Friday + Sunny = Win?

Good weather makes you feel guilty about playing an MMO, discuss.

PS: So nice out here today in MA.

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7 Responses to Friday + Sunny = Win?

  1. I agree, MMO’s are the best when its crappy weather outside.

  2. tenfoldhate says:

    Yeah, I actually wrote a “Dear John” letter to my guild last week saying I’m not gonna be around to play that much for the next couple months. Fortunately, it’ll be oppressively humid by mid-June if the last five years serve as any barometer and I’ll be holed up in the AC slumped over my comp yet again.

  3. I was outside for my 10th consecutive workday during lunch playing Ultimate. Actually, today I wasn’t playing, I was filming (gotta let the legs rest).

  4. Bonedead says:

    Haha, no way, not consciously anyway. Subconsciously probably, considering I prefer playing when it’s dark as crap outside.

    How about this one, probably wont affect older peoples, but whenever I get the day off of work I feel bad, like I’m skipping school or something and I can’t even enjoy the day.

  5. Rowan says:

    Get a laptop, all is sloved.

  6. Swift Voyager says:

    The weather here in SC was great all weekend, but I managed to log more time in Eve than usual. Not sure how I managed to do that in between coaching a soccer team, swimming laps at the pool, hiking in the park, picking strawberries, and taking a tour of the USS Yorktown museum, and grilling steaks with friends at the clubhouse. I guess it comes down to time management.

  7. thallian says:

    definitely.. and if the weather doesn’t on its own, your wife/mother will :)

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