Escaping the queue monster, we jump ship and reroll!

The lesser pre-orders logged in yesterday, and being the cheap lowlifes that they are, they caused server issues for all the true WAR fans that got a Collector’s Edition. DIAF scum!

We should have seen it coming, that the server we picked for Destruction would become a queue nightmare, but somehow we missed the warning signs and ended up on a server with a massive population. Luckily the guild acted quickly, and before people got too far into the game, we switched servers and said ‘bye bye’ to Volkmar and it’s hour+ queue.

Our new server is low/med population for both Destruction and Order right now, and will hopefully hit high, but not full, shortly after retail launch. The tricky thing about Warhammer Online is you don’t want to be on a low population server (no RvR, no scenarios, no PQs), but obviously you don’t want to wait in a queue either. More so than most MMOs, Warhammer is very dependant on having JUST the right amount of players on both sides. Too early to say if Mythic’s planning will eventually give us balanced servers, but it will be something to keep an eye on.

So we all re-rolled on Thorgrim, created the guild, and got to gaming. Aria and I played for about two hours, hit Rank 5, and finished chapter 1. We are playing dark elves, a witch elf for her, a soon-to-be-nerfed Disciple of Khaine for me. We melee, things bleed and die quickly, we move on. Oh and we both have white hair, so we look like two albino freaks with blades. L33tsauce, I know.

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5 Responses to Escaping the queue monster, we jump ship and reroll!

  1. Centuri says:

    Do the ques really move that slow for you guys?

    On Skull Throne last night it was a 250+ que @ peak times withabout a 10 minue wait.

  2. syncaine says:

    Well Volkmar had a 600+ queue, which took over an hour to get through. Anything over 15-20 minutes becomes a pain.

    A 10 minute queue just means the server is going to have a nice population most of the time, and a minor speed bump during peak time.

  3. sid67 says:

    I wrote about this a bit yesterday. I didn’t order the CE, so I was one of the SE scum. Fortunately, I had more time to think about the server situation and purposefully picked something that would have a bit less growth. 15 servers to start the CE was stupid.

    A queue guarantees your faction is max population, so my take is that you WANT a queue, just a really short one. Two-three minutes is acceptable. 10-20 minutes is bullshit. A half hour is unacceptable. An hour is well — unimaginable.

  4. Chris F says:

    Good news is the have kept the server caps low during CE/SE to encourage equal distribution among servers – that and existing servers will have room for the regular purchasers. Caps and que times will go down when the number is brought back up to normal (and then probably break again when a million people buy the game and try to log in)

  5. Wilhelm2451 says:

    @Chris F

    I don’t know about that. When the WAR Herald says, “All four of these servers have had the number of concurrent users they support raised to the maximum possible” about Volkmar and three others, I would like to think that the “maximum possible” part doesn’t really mean, “maximum possible until we feel like we should raise it more.”

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