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Talkin’ Darkfall

In my glorious return to podcasts, I was a guest on MMOSmackTalk with Ryan. He grilled me about my visit to Aventurine, along with some more general discussion about the game and certain features. What was planned as a 15 … Continue reading

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The recession and you, a podcast.

Ever wondered what some bloggers think about the recession and how it might effect MMO gaming? Of course you have, and fear not, we deliver! Check out the latest “Witty Ranter“, hosted by Adam and featuring downy voice me (I … Continue reading

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MMO natural selection, and what it means to your game.

In the most recent SUWT podcast (always good stuff btw), the crew got off on a tangent when talking about the cultural differences between players of EVE Online and WoW. EVE players embrace scams, trickery, underhandedness, and generally resent any … Continue reading

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Entertaining new podcast.

Just wanted to make a quick post linking the latest No Prisoners, No Mercy podcast. While I was shaking my head at times due to some of the errors or misunderstanding of game mechanics, I could not help but enjoy … Continue reading

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Not WoW burnout, MMO burnout.

Darren has released Shut Up. We’re Talking #32, and the podcast focuses on Warhammer Online and the recent back and forth debate about the game and its place in MMO land. It’s a great show and well worth a listen. … Continue reading

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Listen to me ramble!

Adam is back after… well a LONG time away, and has put together another quality podcast. Adam, Luper, and myself talk about a bunch of MMO goodness. Copy/paste incoming. Adam’s back with another show!  In this episode, Adam, Luper from … Continue reading

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One year of blogging done, and what a year it has been!

It’s been a year already? I initially started blogging for what I believe is the most common reason: to have a place to keep all my thoughts and ideas about gaming in one place. What originally started as just ‘something … Continue reading

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