Tech II Large Hybrid Rails, coming soon to a Rohk near me.

As my time in EVE continues, I’ve finally determined my next training goal, tech II large hybrid rails. With the price for high meta tech I rails being as crazy as they are, and with the price of tech II rails dropping, it makes a lot of sense financially. It will also be a nice DPS boost for my Rohk, which should make more level 4 missions solo-able, and increase the speed in which I finish the ones I can currently run.

With the recent addition of 3 CCC rigs to my Rohk, I finally feel comfortable with its shield tank (running a X-L tech II booster), and the 5 Vespa II drones are more than enough to deal with any frigates during missions. That combo means only the most severe situations could result in my ship being scrambled long enough to get blown up.

With the tank and anti-frigate handled, its time to focus on taking down the big stuff before they crack my tank, and tech II rails seem to be the answer. Sadly I’m still quite a few days away from being able to use them. Currently I’m training large hybrid rails V, with I believe 8 days left on that training. Then I have to buy the tech II med rails book and train that up, followed by training tech II large rails. I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me (no EVEMon at work), but when I last looked at it, I believe it was somewhere close to a month away. Not terrible, but not exactly right around the corner either. Hopefully all that training will be worth it however, and I’ll see a nice power increase for my Rohk.

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  1. You’ll love the Tech II rails, I know I do. The extra damage they give is nice. With my skills using 350mm IIs and 3 x Mag Field Stab IIs I get 417 DPS using antimatter while using best named I only got 386 before. Downside is that Tech II guns use more cap so watch out for that in your new setup.

    As a side note, with tech II weapons you can use Javelin ammo which has really short range (like 23 km optimal for me) and worse tracking and more cap use (yeesh!) but can bump your dps to 486 using my skills, good for killing pesky battleships. :)

    That’s all not including the DPS from the drones which help take down battleships too.

  2. syncaine says:

    Yea I was thinking Javelin would be good for those really tough named BS in some missions. Good point about the extra cap hit from the T2 rails, forgot about that. Hopefully it won’t cripple my shield tank again, haha.

    Are you flying a Rohk too Kirith? Asking because the optimal seems really low for Javelin, and I know the Rohk gives bonuses to range.

  3. mbp says:

    As a 3 million skill point fledgling who is just trying to skill up for my first battleship I naively put tech 2 artillery into my EVEMon training plan. Arghg… tech 2 projectile weapons have added 62 days to my plan. I think I had better start saving for the ludicrously expensive “scout” tech 1 versions.

  4. syncaine says:

    Yea I would cancel that plan MBP :) I’m at 16 million points, including a full set of +4 implants and a little over 4 million points in Learning, and even for me T2 large guns is going to be a pain to train.

    I would focus on getting comfortable flying a battle cruiser and running level 3 missions. Level 4 missions are really tough, even in a battleship, and you can easily get scrambled/killed.

    Check the price on prototype tech 1 guns :) BTW, you mentioned artillery, does that mean you are flying Minmatar? I’m in Amarr space (Taru), but maybe we could try to meet up and run some missions. Level 4s would be really great money for you.

  5. mbp says:

    Hi Syncaine – Yup I’m a Minnie – currently flying a hurricane in level 3’s. I pretty much have level 3’s on farm status so I am refocussing my training plan on a battleship setup to do level 4’s. To be honest it will be several weeks before I have either the money or the skills to go near a 4 but I am trying to plan ahead.

    Good call on the prototype weapons, thanks. Scout are nice but they are a silly price. Even flying carebear missions in high sec there is always the chance of losing a ship so there is no point carrying more uninsured risk than is nessecary.

    I have a notion you are US based Syncaine – if so it may be hard to coincide up in game as I am typically online evening time gmt. Nevertheless I’d be delighted to meet up in game if ever we do overlap. My toons name is Marb Pelico. Feel free to drop me an Eve mail. Alternatively you can generally catch me logged on to the Minmatar chat channel. Don’t worry we allow the odd Caldari in. Just be sure to mention that you don’t agree with Amarri slavery and you’ll be alright :)

  6. Swift Voyager says:

    Everyone I know seems to agree that the tech 2 guns are a good move, but most people prefer the Navy ammo in stead of tech 2 ammo. The gain vs penalty is better on average with navy ammo I think. You can also easily create your own faction ammo from the loyalty point store, which cuts down on cost quite a bit.

  7. syncaine says:

    I’ll have to look into t2 ammo vs faction once I get closer to actually have t2 rails. It will just come down to how much ISK i have at the time I think.

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