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Camelot Unchained: Concerns based on MJ’s history

As previously mentioned, the Camelot Unchained kickstarter is up and running, but as of now I’ve not contributed due to a few concerns that I want to cover today. First and foremost, the total removal of PvE raises some doubts. … Continue reading

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WAR’s RvR or GW2’s WvW?

Better PvP experience: WAR’s RvR near release, or GW2’s WvW? Instinctively I wanted to say GW2, because lulz WAR, but I spent a hell of a lot more time in WAR’s RvR than I did in GW2’s WvW. The same … Continue reading

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GW2: One step forward, two steps back for the genre

Keen has a report card out for GW2, and while I think the grades are a bit high, I agree overall with his assessment. In short, GW2 is a good game, but a month in its pretty clear GW2 is … Continue reading

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GW2: Review at the midpoint

I hit level 41 last night on my Human Elementalist. In that time I’ve completed (all items checked) three zones, done all storyline quests up to my level, have two crafting skills to 130ish, ran the first instance in Story … Continue reading

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GW2: The game Mythic tried to make

Let me get this out of the way first; GW2 is worth the $60. If it had a sub I’d feel differently, but as it does not, what GW2 does is worth the $60. All of the below is based … Continue reading

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PvP Hotspots

If you build it, they will come. With sharp objects. And the intent to murder. That’s how PvP in MMOs works, yet so many attempts to create PvP hotspots fail. Too often the approach is to design something that is … Continue reading

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Two years of WAR = …

1) Has any game in MMO history redesigned more core systems then WAR? Amazing to think what could have been added these last two years if Mythic could stop ‘fixing’ things every patch. 2) Adding a third, PLAYABLE faction would … Continue reading

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