has its own rewards in gear and such.

  24. Orange says:

    I have played rift for about 4 days now, and reading these comments, I do see many negative comments. In fact, the first day playing I asked myself, ‘Why did I spend money on this game?’ This question simply came about after playing one of the class labeled ‘Rogue.’ However, once I tried out the mage class, it was different. I actually enjoy playing Rift from there on, and is looking forward to end game plans that they have. From there, I can draw that between the 4 classes, mechanisms of running the character change dramatically.

    On the other hand, I have been playing WoW ever since it started beta as well, but I felt that in WoW there really isn’t much difference between the classes. Thus, if you desire something different with multifarious playing styles, Rift may be a game for you.

    Questing wise, I really don’t mine linearity of it because I am pretty sure in lots of other MMORPGs, system of leveling up is some what similar. Also, it is your choice of path, because when i was straying around the fields, I found out that I did not have to follow the recommended path; I found another set of quests.

    To summarize, Rift is one of the few good games that came out in years.

    P.S. This review written from the perspective of a WoW user.

    • Yaksha says:

      You have an excellent point, Orange. I’m willing to bet that most of the negative comments are based on people who just can’t stand the class they have picked. I know that, personally, I can’t stand the Cleric class. I’m not even sure why since I play healer in pretty much every MMO I attempt and Clerics are predominantly heals. You really have to find the right class for you to enjoy the game. Rift gives you the option to make, not a “class”, but a SPECIES (referencing biological classification) that is perfect for you. Here’s the kicker! You’re going to have to TRY. No premade system of skills and the odd talent to mesh together a symblance of something personal. You can’t be a “Riftblade Warrior”. You HAVE to be a “Riftblade/Paragon/Champion Warrior”, which I think is beautiful. Toss in tradeskills where you can purchase special recipes from the base level and the fact that the main cities have dye venders to customize the skin for your armor and you have possibly the BEST game for personalizing a character and taking personal role-playing (not just in group dynamics, but inventing an actual, individual alter-ego) to the next level. Sure, City of Heroes was great at making a personal-looking character, but there was no visual evolution. Forget questing, PvP, and the other generic things that ALL MMOs must have and take a look at the fine details. Details are what make great games.

  25. Tlaloc says:

    I personally bought the Collector’s of Rift, was a little hesitant at first, but I am glad I did. Everything was excellent quality and well finished. Top all of the goodies and not to mention a DC comic Hardcover…. all the in game bonus’s as well.

    As for game play, i myself played WoW for many many years and i find this game is ‘similar’ but definitely not the same. Has the same concepts and ideas but WAY more polished off and Rift has JUST begun. I see it going far and i am sure A LOT of WoW user’s are going to be doing the switch as Rift has SOOOO much potential after the launch. The game play was smooth and easy to identify how to play. The similarity of most MMORPGS felt comforting as it was not all brand new. Yet original ideas for environment interaction mixed with questing and having PVP when ever was balanced well. I personally love the graphics and how well it runs for having so much going on.

    I would DEFINITELY recommend this to ANYONE wanting to try out a new MMORPG or switching to release boredom of WoW.

  26. Counselor says:

    What is funny when I read these reviews is all the WoW hate. Know why there is not more? Cause most are playing WoW. That being said, this is about Rifts.

    Treyeck, I greatly appreciate your honest and non-biased review. I will try this game as a break from WoW and who knows, I may never go back.

    But to all the others who just want to fanboy another game or hate on WoW, probably cause they were terribad at it, just don’t post so those of us that want to read about this game, Rift, can.

    • Yaksha says:

      Loving WoW is one thing. As a vet from WoW since the release of nilla, I can’t argue that Blizzard did something right, but they lost it. The reason I can no longer give my full support to WoW anymore is because it became too easy. I miss the struggle from nilla days of WoW. Rift has that. Perfectly. You aren’t a god (an ascended, yes) and there will be times when you survive by the skin of your teeth. Rift doesn’t have predictable pulls. Despite what the original review said about standing still for combat, you can NOT predict what will happen in Rift. I don’t know how many pulls in my brief tenure in Rift have resulted in stuggles I was not expecting. But the best part is, you can’t look at that group of five mobs, running towards the little roadside caravan you’re protecting and know that you will survive. In fact, more often than not you’ll be scanning hopefully for that “Join Public Group” option, because you know that this group of invaders will overwhelm you. WoW hasn’t had that for a long time. I’m 100% positive that WoW will still have a strong place among the MMO world due to its appeal to multiple audiences, but Rift has won me over for that amazing blend of simplistic, casual fights and sudden, heart-stopping struggles. Rift truely gives you a world of turmoil, beauty, and adventure.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Cool SEO bro, enjoy your no ad revenue due to my hardware based ad blocking.

  28. Joyous says:

    Honestly, I’ve been looking at playing this game for a while but have been hesitant to try it out. I’ve played everything from Ultima Online, to EQ, all the way up to Aeon.

    Comments from people like Trey who actually describe the game instead of mentioning how it’s “sure to be bad, because other games have been bad” are welcome, because they actually help me get a perspective instead of being mindless bickering.

    Every game has a “Clunk factor” that you have to get over at some point, Ultima online was the ultimate timesink, EQ hated its players, FFXI had horrid interface and game issues, LOTRO had a wonderful world punctuated with the worst gameplay possible, and Aeon was a beautiful world with absolutely no redeeming factors besides that.

    Any reason why I wouldn’t want to try Rift out?

    • Yaksha says:

      I have yet to find a reason not to recommend Rift to everyone who asks about it. I am currently playing it on the lowest possible graphics setting and it still gives me pause to admire the effect and detail Trion put into it. Climb a mountain and look out over the small piece of Telara that your computer can render at one time and you will see what I mean. Trees and rifts and cities that all blend well together, giving you a brief glimpse at a landscape that you will never see again, because the next time you climb that mountain, the world has already changed. Games as dynamic as Rift are what I, personally, look for.

      The only thing I will say to deter you from playing Rift is that you should wait a month, maybe two. There is a definite loss of love when you see that pillar of fire in the distance and as you get closer, tons and tons of little blue names appear around it. Rifts are huge player magnets and seeing as rewards are contribution-based, the current overpopulation factor of Rift hurts one of the most unique and interesting aspects of the game: Rift Hunting.

  29. Anon says:

    Wow, someone actually did a comparative review with Darkfall. I love the combat and skill focus you have to use to play DF, I also hate having to endlessly grind EVERYTHING. But I still prefer it to any other MMO thus far so it’s nice to see a good comparison.

  30. Anon says:

    A level 5 character review. Useless in every form.

  31. Timothy J Lewis says:

    On why WoW works:

    It’s the ‘Counterstrike/Black Ops’ of MMO’s.

    Not by any means the most in depth, or graphically superior: But it’s polished, simple and easily engaging for new players. It’s not technologically advanced so any system spec can run it, but still looks decent – therefore any type of casual player AND their friends can easily play together in a polished, relatively bug free, hassle free environment.

    And that’s the conundrum with any MMORPG trying to ‘one up’ WoW and be the ‘killer’. To do that the’ll have to make the game more complex and deeper immersion, but that in itself will turn off the great majority of players from ever even getting past the first 5 levels (to which the elitists will enjoy the exclusiveness of their game anyways).

    The only thing that will kill WoW, is WoW itself.

    I think the closest thing that will be a competitor will end up being Knights of the Old Republic, every nerd secretly wanted to be a Jedi / Sith!


    • Yaksha says:

      I agree with you that The Old Republic will probably be the best competitor for WoW wholeheartedly. The thing that TOR is doing better than Rift has can be summed up in just a few ways.

      FANBASE – TOR already has a huge fanbase and not just from the fact that KotOR was a massive success, but for the obvious reason that Star Wars still stands as one of the most powerful franchises in history.

      PRELAUNCH – Rift already made the mistake of saying it is a WoW Killer. In fact, most of their prelaunch adds involved, “We’re not in Azeroth anymore…”. Never EVER tout yourself as a WoW Killer. Nowhere in any of the press releases or adds has TOR talked about planning to go head-to-head with WoW, which is the smartest thing you can do. Saying you are going head-to-head with WoW is only going to raise expectations to impossible levels, because no game comes out polished. No amount of beta testing can ever get rid of all the glitches and bugs. Even WoW had problems in the early days and every now and then still does (coughtolbaradcough).

      LORE – Part of this should go under Prelaunch, to be honest. TOR has launched one of the most amazing prelaunch campaigns I have ever seen. On an almost bi-weekly basis new videos talking about the origin of the classes, characters, and “historical information”, getting players up to date with what is going on in the galaxy before they even log on. They even have a book, “Fatal Alliance”, that falls under the title “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Take away the movies and games and we aren’t left with nothing. They have provided us with a rich source of information that gets you into the game before it is released. Rift really failed to do that. They talked about four characters and recently released an anecdote on Greenscale, but there isn’t a huge amount of really in-depth lore for players to sink their teeth into.

      COMPLEXITY: Tim hit the nail on the head. WoW grasps at a perfectly balanced system of complexity and depth that is hard to beat. Rift went the route of being MORE complex (with the Ascended class system) and MORE indepth (Graphics-wise) and I have to admit they did a fantastic job. Rift is fun to play, looks amazing, and has just enough complexity in the specialization of skills for the elitists to satisfy their sweet tooth. TOR takes a different approach. So far, they’ve kept the complexity about par with WoW, but they blow both WoW and Rift out of the water with how deeply you are immersed into the game. It is like you’re playing a movie while watching a game. The characters are interactive and responsive, the fights are cinematic, and the quests are rewarding on a level WoW can’t reach.

  32. BigBarrels says:

    K but seriously though when are they coming out with a world of starcraft? A game like WoW that takes more skill, has the same amount of time spent in creating it, good endgame, good leveling that doesnt take 8 days infront of the computer to complete,(some people have lives and cant afford to spend that much time on a game) some good indepth lore, with all the amazing potential classes/graphics/futuristic aspects that Starcraft has to offer.

  33. Hi_Jacked says:

    I just recently purchased Rift and I must admit it is amazing. The graphics and many of the game mechanics I find to be exactly what I was looking for. It is by far the most polished game I’ve played since wow, which makes it my new game of choice. I really enjoy the idea of rifts, the world events break up the questing grind and allow you to group with people you might not ordinarily group with. The talent/soul structure is one of the most fundamental elements that really separates this game from many others. The total customization and changing specs allows for much more versatility in each persons individual game play. Whether this game is linear or not, as a Guardian I haven’t found that to be the case at all. I expect a certain linear feel for any games starting zone, it has to be, not all people playing rift are going to be experienced mmo’ers. All in all, this game has been a fantastic experience so far and I’ve enjoyed my time playing it.

  34. Shogun says:

    It is a good game for a beginner, the Rifts are at times way too frequent, so much that it ruins the grind. So far the only place I have found for an Auction House is in Sanctum, so it requires you to constantly have to go there to post drops you get, gets old really fast, or you create a second character to mail drops to, again gets old really fast.

    Has some really nice graphics, but most of the game is played in a ‘dark’ setting, limited character creation, limited crafting.

    The in game currency is the most different of all I have seen, There is Platinum, Gold and Silver. 100 Silver = 1 Gold, 100 Gold = 1 Platinum. Kinda makes it hard to price out things in the Auction House also. Sometimes too much control is a killer in my opinion. As far as coding it is very easy to break the currency into as many different parts as you want, but for the user it makes them feel they have much more control.

    I would not recommend this game right now to any other. Final Fantasy XI besides of graphics and no PvP blows this out of the water by far. Almost all monsters spawned at random spots for starters…

  35. Grimnir says:

    WTF? Level 5? Get out of the frickin starting area at least. Worthless…

    Also, after a several year gap without playing it, I gave WoW another chance with the Cataclysm changes, solo’d a Draenei Mage up to 57, then a Death Knight up to 68 during Christmas break (they had their previous expansions on sale, I had a 10 day pass and let’s just say I made the most of it :-P). I really, REALLY liked it. So fun! The quest where you fly the dragon around and destroy an entire horde army? I didn’t want it to end. Plus it runs well enough on my old macbook, so I can play from bed (which is necessary if you want to get 60+ levels in 10 days). Sure, it has a pretty linear quest structure for a big open world, but it’s come so far over the years, and the quests keep you moving area to area at just the right pace, and leveling at a high enough rate to make you feel like you’re moving right along. There’s a fair bit of collection quests, but I never felt like there wasn’t enough variety or new experiences, and I really liked both the art design and the writing, though I found the crafting to be a bit on the tedious side. As a mage, I died plenty, got in over my head frequently, and had to scramble to survive and always made a point to pull carefully. Death Knight wasn’t as challenging, so I’d find myself running into groups of enemies just to alleviate the boredom of constantly annihilating mobs sometimes. I was a little burnt out by the end (as you’d expect), but I think WoW was not just one of my most enjoyable MMO-athons, on par with the hardcore group-required hack-and-slash MUD I played for years and years(AvatarMUD), but actually some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I’ve had, period, across all genres (I generally prefer more twitch action in a game, played through Fallout 3 as an exercise in seeing how little I could use VATS).

    WoW is popular for a reason, and it’s not its appeal to hardcore MMO players. That game just gives incredibly high fun levels. Like any good game, it pushes your reward buttons hard and often, has a smooth ramp up in difficulty, and an incredibly polished experience. Like it or not, that game is the bar that other MMOs will inevitably be measured against. It does NOT suck, and it’s because of a bunch of good design choices that they made, in addition to the polish they put on. I’d probably still be playing it now if I had the time, working my way through end game content, figuring out tactics for really hard fights, etc.

    I might give Rift a try in a few months as the game progresses and I have a little time to devote.

    • Rue says:

      The average IQ in the USA is around 97. WoW’s sympathetic playstyle caters perfectly for the bumbling halfwits that make the USA IQ median possible.

  36. suckafool says:

    This review is complete garbage… pretty much every MMO has a linear beginning (starting area) where there are very few questing options(WoW, AoC, L2). And anyone who has played rift knows that it takes less than a half an hour to get through the starting area to about level seven if you have any brain power at all. Please do not waste everyones time by reviewing a game which you might have spent 20 minutes on. In the rpg world it takes a lot longer than that to learn what a game is about and all it has to offer. You literally know little to nothing about rift if you have played to level 4. Its the equivalent of playing the troll or undead starting areas in WoW. It is simple and linear for a reason.

  37. Nick says:

    Problem is that the combat system in Rift is beyond basic. It’s just a mash of hotkeys. What makes games like Vanguard, and Aion, more advanced in terms of combat is the reactive system. Skills chain off one another, ie- using a skill in aion opens up another skill, which when used opens up another skill. Then you have skills that only activate when you crit, or skills that you can only use when you block or parry a skill. This kind of combat requires twitch reflexes and tactical knowledge, not mashing random keys like in Rift/WoW….

    Not to mention the graphics of aion, and the combat animations are 100x better then rift, which is sad because aion is old now.

    Problem is that rift is a new game with a beyond basic combat system and sub-par graphics. And anyone that knows anything about Aion knows that rift’s “invasions” are just a copy of aion’s fort siege system put their Rift’s story line.

    So in the end you got RIFT = a game that brings nothing new to the table, boring combat, sub-par graphics, with nothing revolutionary or new. This is the problem American MMOs have, they never see the next big thing. They’re too busy copying WoW, while the Koreans are releasing MMO games with brand new ideas (Tera’s Action based physics combat, Blade and Soul’s Martial art “Mortal combat” style fighting) Both of which, Tera and Blade n soul, make the graphics in Rift look like trash.

    Come on people, we need to show the world what america is all about, innovation and leading the way in games, not copying old ideas from 8 years ago, and dumbing down PC games for Console port trash.

    Get with it. Rift is garbage and I’m sorry I wasted money buying 2 copies for my wife and I.

  38. Saucelah says:

    Does this review show up high on google or something?

    This is probably not the review you want to read whether you agree with him, disagree with him, or want to complain about his review.

    It’s EG style people, get with it.

  39. Jose ole says:

    i dont think you can review this when you’re only lvl 5 0.0. lvl 50 with doing most content then you should review it

  40. yunka says:

    this is the worst review ever. you are reviewing rift not comparing it to another game. 1/10 for the review

  41. Hal says:

    I just left WoW a little less than a week ago. Primarily because my account was compromised for the second time in less than a year and getting an authenticator is not attractive. Even though I got my stuff in 24 hours, just the knowledge that my account WILL get hacked again, just sucked up all the fun I had playing WoW. So I bought Rift.

    It looked like WoW, plays like WoW, but diffinately different. I felt figuring out what was a vendor, quest givers ect. was the most challenging at first. The colorscape as well left me a little confused, but after leveling a good 7 times, it got easier and felt more at home.

    I still miss WoW, and I realize that chances of getting hacked in Rift will probably be the same as WoW, but for now, I’m giving it a shot.

  42. Erik says:

    Why are so many people reading a review of the game Rift if they already have their hearts set on their own perspective of the game and disregard all the points made.. idiots.

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