I see your silly RMT, and raise you $15

$15 for a sex change? It’s not even close to April 1st

Now finally EVERYONE can be a naked female dancing on a mailbox. Long overdue really,  I mean since you removed anything close to a challenge, you have to give your player base ‘new’ content once they reach the ‘real’ game,  right?

Given that it takes about an hour to go from 1-80 in WoW now, why in gods name would you pay $15 for this when you can re-roll? Not saying that the sheeply won’t use this, I’m sure they will, but man…

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20 Responses to I see your silly RMT, and raise you $15

  1. Loredena says:

    man, that’s funny. and $15? SOE’s letting us off cheap!

  2. Wilhelm2451 says:

    No, it is Blizzard that is letting us off cheap. If SOE did this, it would be $50.

    And Syncaine, it is not just a sex change, it is the ability to change just about anything on your character except race and class, including your name.

    Even EVE charges for just a name change. Is EVE offering a name change service also April Fool’s worthy?

  3. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Actually, I just remembered, EVE also charges you to change your avatar. So, if this had been a true Syncaine article, it should have been, “Blizzard is Ripping Off EVE Online!”

    You’re slipping man.

  4. syncaine says:

    EVE does? Hmm news to me, when was this added? That’s actually really odd, since your name means so much in EVE…

    And one should naturally assume anything Blizzard adds is from one game or another. I try to limit the “bliz borrow” posts to when its as blatant as “New Hero Class, Dwarf Slayer (dwarf slayer can be played by any race)”, that type of stuff.

  5. Mordiceius says:

    C’mon Wilhelm. You and I both know that if it something Blizzard is doing, it must be evil and they’re bad people for doing it!

  6. syncaine says:

    Did a Google search, you made the EVE thing up huh? Or is my google-foo weak today?

  7. Mordiceius says:

    PS: Can I make a blog post on how Mythic is nerfing the game by removing the difficulty of public quests or stealing the main assist implementation of the hotlinking of abilities and quests in chat?

  8. syncaine says:

    Can you? Fairly sure no one controls what you blog about…

    Just don’t forget to mention the nerfed rewards for said easy PQs, or who actually came up with main assist functionality :) Good luck with that though.

  9. Wilhelm2451 says:

    I was wrong, you cannot change your name in EVE, just your avatar. But you can move your character to another account, something else Blizzard blatantly stole no doubt. And, of course, you can effectively buy ISK in EVE Online. How soon until Blizzard copies that?

  10. syncaine says:

    Considering moving a character in EVE matters, as does ISK, we have some good apples to oranges going on here. And the overall point we are driving home here is what? The laundry list of creative, original, and frequent changes Bliz makes?

    Gold sales in WoW would be a tough sell now I would think, considering it grows on trees now. (although the sheeple market continues to amaze) Plus even if it mattered, what would you use it for, to better min/max your 2 man team for ‘heroic’ Naxx?

  11. tenfoldhate says:

    I don’t know why they went with sex instead of race. I’m sure most players think, “Darn, I wish I rolled a troll” rather than “Darn, I wish my toon had breasts.” Especially since Blizzard has all but annihilated the concept of race-specific class bonuses (fear ward no longer being a dwarven priest-specific trait, for example) I don’t think it’d “hurt” gameplay at this point if players could swap races–or even factions.

    Not like Blizz gives a crap about lore, but they could even throw some nutty gnome or goblin engineering device into the game that could serve as the “barbershop” for race changing–kind of like what the Tanaris transporter would do when it malfunctioned.

  12. Wilhelm2451 says:

    @syncaine: What is the point indeed. Yours seems to be, constantly, “Blizzard sucks” on all counts. And if it is pointed out that somebody does something similar, it becomes, “Blizzard copies everything.” That, along with, “If you don’t like my game, you just don’t get it” is starting to get tiresome.

    @TfH: You cannot do race changes, because not every race can be every class. So if I have a tauren druid, you don’t want to let them become an orc. Plus there is the whole racial modifier thing. Humans gain reputation faster than other races. For $30 and a 30 day wait I could speed up my gnome mage rep grind. Or even something like wanting an Orc that is riding a Kodo. It is probably better just to let you reinvent yourself within your current race/class choices.

  13. syncaine says:

    Because IMO, they do. They had a great game, and now continually go down a path that pushes that game further and further out of what I consider worthwhile. Since it’s my blog, that’s the message around here. The fact that they have the impact they do on MMO gaming, and how they are using that power, is my cause for hate.

    I’m glad they brought ‘polish’ to MMO gaming in 2004, thanks for that, but continuing down candyland lane is not the direct I want for MMO gaming. Again, just my opinion and take on things. The whole “copy” thing we have beat to death. You think it’s only natural, I find it underhanded and ultimately self-destructive.

  14. Mordiceius says:

    It seems like adding accessability to the game goes hand in hand with working with the devil to you.

    Just because a game is made more accessable to a greater number of people does not mean that the genre is being destroyed. It only increases popularity in the genre, not decreases.

  15. Swift Voyager says:

    Being able to change gender is silly. It breaks the imersion of the game world. However, if you’re really not worried about imersion, then what’s the harm? It’s not changing any game mechanic, just parting fools from their parents’ money. I don’t mind that. Maybe blizzard can take the extra revenue and build a theme park or something. :)

    Although the copy-cat remarks are a bit off-topic, I’d like to say that copying isn’t new to the entertainment industry (all the way back to ancient times). Ten years ago, all the RTS games started copying features like crazy. Eventually they all became nearly identical games with different graphics. Now we see the same thing happening with MMO’s. If I was running an MMO and I looked around one day and noticed that all my competitors offer “feature X” and the players seem to like it, then I’d add it to my game too. Otherwise, you end up having players say “I sure wish we could do blablabla in this game, like we can in that other game”. The auto industry does the same thing.

    In the end, when the vendors start copying the good features of their competitors, the consumer is the winner. Copycatting is also good because it drives innovation. You can’t just create one good feature and stop there. A few months later, all of your competition will copy that feature, so you need to keep trying to build a better mouse trap.

  16. syncaine says:

    But going back to the RTS example, at some point, sales suffered because people were sick of “yet another RTS”, which we are now seeing with MMOs and YAFMMO, right?

    There is a giant step from implementing a useful feature, and just doing a copy/paste because game X has it. WoW pre-TBC was effected negatively by Bliz trying to add PvP to a PvE game. Patches fixing PvP broke PvE due to skill rebalanced, and you had entire classes (warlocks) worthless in PvE and utterly overpowered in PvP, or vice versa (warriors after the MS nerf).

    Adding scrolling combat text from a mod as a mean feature is great, it means everyone can stop updating the mod after a patch, but nerfing MS because it’s unfair in PvP, when it’s a key tool in PvE to allow non-tank warriors to contribute, does more harm than good.

  17. Werit says:

    $15 for a database query (update).

  18. Swift Voyager says:

    You know that if you don’t post some discussion about the latest scandal in Eve people will start to call you prejudiced against WoW.

  19. Dug565 says:

    “You know that if you don’t post some discussion about the latest scandal in Eve people will start to call you prejudiced against WoW.”

    Lol, too late.

  20. Panther6170 says:


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