And now some real dummies in action

Steam Winter sale is happening now, and Valve has tied the pointless-but-cracklike trading card system into the sale. Card prices have jumped as people chase nothingness. Fools!

That said, my account just hit level 15, so I’ve got that going for me. (Feel free to donate to the cause; Syncaine on steam, friend+send your cards today!)

Speaking of dummies, this post from Forumfall made my day (read the thread, then click the link to see an older thread. Just be careful, the dumb is strong on Forumfall these days).

Some background: When AV first added scraping, if you had half an understanding on how economies work (or your MMO understanding doesn’t consist of Runescape) you assumed it was bugged and the rewards it was spitting out were going to get reduced by a few orders of magnitude. Because :AV: scraping remained unchanged for months, smashing a game economy already lacking any significant sinks. Welfare epics were more difficult to acquire than endless wealth in DF, and that’s not an exaggeration.

The most important issue the original MVPs tried to address was that broken economy to try and give anything in the game a semblance of meaning, but much like the “scraping is fine idiot!” and “let’s wait for inflation to happen guyz!” aping that the linked post shows, any serious changes were spammed away, and because :AV:, the MVP forum is now basically the general forum thanks to AV inviting everyone in, with every ‘logical thinking’ ape spewing garbage. (There is a thread right now that is 13 pages deep; on page 12 the apes reached the conclusion made on page one…)

The above is a trend (devs listening to dummies) I’ll get into later, because the more I think about it, the more I believe that is why the genre is a dump right now.

PS: The irony of this posting directly following a post about Jester is not lost to me. I can only imagine what would happen if the CSM (assuming they cared enough to understand DF basics) got a glimpse of the MVP board. Heads would literally explode.

Edit: Forgot my favorite part. Ladies and gentlemen, the new definition of meta game:

Meta game is GvG AvA not mob farming and dueling, so logging in for a siege is meta game and farming to be able to have gear for that siege is meta game too.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well shoot, here I was thinking about taking a break from EvE and heading to DF for a month or two.

    Guess thats not such a great idea right now, eh?

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