More reasons we need Warhammer Online.

Is it just me, or is most of the blog-o-sphere just killing time until Warhammer Online goes live, or at least starts open beta? I just can’t help but get the feeling that a lot of people are just searching for filler until we can openly talk about one common MMO.

‘Rumor’ has it those in closed beta (DIAF you bastards) are just itching to talk about it, and clearly those who are not in (hi) can’t wait for the chance to play. We have had a few MMO’s come out somewhat recently, yet no game has the clear potential of WAR, or the enormous buzz surrounding it.

Out of the dozen or so blogs I visit daily, most are revisiting past games or slowly playing through something with friends. Everyone has that ‘come November’ deadline. On top of that, our little corner of the Internet should come alive with discussion once we have a common theme and topic. People will no doubt love/hate the same class/race/gameplay, and I’m very much looking forward to the heated debates.

In short, we need WAR, and not just for the great gameplay. ‘Unite the Clans!’

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  1. Thallian says:

    I agree. I personally am waiting for WAR to be my real pvp(ok rvr, whatever, sheesh, same difference) game and Lotro with Moria will remain my pve game. :) The discussions are alwyas better when everyone’s on the same page tho.

  2. krones says:

    We’re always waiting for the next best thing or a damn beta invite! ;)

  3. syncaine says:

    I think WAR is different though. I mean when PoTBS or AoC were nearing release, did we see as much buzz and anticipation for those as we do with WAR? Not to mention the huge drop-off rate for both of those games between open beta and go-live.

    Something tells me when open beta hits for WAR, not nearly as many people will play it and go ‘eh, no thanks’.

  4. Bildo says:

    Well to be fair the blogosphere seems to be slowing with the AoC talk, but I know our TTH site is still booming and that’s an indicator that lots are playing… just not among us (aside from me).

    From what I can gather, WAR’s going to scratch that itch people have to play a WoW-Like game that does PvP RIGHT. That alone, caters more to our little circle of bloggers than any other game to come out recently.

    We lot tend to gravitate to more traditional MMOGs (with the exception of EvE), and WAR’s the next big thing in that category. I think it will do huge, and I can tell you I’ve heard plenty of talk about both Blizzard and EAMythic playing a down right creepy game of chess as to which one will release when so one can try to trump the other.

    That’s why you haven’t heard anything from either camp there. A storm’s brewing.

    Conan’s great (in my eyes) but WAR’s going to be the first real dent-maker in WoW’s armor. Without a doubt. Blizzard is actually a bit scared for the first time in 4 years.

  5. syncaine says:

    Other than your site Bildo, who else is actually playing AoC? Slowed is being nice :)

    I know TTH does a lot with most active MMOs, I would check it more, but it’s blocked at work, and at home I don’t usually check gaming sites much, b.c you know, I’m gaming and such :)

    Interesting observation about blog people gravitating to traditional MMOs, I’ll have to think about that one. Blog post for another day!

    And as long as that storm hits on time, all is good. Another delay to WAR would really hurt, especially anything lengthy (1month+)

  6. Jason says:

    You’re right syncaine. Nobody but TTH plays AoC.

    In fact, if you don’t run into someone from the TTH guild on Wiccana at least twenty times while you play you get a free drink of grog at the local inn.

  7. saylah says:

    I’m playing AOC Sheesh, not much Conan love going around. ;-9

  8. Bonedead says:

    Bildo excites me.

  9. syncaine says:

    Yea I love reading about AoC on Bildo’s site, its great work. I’m sure the TTH stuff is also good, just harder to reach due to it being blocked for me.

    I’m really curious to see AoC numbers after a few months. A lot of bloggers have jumped ship, and I wonder if that is a reflection overall, or as Bildo suggested, a blogger-only occurrence.

  10. Khan says:

    EQ2 just opened it’s Legacies event thing. Considering the number of bloggers that played that game at one point, it’s not suprising that a bunch jumped back on board for free gaming until it ends in a couple months.

    I’m not sure why AoC isn’t more gangbusters. Seems like a number of prominent bloggers like it while others didn’t. I just don’t have time to take a decent stab at AoC currently. I’ll try it at some point, just not sure when that will be. I’m in no rush.

    WAR will certainly spark a lot of interesting debates. The most interesting debates to me are the ones questioning the way these games get put together and where we could end up taking them. Here’s to hoping WAR has enough innovative stuff to get those debates going. From what little I know of the questing and PvP setups for WAR, it sounds like it will be a game worth talking about.

  11. Openedge1 says:

    Still in AoC myself…
    I am trying to figure out where you get the numbers of the blogosphere and can state with such fact that AoC bloggers have “jumped” ship

    Doing an “official” search of the words age of conan and blog…we get 903,000 hits
    warhammer online and blog gets…705,000

    This just seems to be a pretty lopsided opinion…you state information as fact with zero to back it up…

    As to killing time…I do not think anyone is killing time
    They may be doing this…

    wow blog = 13,400,000

  12. slipstreamcc says:

    @Openedge1, nowhere on this page does syncaine say the word ‘fact’. It’s his blog, let him state his opinion.

    I personally am not interested in WAR. I’m looking forward to what Champions might bring, as I miss the coolness factor of CoH, while longing for something to keep drawing me into the game like the fun that WoW provided its fan base. As for the juggernaut itself, I’m taking a break from it for financial and temporal reasons.

  13. Openedge1 says:


    In the comments syncaine specifically states

    “I’m really curious to see AoC numbers after a few months. A lot of bloggers have jumped ship, and I wonder if that is a reflection overall, or as Bildo suggested, a blogger-only occurrence.”

    The comment does not say “In my opinion”, and is stated as a fact…
    This seems erroneous to me, and as such the reason for my posting…

    I understand it is his blog, and as such, if he would have noted these words in his “blog” post, we would know it was his opinion..
    Instead it is a reply to another commenter, coming off as a fact, so I just wanted to show him the error of such a statement…

    I say state your opinions, but make sure OTHERS know it is an opinion and not being read as a “fact” which the comment sounds like…

  14. sid67 says:

    A lot of bloggers have jumped ship

    That’s consistent with all the blogs I read. Your “official” counts are a quite ridiculous as they don’t actually indicate what bloggers that are currently playing. Assuming that all those hits are blogs (which they are not), then all that tells us is that somewhere in the page they typed “age of conan.” It doesn’t tell us what they think about AoC or even if they had played the game. Don’t forget that the majority of those hits could have been entries that happened well before the game was launched.

  15. syncaine says:

    I thought it would be implied that when I say “A lot of bloggers” it would mean the ones I read, not all gaming blogs in existence. Plus my comment is under a post which is talking about the ‘dozen or so’ blogs that I read. So in that regard, it is fact I guess. Tobold, Darren, Keen, Tipa, PotShot, etc are all done or limited with AoC. To be fair, Ethic from KTR is very high on AoC, as is Bildo. Along with those names, (and this is the opinion portion) it feels to me like lots of people commenting on those blogs, and here, are also rather negative on

    AoC. It sticks out to me because it’s in such direct contrast to what Funcom reports about AoC selling so many copies and such. Is Funcom right, or is my section of the intrawebs right?

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  17. Retski says:

    I’ve played AoC beta am currently subscribed to WoW and am anxiously awaiting WAR.

    My predictions:
    3 months from now
    — AoC will lose half its subscriber base after people get bored from lack of content
    — WAR will start slow and gain momentum as people start recognizing how many great ideas were implemented in the game
    — WoW begins its descent from power as more people get tired of the same old thing, will get a slight boost in the arm from WoTLK but will never return to their current subscriber watermark

    I’ll be playing EQ2 Living Legacy until I can get into WAR. BTW, already sent out emails stating that open beta invites will be arriving soon.

  18. Paul says:

    I am friggin dying for this game. I’m always conflicted on reading when new information on the game comes out — on one hand it is mind blowing to see how awesome this game is going to be, but on the other hand seeing just how amazing it is makes me fiend for it like a junkie who can’t get his fix.

  19. Rick says:

    I cancelled all my MMO subs. The major reason: There’s little compelling content (to me) once you hit max level. Maybe content isn’t the right word, because I could raid in EQ or WoW, but I don’t particularly enjoy end-game raiding.

    I’m absolutely looking forward to WAR-style RvR again. It’s the only type of end-game that kept me involved in a world once I hit max level, at least in level-based systems. Eve and SWG both had plenty of things to do, I never really felt bored like I did in WoW at end-game.

    I’m playing single player games I missed while playing the hell out of MMO’s for the past 9 years. I just started messing around with Team Fortress 2, and it’s brilliant. I’ll play through Episode 1 and 2, and Portal (when my daughter’s done playing), and I’ll amuse myself with TF2 and other games until WAR is released.

    Oh, and I’ll play the WAR beta every chance I get, too. Hate mail can be addressed to :)

    Not everyone is going to love WAR, but enough of us will like it that it should be a good MMO home for a while. And I’m just waiting patiently. It’s easier to be patient when you’re in the beta ;)

  20. Andrew says:

    I’m noticing a lack of EU fansites, so I started one in my own language. It seems WAR is more popular and talked about in US than in Europe.

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