Great Darkfall preview

I guess it’s not vaporware after all :)

I found this to be the best Darkfall write-up to date, as it’s written by someone with clear UO/AC experience, and that’s really the core audience DF is aiming for. While I’ve yet to personally play DF, I’ve been following it a bit lately and generally think it’s going to be an interesting game. To echo the preview, it certainly won’t be a game for 99% of all WoW-like players, and the ‘I quit’ posts will certainly dominate the first few months of the games release.

To borrow a phrase from an Alliance member in WAR, “Your QQ tears taste delicious”.

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  1. Micah S says:

    I can’t understand why anyone would willingly play this game. I would, however, like the ability to banish people to it from other games. Also, why does it look some someone chewed up EQ1 and puked it out all over my screen?

  2. Beau Turkey says:

    Dude, I can’t wait to read your posts after you spend an aggravating evening getting ganked by 17 year olds.

    Over and over and over.

    And wait until you get called the N word over and over, AFTER having being “raped.”

    Good luck, though, seriously! Screenshots!! :)

    I wish it well, but c’mon man, seriously?

  3. syncaine says:

    Odd, that never happened to me in UO or AC-DT. I did get ganked, I ganked back, and overall had a good time with my guild. The difference is good players will find a way to deal with kiddie gankers and other minor annoyances, not to mention in a sandbox game you can actually do something about it. And the big ‘n’ word just does not bother me as much as it seems to bother you, not my first time around the internet.

    Some players need big brother to watch over them and make sure everyone is playing nice. That’s cool, but slightly boring for some, myself included. I’ll take some kids trying to abuse the freedom over everything covered in soft padding and handled with kids gloves. If that’s your thing, you have plenty of options. Now the other side has another one as well.

  4. Beau Turkey says:

    Well, I DID get called those names in UO.

    As someone else said, didn’t UO pre-Trammel prove that this kind of play is never successful?

    Don’t tell me, the pvp side emptied because the rest of the players were wussies right? Didn’t have anything to do with the fact that getting ganked by kids over and over has nothing to do with fun.
    It’s not the UO period anymore. People have so many more choices.
    There are reasons that EVE has 0.0 problems with pop, there are reasons WAR has issues with pop (and they had an IP and millions and millions of dollars.)

    Now, go look at the Darkfall forums. Go, read. Now force that 15 year old chatter down every players throat and see how happy anyone will be, yourself included.

    Don’t act as though I am hurt by name calling. I’ve played in some of the worst dives in the country, so I’ve heard way more.

    It’ll attract 15 year olds, and irritating people.

    It already has. Go look at their forums.


  5. beauturkey says:

    “The other side?”

    Dude, man, you have to stop posting stuff like this!

    You understand you are talking about those 6 teenagers that hang out at the local 7-11 right?


  6. syncaine says:

    So now we are going to judge a game by its forums? My god, WoW must be the worlds worst game if we do that… Come on now, I know you have been around MMOs long enough to realize forums are a good indication of exactly nothing but distilled hate in any community.

    0.0 has pop problems? Really? Haha, the problems can’t be that serious if all those Corps are still fighting over territory… WAR has issues with pop? As in what, too many players crashing a Fortress? Or all the WoW players leaving to return to neon land? Which is it, because my server has plenty of people in T4 each night, and we are one of the ‘low’ pop servers.

    DF won’t be for everyone, and in fact it won’t be for MOST, but if what the reports are saying is true, it will appeal to ENOUGH people to maintain itself, and shockingly it won’t be filled with the type of player you describe. What was SB like after a year? What kind of players dominate in 0.0? What are the more successful guilds in WAR? I don’t see a teen among them…

    It’s fun to perpetrate the image of the l33t doodz till you convince yourself, but anyone who has lasted longer than 5 minutes in a PvP game knows otherwise.

  7. beauturkey says:

    Right, I haven’t lasted longer than 5 minutes in a pvp game.
    Dude, you have got to stop posting things that make it seem like you are trying to sound tough or “skilled.”

    This is basically a FPS game with some stuff stolen from UO with no chat filter.

    And as for that: what’s the rating on this game? I assure you the “chat filter” is not there for all the meager carebears that only tra-la-la in WoW land, it’s there for many many other reasons.

    Like I said, prove me wrong. My gut feeling is that in a few months after release you will be “QQ’ing” about SOMETHING that has everything to do with these warning signs.

    “You don’t see a teen among them?” lol! A 25 year old willing to call other players the N word and that throws around “rape” to describe action in a video game IS a teen.

  8. syncaine says:

    Why don’t you break down your extensive PvP history for us then Beau? A little filler to the general trolling you do, because currently you are just performing a copy/paste of the general fear mongering towards a PvP game, regardless of which game it might actually be.

  9. beauturkey says:

    Because I am not out to prove anything to you.

    I do not care if you think that a real player or a skilled player somehow equates being down with ganking someone over and over again.

    Of course, you are not saying that, right? You are just saying “the other side of candy land fluff la la land” is THIS game, right?

    Dude, just come out and say it. Say “man up” or “..I enjoy that kind of chaos.” Stop trying to say that most pvp is done in a civil and mature way. Just stop. I have played plenty of pvp. I don’t care if you believe me. Obviously YOU haven’t played much because you don’t seem to know that.

    Are there great players in pvp games/servers? Of course, I play with many of them.

    But please just stop acting as though “Only old school, noble and mature” UO players will play Darkfall.

    Beau Turkey

  10. Anne says:

    Personally I am looking forward to this game, however reserving any judgment considering the number of MMORPGs that fail these days.

    Never was able to get into UO personally, my mate was into it on servers that held the old-style UO back in 2003 but the closest thing I have gotten to full-loot was old-style Runescape (not really any real-time skill involved, more about what stats/skills you got up and what gear you were wearing… e.g. someone could spec solely into 2hander weapon skill and prayer which would also fool others on their actual level too) and the extreme emotions that I experienced from the full-loot in PVP areas was amazing. The all-or-nothing style got me addicted.

    The screenshots of the bloodied bodies on that review give it an urban style even though it really isn’t graphically up-to-date, personally I couldn’t care less about graphics.

    So I am hoping that the game does turn out well. Couldn’t care less about teenagers ganking and/or being bitches in the chat, to me that just shows how much freedom a game gives, which is a good thing more then a bad thing.

  11. Zensun says:

    @the Turkey

    Why not just say, ‘Sorry, this game isn’t for me,’ and move on. Or even ‘most people,’ which I don’t think is too arguable.

    But why waste time trying to convince people that are intrigued (if not outright drooling) that the game isn’t for them? It seems you need everyone to agree with you for your opinion to be worthwhile, which is the is a pretty sure sign of insecurity and immaturity.

  12. rulez says:

    If I could choose hands-on experience with Lord of the Flies in the real world or in the virtual world, I would choose the virtual experience anytime.

  13. Bonedead says:

    The reason it didn’t work in Pre-Trammel UO was because the majority of players didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. With Darkfall, everyone who is going to play knows what the crap is goin on.

    This is going to be an odd comparison but bear with me. I don’t have a problem with gay marriage, it does not affect me. But stupid rednecks feel that it does affect them because it is immoral (which is an opinion), these rednecks are outspoken and loud about why being gay is stupid and how they don’t understand how anyone could be into that.

    Well it is pretty much the same thing with hardcore PvP games. Go to any developing game’s forum and I can almost guarantee you there are a couple people trying to push for more PvP or better PvP and there are tons more arguing against them. PvEers argue against PvP even when it is tailored around them so they don’t have to participate. It is just a hatred that they have with PvPers.

    To all the PvEers who aren’t going to play Darkfall, please just shut the fuck up, you’re not a better person because you don’t like risky games. In reality, it is still just a game, and if you can’t handle that it is a game that isn’t made for you then I suggest taking a break from games.

  14. Herc says:

    I think somewhere in the LUA or fine print in the back of the box of Darkfall has this written somewhere

    WARNING: Anus bleeding may occur!

  15. Maedhros says:

    I think its ironic that Beauturkey is using the teenage idiots on forums as an example to bash Darkfall here, yet he is acting almost exactly like those teenage idiots here.

    Just because people disagree with you doesn’t make them wrong.

  16. Mikejl says:

    @Herc .. LOL!

    As for Darkfall.. I’d say this does not look like my kind of game (I’m a PvE kinda Orc). Still I like to see it succeed. I think its good to have a variety of MMORPGS to play. Especially if it introduces some different/new concepts to gameplay.

    Nice preview.

  17. Andrew says:

    If my pc is above minimum requirements and it doesn’t cost too much, I may get it.

    I’m not a hardcore pvper, but I leveled up on a pvp server in EQ1 and WoW so I have an idea what to expect.

    I’m most attracted by the mindset you will have to be in to play the game, and the commaraderie will probably be tighter.

  18. Wouldkilluall says:

    blah blah blah game sux. end of story. do some research. have you even been to the home page? my nephew who is 6 made a better website. talk about dropping the ball while screwing the pooch. SERVER SYNC ISSUES AT LAUCH!? AFTER 6 YEARS OF DEV? wow.. have fun with that. too little too late and all that..

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