The Witching Night, a hopefully positive addition to RvR.

Today marks the start of Mythic’s first event in Warhammer Online, titled The Witching Night. As with most MMO seasonal events, it adds a bit of themed content and likely some cute-but-ultimately-useless gear. It will be interesting to see how well Mythic executes the event, and how Warhammer fans embrace it.

But added fluff aside, today is also a very important day for another reason, as it marks the first time Mythic is attempting to lure people into RvR areas with actual content, rather than just increasing the rewards for what already exists. The event adds one PQ to each tier, with the twist that the PQ is located in an RvR area, a first for WAR. It will be interesting to see how players react to this content. Will they travel only to complete the PQ once, and then jump back into the scenario grind? Will groups formed for the new PQ travel to other areas, completing PvE PQs, Keeps, Objectives? Will the general traffic increase in the RvR areas spark battles between Order and Destruction that rage far beyond the new PQ? And how will realm balance factor into all this? Will Destruction simple dominate the new PQ, driving out Order players and ultimately returning the RvR area to a dormant, dead zone?

To me, this themed event is Mythic’s first attempt to re-focus WAR on what it should be all about, open world RvR. If it’s a success, my guess is we will see some permanent content added to the RvR lakes shortly after, and I’m all for anything that gets the masses out of the scenario grind and out into the field of combat.

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6 Responses to The Witching Night, a hopefully positive addition to RvR.

  1. Esri says:

    I’m all for using content to lure folks (including me!) into RvR. However, I’m a little disappointed that they are using “fluff” as their test. Not because I dislike fluff, but because I love it. As a casual (in time played) player, I’m concerned that 1) the PQ will take “several hours” to reset and 2) it appears that the “goodies” will be drops rather than rewards. This looks like it will take a lot of time to actually get the fluff rewards… Time I don’t have. :(

  2. syncaine says:

    Well if I read it correctly, one method to acquire the masks is to max influence in the new PQ, so that’s almost a guaranteed reward, assuming it’s possible to run the PQ a reasonable amount of times.

    Then you have the random ghosts that also drop the themed stuff, which I would think can be killed at any time.

    I avoided mentioning the PQ reset timer as I’m not 100% on how it will work. If it’s a blatant “the PQ is down for 2 hours, comes up for 30 minutes, down again for 2 hours”, that won’t sit well with casuals or hardcore players. Limiting the content that much won’t be good.

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  4. Mitsubachi says:

    The goodies are also dropped from strictly PvE mobs outside of the lakes. I’m unclear on if influence can be gained from the PvE aspects but I hope so. As a MDPS class I found myself spending more time hanging back and waiting for gungho order to try to rush our group than actually fighting and after an hour or so of the PQ only got 1/8th of the first third of influence done. If influence comes only from the RvR PQs than the nature of massive warfare means healers and RDPS will have a serious advantage.

  5. JoBildo says:

    Also, Esri, the PvE mobs littered about give far more INF than the PQ and the players do. So you can still experience the fluff without doing RvR, in fact it’s likely the faster means to an end.

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