Help coming for low population servers in Warhammer Online

Picked up this little gem on Warhammer Alliance.

For instance, the WAR effort in Europe has only begun. Some retailers have already sold out, but these boxes will be replaced by additional waves, supported by a marketing campaign of epic proportions. Naturally, we’ll continue recommend low-population servers to new players, but more importantly, there will be very real incentives for new as well as established players to roll on low-population servers such as yours. More on this soon enough.

So it seems Mythic does have something up there sleeve to help out low population realms, and it also sounds like Warhammer Online sales have continued to hold up after the initial rush. Good news on both fronts. Hopefully Thorgrim has more Order players/guilds roll in soon, CoW could use a challenge!

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2 Responses to Help coming for low population servers in Warhammer Online

  1. test says:

    The incentive is going to be an xp bonus (I predict in the order of 5-10% max). Not sure if this is going to work though, but then Im sure they arent either.

  2. crookshankz says:

    I’m not close to max level by any means but, do you think an XP bonus really necessary? It doesn’t seem, so far, that leveling is all that difficult.

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