Market, mining, and the loss of a Battleship.

First a market update: The weekend is indeed a busy time, and business picked up significantly. The most noticeable increase in sales was for high meta items, which tend to have a high price tag, resulting in a large influx of ISK. I also made a killing selling Gallente badges which I gained while completing the Enemies Abound (lvl 4) mission chain. This has me rethinking that entire chain, which I originally swore I would never run again. The faction hit is still a killer though.

My current dilemma is not with my sell orders, but rather buy orders. While not completely devoid of action, they are filling awfully slow, to the order of 100-200 rounds of ammo a day, when the buy order is for 10k. My price on the buy order is top in the system, and very competitive region-wide, while still allowing a decent margin. The range is system-wide. The system itself has proven to be a decent hotspot for trade and mission runners, so traffic itself is not the cause. My question now is, are buy orders just naturally slow to fill, or am I missing something?

Market activity aside, my miner/trader FINALLY got his Hulk, which is a huge upgrade over his Retriever. I’m still using tech I strip miners, but even with those, the Hulk is a beast. Our next mining Op is this coming Sunday, and I’m interested to see just how many asteroids I can chew through when I don’t have to worry about hauling or ore type. I’ll also have to finish the training fore tech II mining drones by then, as the random belt rat will also not be an issue. One final goal is to get my miners standing up with the local Corp, so I don’t get hit quite as hard by taxes when refining. As my base of operation is a good 10 jumps away from Corp HQ, hauling ore is impossible without a freighter, while hauling minerals will be very doable, so refining at a good rate is a must. This should be easy enough, as I can just have him join up with my combat pilot, and leech reputation that way, correct?

Speaking of my combat pilot, Saturday night proved rather eventful. I logged on and asked if anyone was interested in running some lvl 4 missions, and two Corp mates joined up and flew over, both in battleships (Typhoon and Hyperion, to go along with my Rohk). With three battleships we had a good amount of firepower, and I was hoping to get some of the tougher level 4 missions, like Angels Extravaganza or Blockade. As luck would have it, the first few missions we drew were pathetically easy, and having two others proved to be massive overkill. Still, it meant we finished the missions quickly, meaning more storyline mission progress.

Eventually we drew the Recon mission chain, and this is when things start to get interesting. Now normally Recon is best done by a blitz, meaning you get in a fast frigate and haul ass to the gate before you get shot down, as the mission is complete as soon as you use the gate. However, having three battleships, we wanted some action, and the bounties on the ships looked so tasty. (1.2 million ISK for many of the Battleships) The mission started off decent enough, although we quickly noticed that the 1.2m BS had a heavy armor tank which required quite a bit of time to chew through. As more waves constantly spawn, killing everything quickly is very important, and we were starting to fall behind on the pace. I was worried they would eventually start cracking our tanks and we would need to warp out. Thankfully, right around the time things were getting really dicey, the final wave spawned, meaning an end to the escalating troubles. While it was close, we managed to hold, and eventually clear the entire first area, ISK wallets a bit fatter from all the bounties.

Feeling good, we used the gate and flew into the second area, which I thought would actually be easier. My mistake… Our tank, the Typhoon, was taking some serious damage, and soon enough we realized a warp was needed. The Hyperion pilot was rather new to EVE (4-5 million skill points I believe), and was slow to align. We warped out, only to find out that the Hyperion pilot was stuck, being scrambled by one of the elite frigates in the mission. A feeling of dread set in, as I figured if the more advanced pilot had trouble tanking, our younger Corp mate would soon be dust.

We quickly warped back in with the hope of saving him, but the mission layout provided a large hurdle. The first room, which we had cleared, leaves you 20km away from the warp gate to the second room (the location of the scrammed pilot). 20km might not seem like a huge distance, but when you are flying a slow ass battleship, it seems like forever. While we raced to the gate at a brisk 130m/s, our Hyperion pilot was giving us updates on his tank and cap status, saying he would not last much longer. After what seemed like ages, we arrived at the gate, warped, and assessed the situation. The Hyperion, along with most of the NPC ships, was about 60-100km away, perfect range for my Large Rails. I started blasting Cruisers and Battle Cruisers as fast as I could, trying to decrease the enemy DPS as much as I could. I knew the Battleships were putting out most of the DPS, but with their heavy tank, I knew I could not take them down quickly, so opted for the smaller stuff instead. Sadly even at that range, my guns could not hit the elite frigates, so breaking the scram was not an option. The Typhoon pilot meanwhile sped towards the ships, hoping to get his drones in range, while also shooting down as many of the small ships as he could. Just as we thought the situation was improving, we saw the Hyperion go down in a ball of fire, leaving our unfortunate Corp mate floating in his pod. He had run out of cap, meaning he could no longer run his armor rep, and quickly succumbed to the massive DPS.

The truly sad part was that our newer pilot had mined almost all the minerals for the Hyperion before having a Corp mate construct it for him, and had only flown it for two days prior to it’s death. Certainly a tough lesson to learn after finally having reached a major goal, but he kept his spirits high, and even declined an offer from myself and the Typhoon pilot to help pay for a replacement. He instead bought a much cheaper Megathron, using the insurance ISK he got, and stated that now he had a new mining goal, along with a valuable lesson about running missions.

Recon now holds to record for most ships killed, having previously lost a cruiser and a battle cruiser to lower levels myself. Is it just me, or are the ships in that mission even tougher than their bounties suggest?

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9 Responses to Market, mining, and the loss of a Battleship.

  1. Bonedead says:

    What a great read, I’m totally suggesting to muh boss man that we play EVE next.

  2. To be fair, Recon is one of those missions designed to be blitzed and not actually engaged, and as NPC battleships get up to over 1 mil in bounties their tanks can be tough. Also, were they Angel rats by any chance? I find in the Rokh that the high end Angel battleships have great thermal and kinetic resists and are hard to take down quickly. That’s where some Minmatar or Gallente T2 drones can help out.

  3. syncaine says:

    I believe they were Sansha.

    And yea, normally Recon is a breeze done ‘correctly’, but we wanted some action. Guess we got more than we asked for.

  4. Letrange says:

    Good mission report and yep occasionally learning the hard way that tanking skills are hella important is just part of eve. Good for the newbie to have the ship insured.

    The reason you’re getting the ammo buy orders in 100’s and 200’s is that people rarely sell large quantities of ammo, those are the stuff they get in drops in local space and missions that they can’t use themselves. For those you’re better to have a lot of smaller orders to cover all the ammo types – say 2k buy orders of just about everything. Order slots however will be an issue.

  5. Shalkis says:

    Being in the ammo business myself, I think that Letrange nailed it. Rats drop 100 ammo at a time, so most of the time the sales come from missionrunners who don’t really use small stacks of random ammo. Those that manufacture ammo usually tend to give it to corpmates or use it themselves, because the use value for the ammo is larger than the market value.

  6. Micah S says:

    I can’t think of anytime I’ve ever gotten more than 100 ammo in a drop, and then I just reprocess it if it isn’t what I’m using at the moment. I happens infrequently enough that it doesn’t make sense to me to stockpile and sell it. When I sell ammo it’s stuff I made, and I sell that via a sell order usually.

  7. syncaine says:

    Well my concern was not with getting single sellers of more than 100, but I though I would get more of those 100 sellers. I know when I loot a mission I get a ton of random ammo, not just 1-2 stacks.

    I wish I had more orders avaliable to work multiple stations, but my skills currently cap me at 53, which is quite limiting. Working on Retail V soon though, that will help once I get the next skill up a few levels (forget the name now).

  8. Swift Voyager says:

    There’s an unwritten rule in Eve that you’re required to lose at least one of each ship type in the first couple weeks you start flying it, up to and including battleships. You become exempt from this rule after battleships, at which point it becomes optional and voluntary, but a surprising number of people choose to go ahead and lose assault ships, recon ships, etc. anyway. I have noticed that you haven’t reported the loss of a certain Rokh yet, by the way. When you fail to pay your dues, the Eve gods charge interest you know.

    You didn’t mention whether you were able to loot your corp mate’s wreck for him or not. With a tech 2 fitted mission ship, if it’s insured and you can recover the loot from your wreck, sometimes you don’t actually lose too much. When you run solo level 4 missions, there’s nothing worse than getting popped and not having a backup ship ready go back in so you can complete the mission and loot your own wreck.

  9. syncaine says:

    We looted the wreck, saved some modules. It was not heavily tech II fitted.

    And yea, the Rohk is still alive, but I have indeed lost frigs/destroyers/cruisers. Never lost a BC or BS. My Harpy is still alive and well too. I’m rather picky on what level 4 missions I fly into solo, and I always check eve-survival before a mission. That said, I’m sure at one point it will go pop.

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