The true value of the CE edition of Warhammer, and my busted 9600GT card.

I received my Collectors Edition of Warhammer Online over the weekend, and it was $30 well spent. All of the in-game stuff is hit or miss depending on preference (I like the DE face, most don’t), but at worst it gives you a few simple quests and some fluff stuff for your character. The real value of the CE, for me, comes with the art book. I still flip through my WoW CE art book, and I know I’ll be doing the same with the Warhammer one.

One of the really cool things about the art books is that not everything in them is in the game yet, but will be at a later date. It’s almost like getting a sneak preview of future patches. Looking through the WoW art book, a ton of stuff that is in that book was added much, much later to WoW. I’ll have to really sit down and look over everything in the WAR art book to see if I can get a feel for where Mythic might be going with the game.

On Monday we also received the regular edition of the game in the mail from Gamestop, meaning we avoided any account interruption. It’s funny to look at the size of the regular box and compare it to the behemoth that is the CE.

Finally, I believe I’ve identified the issue with the second computer always crashing. It seems a slew of 9600GT cards are known to be defective, and I get EXACTLY the error (black screen, no signal) that people are reporting. I’ll make a trip to Best Buy tomorrow and see if I can swap it out, or get store credit and buy a 9800GT instead. Worst case scenario, I’ll have to send it back to BFG Tech and wait for a new one. Oh, and if a new graphics card does not solve this issue, expect to read about a murderous rampage in the MA area, as I’m well past the breaking point with this whole ordeal. (note: not really, so in the rare event that there is a rampage in MA, it’s not me)

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4 Responses to The true value of the CE edition of Warhammer, and my busted 9600GT card.

  1. JoBildo says:

    I’ve never had the problem with any other game, and still don’t even after WAR’s launch.

    I honestly think it’s on their side, not ours.

  2. Hudson says:

    I have much more love for the CE after doing the last CE quest last night and getting another trophy and new title. Pretty cool.

  3. syncaine says:

    Sadly no Jobildo. Check out this thread, and the super long one linked to EVGA. It’s definitely a problem with the 9600 chipset.

  4. I noticed I was getting this when I started using the Ventrilo built-in overlay function. I have since stopped using it and haven’t had any more black-screen problems. Well, aside from alt-tabbing but that’s a given and easily solved by running the game in windowed mode in the same resolution as your desktop.

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