The man of a thousand links, Syp!

A long overdue mention of is needed today.

Syp does an amazing job with his blog, not the least of which is his weekly ‘da-newz’ post, quite possibly the most link-filled post on any blog, ever. If you ever miss a single Warhammer Online related post, Syp has you covered. Great job man, you are a valuable part of the WAR community, and a blog that is now on my daily hit list.

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3 Responses to The man of a thousand links, Syp!

  1. Syp says:

    Heh thanks man! Just as I announced changing Da Newz for something a little less stressfull…

  2. syncaine says:

    Ha yea I just saw that (not sure how I missed it before…)

    My advice would be to only really cover what sticks out to you in terms of news/posts. While it is nice to have a link to every single mention of Warhammer Online on the interwebs in one post, it’s overkill for both you and the readers. Remember it’s your blog, so if you decide to highlight something and not something else, it’s just your opinion.

    The last thing you want to happen is you hating your blog, so whatever you decide to do, hopefully it results in you staying interested in blogging :)

    Enjoy the break!

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