Aldorf must burn: Destructions first city siege on Monolith.

Monolith saw its first siege of Aldorf last night, and I’m happy to report members of Casualties played a key roll. The unplanned nature of the event, and how smooth the execution was towards the end really encouraged everyone on the Destruction side, and overall this is a good step for the server.

At around 9pm EST I logged on to find all CoW members on our alliance vent, which usually indicates some oRvR is happening. Turns out we were just about to lock Reikland and open the empire Fortress. Once open, over five warbands of Destruction players began working on the outer gates. Breaking in, we sent one warband to watch the postern door of the Fort, with everyone else working on the main door. This worked well in theory, but splitting our forces only slowed progress on the door, and some Order players were getting inside regardless. With the changes to Fort zone populations, the attackers have a numerical advantage anyway, so as long as everyone is coordinated and doing their job, the situation favors offense.

Our first attempt at the Lord was rather weak, and only a few players broke through the Order tank wall and engaged the Lord and his guards. Our second attempt was far more successful, and we got a large number of our players to the top. Some mismanagement of the Lord and his agro proved troublesome, and eventually the remaining Order players and the NPCs wiped everyone. With time running low, we made our third attempt, and this time broke through the tank wall with ease. Setting tanks on the NPCs, we were able to focus on killing the Order players first, and finally burning the Lord down. The chest spawned, everyone got the Fortress buff, and it was on to Eataine to try and open Aldorf.

The fighting in Eataine was minimal, as Destruction was rolling and Order seemed fairly disorganized. It took 30 minutes or so to lock up Eataine, and we killed the Fortress Lord on our first attempt. A combination of good strategy, patience, and numbers lead to our victory here. With a second Fortress locked, Aldorf was open and waiting.

Having defended our capital recently, we had a good idea of how the city siege worked, and got our warband to the front gate and into a PQ instance. Seeing Aldorf in its ruined, burning state was amazing, and the PQ had a good 5-6 quests to complete. The PQ itself was very similar to the one in IC, only this time we were the attackers setting stuff on fire and killing the helpless peasants. For the first hour or so our PQ was empty of Order players, allowing us to get our bearings and learn the ins and outs of the area. A group of 12 or so Order players did eventually enter, but at 48v12, they were little more than speed bumps on our path to gold bags. Knowing we stood little chance to actually push Aldorf into phase two, we figured we might as well farm the PQ for as much loot as we can, gearing up for a future assault. The general confusion on the Order side played right into this, and we were able to knock out PQ after PQ. I logged out at around 12am, completing 8-10 PQs.

The feeling of attacking a city, rather than defending one, is certainly noticeable. As the attackers, you are trying to loot and pillage as much as you can, and the increased bag drops from the PQ reflect this. Once 1.2 is live, all those purple and blue bags will finally contain worthwhile items as well, which will only help to encourage future city raids. Currently both sides have seen the first stage of each city, and the race is on to see who will be the first to reach phase two. While there are still bugs to fix and changes to be made, overall I’m still happy with how phase one of the siege plays out, both from a defenders and now an attackers point of view.

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  1. codpeace says:

    Glad you guys finally got it. I am really happy Destro is pushing back on Monolith. Sometimes it seems you guys “turtle” when pushed too much, but lately it seems that order is the one “turtl’ing”. I really hope we can meet in game, so I can pound on you ineffectually when your HoT yourself until I give up. Too bad you guys didn’t actually burn the city to the ground (my secret hope) in order to wake up some Order people on Monolith to actually do something other than Keep Trading. Defense and actual oRvR seems to scare Order on Monolith.

    Good luck and hope you get it next time Syn

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