RvR goodness in Warhammer Online

Now that the ‘official’ report is over with (see previous post), lets get into the last two days and go over some highlights. Overall it was a great start for Warhammer Online, and despite the game being the same version as Open Beta, it has a different feel to it now that everything ‘counts’.

I logged in on Sunday to find a 3+ hour queue for Volkmar Destruction side, which was not cool. All that pre-planning to pick an ‘unpopular’ server seemed to have failed, at least for now. Not wanting to wait it out, I instead logged on to Averheim and rolled a Warrior Priest to play with the Order side of Casualties of War. In the first PQ, I saw Tobold the Bright Wizard with the guild tag over his head, and got an invite to the guild.

All of Sunday was smooth sailing, and a healthy combo of quests, PQs, scenarios, and open field RvR all contributing to my Warrior Priest hitting Rank 9. As I had Monday off, the plan was to stay up late and try to get out of tier one (Rank 11ish), but Comcast had other ideas and decided to turn off the Internet at 2am. Great time to have a rare service interruption, thanks…

One of the major highlights on Sunday was forming a warband with other CoW members in the Empire T1 RvR area and trying to take over the objectives. At first we casually walked into the area unorganized, and promptly got rolled by a huge mob of Destruction players. Licking our wounds, we gathered at the warcamp and planned our assault. Traveling as a group, we hit the docks and found them empty. We made quick work of the NPC guards, flagged the objective, and waiting for the inevitable freak show mob to arrive. Not being ones to disappoint, the red wave descended on us, easily outnumbering us a good 2-1. In most MMOs we would have been rolled instantly, but strategy and planning actually matter in WAR.

We had our tanks up front, blocking the entrance to the dock, with healers and dps waiting behind. Being the unorganized mob that the enemy was, they targeted the closest thing to them, and begin wailing on our tanks. Also unlike most MMOs, being a tank in WAR means you actually can take a good amount of damage while holding your ground, and with healer support, a decent tank can hold 3-4 players easy. Once the enemy had settled on their targets, our dps ran out and around the main horde and started dropping the squishy healers and ranged dps. It took them a moment, but eventually the Destruction players caught on, and turned their attention away from our tanks and on to our own dps classes in their midst. The delay was decisive however; as it bought us enough time to secure the objective. As our last member was cut down on the dock, the timer expired and the objective was secured for 15 minutes. I cheer went up over Vent, and our little group claimed victory in the face of overwhelming odds.

Once we get more members online today, we should be able to field a formidable force, and hopefully hold our ground. We will hopefully start laying siege to the tier two keeps, flying our banner high once we crush the Keep Lord.

Good times ahead, that’s for sure.

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10 Responses to RvR goodness in Warhammer Online

  1. seriouslycasual says:

    Did you ask Tobold for an autograph?

  2. JoBildo says:

    That was a ton of fun, on Sunday. I couldn’t believe that we (when prepared) held our ground so well. I mean, sure we got rolled a bit, but with the numbers not in our favor I believe we performed admirably.

    Our CoW group on Order for Scenarios last night also really did well. Before I had to call it quite, 6 of us were just laying waste to each Scenario we joined as a group. Healing is a necessity, and without a guild healer on your team, we found that there simply wasn’t such a thing as heals coming our way.

    But once we got Lazaretto and Taea in on the group… we steamrolled people in Khaine’s and Ekrund.

  3. Thallian says:

    sounds like a great time

  4. Bonedead says:

    Sounds like WAR is going to be good fun.

  5. sifo says:

    WAR is an awesome game for a an organized group. It will be a miserable experience for the solo player.

  6. syncaine says:

    Very true, but WAR also goes out of its way to get people into groups and the community. The only players who will really feel harmed are the dead set “I never group, leave me alone” types, and honestly, MMOs are not for those types anyway.

  7. Myko says:

    Tbh, Guild Wars has some of the best PvP in the whole MMO industry. One poor tactical choice and your whole team loses. Everyone has exactly the same gear and the only real difference is the picking of your skills. I do get a bit of a chuckle reading that it’s nice to play PvP where gear doesn’t really mean anything and tactics comes into play more, when there has been a game out for almost 3 and a half years that has all these things.

  8. saylah says:

    @Myko – Problem is that with all of GWs instancing many dont consider it an MMO. I’ve tried it more than once and even as a solo player, that world is much too static feeling fir my tastes. :-) I’ll see you in GW2 though.

  9. Grimjakk says:

    Who says gear doesn’t matter? WAR is still a DIKU-decended MMORPG after all. Its just that having a good plan is better than having uber gear.

    Now, having a good plan AND uber gear… that’s gold. ;)

    Looking forward to more sweet open RvR action in the future!

  10. alcaras says:


    My guild and I rolled Volkmar/Order… see you in RvR and Scenarios!

    My char name is ‘Alc’ and my guild is EJB. Perhaps you’ve seen us around!

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