The recession and you, a podcast.

Ever wondered what some bloggers think about the recession and how it might effect MMO gaming? Of course you have, and fear not, we deliver! Check out the latest “Witty Ranter“, hosted by Adam and featuring downy voice me (I blame the editing/mic/interwebs, basically anything but myself), alone with Darren from Common Sense Gamer, Michael Zenke from Massively, Remy from his new blog Warsbox.

It was a fun show (always is), and the topic itself is of course very debatable. Will the recession be the spark F2P MMOs need to gain a solid foothold in the west, or will it doom them further as people look to control costs? Will the downturn in spending spur companies to create more “station pass” like services, price drops for subs, cancel future MMOs? All that and more, so go listen!

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3 Responses to The recession and you, a podcast.

  1. shadowwar says:

    I’ll have to check this out when I get home, but I imagine that, if anything, the current U.S. recession will help subscription based gameplay. $15 a month comes down to $0.50 a day or so, what other kind of entertainment can you get for that cost? Of course, factor in the cost of internet ($35-50 a month) and you’re looking at a little more money, but most people consider that a “given” in household fees anyway. I can’t think of anyone who dosen’t have internet access at all times now. So for a cost/consumed ratio, it’s damn cheap.

  2. Bonedead says:

    Neat, now I can put a voice to the nudez I got.

  3. Anjin says:

    Just listened this morning. Great podcast. It was pretty cool to hear people actually have different points of view. Most casts have a dangerous amount of groupthink in them.

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