Level 4 missions in EVE, and my silly Rohk battleship.

As I wrote a few days ago, I hopped in my Rohk battleship and did a few level 3 missions to get myself back into EVE, but those proved far too easy, and I was itching to try a level 4 mission solo. I have seen a fair share of level 4 missions when my old Corp run them together, but had never actually done one solo.

So last night I was feeling brave (a dangerous thing in EVE) and decided to pick a level 4 up in Aband and see how it goes. I got Pirate Invasion (Sansha), which with a little research did not seem terrible difficult. Now my Rohk is not exactly expertly fitted (going to work on that tonight), featuring four 350mm tech I rails of various quality, two dual 250mm rails, and finally two 150mm tech II rails. An active shield tank of no doubt dubious quality, and some other fittings round out the mess that is my Rohk. Before my long hiatus I was seriously skill limited in what I could fit, but now since that is no longer the case, I really need to redo my setup.

That said, I had the above last night, and warped into the first mission. Pirate Invasion starts you off with agro right off the bat, with some frigates, cruisers and a few battleships. I managed to down the frigates and dent a battleship before my cap ran out and I had to warp out. On my second warp in, I downed a cruiser before again having to bail. At that rate, it was going to be a long, long night, so I figured I might as well try local and see if I could get some help. Previous to the last patch, Kador had always been rather empty, but last night I found 8 other pilots in local, and managed to get the help of two in my mission. They were also running a level 4 and needed help, so the situation worked out well. Clearly knowing what they were doing, the two pilots, both in a dominix, warped in and had little trouble holding agro while we blasted the remaining Sansha ships to finish the mission. After a break, we warped over to their mission (I forget the name now) which was far more difficult. Even with the three of us, we could not do more than take out a battleship or two before having to warp. They called in more help, two more pilots showed up, and the five of us managed to clean the mess up.

Still feeling good, and quickly swapping out the two 150mm rails for a 425mm and another dual 250mm (that was all Aband had for sale, and I was impatient), I picked up my second level 4 mission, and drew Gone Berserk, a reportedly very easy mission. Well flying a noob Rohk means anything ‘very easy’ is possibly doable, so I warped in. The mission starts with a few ships, and as you kill a ‘trigger’ ship, more spawn. Being a noob of course I mixed up who the trigger was, and always killed that one before I finished the previous group, no doubt making the mission harder than it needed to be. That said, after countless warp in/outs, I did indeed manage to solo my first level 4 mission, and collect a very nice bounty for it. Each battleship ranged from 500k to 1 million ISK, a huge sum when you have 11 million or so ISK in your bank account. In addition I looted a good amount of fittings, and hopefully a few will sell for a good amount. (just getting back into EVE, I have completely forgotten what is highly valued and what is trash)

All in all it was a very successful night in EVE, one that left me wanting more. Hopefully I’ll be able to re-fit my Rohk to something more acceptable; I’m thinking all 350mm rails, a beefed up active tank (should I try passive?), and who knows what for the bottom slots. Some time will have to be spent searching the EVE forum’s for a good solution, but feel free to toss out any ideas here. At 15 million skill points, I can basically use almost anything short of tech II large rails (working on that), so I should have some good options.

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  1. Here is an article I wrote about running level 4s in a Rokh.

    It may help with your approach and fitting. Cheers!

  2. syncaine says:

    Great article, thanks for the link Kirith! I’ll have to go shopping and pick up those 350s, get my drone skill so I can use T2 drones, and work on that tank. Going to try a passive tank I think.

  3. Manasi says:

    I too tried to do LVL 4’s solo in a Rokh, but they turned out poorly to say the least. I love my Rokh, but a mission runner it will not be till I get T2 hybrids on it. Glad your having some measure of success. The nice thing is I can solo LVL 4’s in my Raven (active shield tanked), so till mt T2 hybrid skills get better my raven is my mission runner of choice. Good on you m8 for making thr Rokh work. The boosts to the resists are REALLY nice !


  4. The passive tank works really well (3 x LSE IIs, 2 x hardeners) for most missions, there is just a handful where the incoming fire is so much that the buffer disappears too quickly and I have to warp out once or twice. I ran all my missions with best named 350mms and that passive tank. Only in the past couple months have I got the Tech II 350mms (love em) and tried an active tank (hardeners, xl shield boost + amp, cap boost) which seems to provide more tank while I have cap charges 800s.

  5. mbp says:

    Hi Syncaine

    I am nowhere near being able to do level 4’s but I just completed lvl 3 Blockade in a passive shield tanked cruiser http://mindbendingpuzzles.blogspot.com/2008/07/eve-online-almost-blockaded.html. I have found that a passive shield tank works well under two different conditions –

    1. In cases of moderate incoming dps, (perhaps where you use distance to avoid a lot of the incoming damage) the Passive shield tank keeps going forever without any user input and doesn’t drain cap. Allows you to pick off enemies at your leisure.

    2. In cases of high incoming dps the passive shield tank allows you to warp in and pick off one or two enemies while your big shield soaks up damage. Then when your shield gets to below 25% you get ready to warp out and prepare for the next pass. Your amour provides a safety buffer if you take a bunch of damage while preparing to warp.

    I have one concern about Passive shield tanking a battleship though. Generally a passive shield tank uses one or more oversized shield extenders (medium on a destroyer, large on a cruiser). However there doesn’t seem to be any extra large shield extenders available and I doubt that the increase in shields from fitting a large extender to a battle ship will be all that impressive.

  6. Manasi says:

    Yup yup mbp is right, as you pointed out as well syncaine the passive tank works..to a point. if you have Caldari BS 5 then you get 25% resists across the board, WHICH really helps. Where is shines though is in active tanking. For either BS I run 1 Cap 2 recharger, 1 Cap injector, 1 best shield booster I can find. I try to pump the resists as high as i can with the active hardeners, then just before i hit 40% shields ( shields are most effective at 30% recharge) I toggle the booster, if no improvement or increases in shields align to point and get rdy to bail. I have withstood the onslaught of 8 BS till i could kill 3 before i have to bail in the rokh ( again due to no hybrid T2’s yet) BTW i trigger the cap injector once cap hit 40%.

    Good hunting.


  7. ombeve says:

    Nice to read an enthusiastic post about missions! You’ve got loads of fitting advice above, so I’ll shut up about that.

    Anyway, good read :)

  8. Jason says:

    Similar to Manasi, I’m waiting on my tech 2 guns and Battleship 5 skill, which should be by the end of the month. Tried lev 4 in my Rokh a while back and got scrammed and killed all too quickly.

  9. I’ve run lots of level 4s with best named guns and BS IV in the rokh, but I always looked up the mission description first:

    And it takes practice to get the hang of using range to your advantage. Sometimes warping in to make a bookmark, warping out, and then warping in 100km from that bookmark and using Lead ammo to kill a lot of the frigs worked for me. (Non deadspace missions obviously).

  10. sdpagent says:

    Level 4 missions are pretty easy to solo in a Drake. It’s got a very strong tank due to the same +25% resistances as the rokh but it has a much smaller signature radius. You have to fit t2 heavy missile launchers though, otherwise it will take forever to kill a battleship. t2 heavy missile launchers combined with fury ammunition and 3 ballistic control systems brings down battleships fast. Also by using a missile boat you can choose your damage type. Look up the one to use for each mission at

    My blog detailing my ship setup is at:

  11. Phoenix says:

    its rokh! the rokh is a beautiful battleship, and it utterly destroys level 4’s. But as with most tier 3 battleships, u need a LOT of sp to use it properly.

    My setup
    Highs 8x 425mm Railgun II’s
    Meds 2x Caldari Navy Therm Harderners
    2X Caldari Navy Kin Hardeners
    1x Caldari Navy X-L Shield booster
    1x Cap Recharger II
    Lows 3x Dread Gurita Mag Stabs
    1x Domination Tracking Enchancer
    1x Flux Capacitor coil II
    Rigs 1x Ancillary Current Router
    1x Capacitor control circuit II
    1x Capacitor control circuit I
    Dronebay 5x Vespa II’s

    (U can swap out all the faction stuff for T2 modules and still tank every lvl4 there is, save for perhaps serpentis room 2 of worlds collide)

    I have also done Lvl 5’s in this baby with Basilisk Logistic RR support. Once you have the skills (17m sp), the Rokh cuts thru encounter missions like a hot knife through butter. Can’t stop the rokh, you can’t stop the rokh!

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