Same game, different players.

One of the more interesting aspects of playing an MMO, and then reading others accounts of playing that same game, is that two people can basically be playing two different games. Tobold hates playing his healer in RvR, and looks forward to playing his tank. I not a huge fan of playing a tank in RvR, but love my two healers. (DoK and Shaman)

The things that he hates, like being the first target, are challenges I enjoy, and things he is looking forward to with his tank I view as somewhat annoying. My issue with the tank is you get ignored, due to high survivability and somewhat lower dps, while his issue with the healer is you get too much attention and die often. I don’t go into a scenario or keep raid and expect thanks for healing, while as a tank I do understand it’s basically my job to manage agro, and if a Keep lord is running rampant, I f’ed up. If a healer goes down from a dps class, it’s the tanks fault for not taunting and providing an escape for the healer. I also view a healer as somewhat more self sufficient than a tank, in that I can heal myself and run away, while a tank depends on his healers to stay in the front, blocking and taking damage. If healer are still up and a tank goes down, you blame the healers.

Tobold and I have discovered quite a while ago that we are two very different MMO players (he is a carebear, I’m not (joke, relax)), but even so, our completely different take on a very specific issue in WAR is interesting, and points out how difficult it is to design an MMO for the masses. How many players does Tobold’s view represent, how many does mine, and which segment do you target? Can you hit both? Is the game somehow ‘flawed’ because we are on opposite ends, or is that just the nature of the beast, and a display of the versatility in WAR?

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4 Responses to Same game, different players.

  1. Mikejl says:

    I found, as Black Orc, if I want attention I start to whale on healers, or a relic/flag carrier. Then I find I get lots of attention.

  2. Graktar says:

    I think it’s just the nature of the beast, sadly. Also, unfortunately, I suspect that Tobold’s view more closely reflects the majority, considering the massive popularity of WoW, the world’s finest carebear PvE game.

  3. Varakkys says:

    I’m assuming (hoping) you’re asking a rhetorical question. The game offers you different playstyles by providing different classes to play (incidentally, lots of MMO’s do this, not just WAR =P). Some people like to tank. Some people like to heal. Some people like to stand at the back pressing one button. Some people like to do all three. Some people don’t. If you don’t like a particular class, don’t play it. It’s not rocket science. The only way the game could be flawed is if it didn’t offer a single aspect of play that you enjoyed, and even then it’s purely subjective and individual opinion.

  4. Bowman says:

    Tanks in WAR are badass! They get more powerful with every level and are the on top of the foodchain in PvE and are the frontline in PvP. Tanks are key. Tanks rule. Just try one and be amazed!

    Play a tank and I guarantee you, you won’t talk smack about tank anymore! 100% certain of it.

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