DoTA talk.

Monday already huh?

Played a good bit of DoTA this weekend, mostly getting my ass handed to me in TDA games while still re-learning everything. Due to the game being basically 100% player skill, the learning curve depends almost completely on who you play with/against.

A good example happened in two consecutive games. Game one, an amazingly skilled, and as I later found out, professionally paid player is on my team. He leads most ganks and hunts down any player getting a bit too powerful, all while building himself up. We win fairly easily, he goes something like 25-5. Next game, same guy is in the game, but this time on the other team. He goes 34-2, and the game is a complete wash about 15 minutes in. Game one I hold my own, ending with a 8-6 record. Second game, I go 2-10 and never make anything beyond treads/bracers for items. Team chat was also entertaining, as game one was all happy ‘we are doing great’ talk, while game two was all finger pointing and ‘you are a noob’ talk.

I’m still amazed that DoTA continues to be so polished and entertaining after all these years. Nothing beats a well balanced (in terms of player skill) game that goes down to the final, epic 5v5 fight to settle it. And while frustrating, it’s also entertaining to watch a highly skilled player just dominate the field, using clearly refined techniques and skills. A lot can be learned just by watching a replay from that player’s perspective.

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  1. Funak says:

    Dunno. Maybe I just don’t get it. But dota seems to be a fast run of wow for me. Whoever gets fastest the “epics” wins the game.

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