WAR innovation: The Overlord speaks.

As is usually the case, Tobold says what many of us have been trying to say; he just says it better.

While I have been saying for a while now that WAR is innovative not because of one feature, but the sum of it’s parts, Tobold goes one (very important) step further and makes the connection to player behavior. To paraphrase, the WAR formula changes player behavior, taking us out of solo mode and into social situation naturally, without forced grouping. Changing a player’s behavior is indeed far more innovative than any one feature on the back of a box, and WAR does that in spades.

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9 Responses to WAR innovation: The Overlord speaks.

  1. nuyan says:

    Sounds a bit like Warhammer Online might be the Team Fortress 2 of the MMOs then.

  2. Hudson says:

    It is, at least it seems like that for me. The RVR is freaking AWESOME

  3. sid67 says:

    The biggest contribution that WAR provides the genre is that maximum fun is found through maximum variety. The game is purposely designed so that you don’t need to seek out the most rewarding thing, but the most fun thing.

    And so… people are rediscovering that what makes an online game the most fun is playing with other people — not grinding out that epic. What a surprise! LOL!

  4. JoBildo says:

    Sid, I always meant to ask. Is Sid67 in reference to the film Virtuosity?

  5. p@tsh@t says:

    Cheeseburger > burger.

    Cheese + burger may not seem like such a stretch, but apparently lots of people (including me) love cheeseburgers.

    Lest we forget, very small changes can result in reaching a tipping point where one small change results in wholesale behavioral change.

    The difference between permissive inclusion and elective collaboration is gigantic, and yes, delicious.

  6. sid67 says:

    JoBildo: Yep. Sid 6.7, the virtual reality serial killer played by Russel Crowe in Virtuosity.

  7. JoBildo says:

    “Hey, Carter. How’s the wife and kid? Still dead, huh?”

    Love that movie.

  8. Amatheon says:

    I am just disappointed that the game still uses all the old mechanics, and it does get boring watching stuff happen on such a cluttered screen.
    Guess some people will like WAR and others will wish that Developers would try some new things.

  9. fortuente says:

    So far I am loving WAR. It’s funny but I kinda thought of it as the TF2 of MMORPGs also when I started out in OB. Which explains why I love it so much.

    That and the whole Terry Gilliam “Burn all the witches!” feel. Lol, my main is warrior priest and the front of his armor has “Suffer not a heretic to live.” etched into the front of it. Simply brilliant.

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