Only carebears play Darkfall

It’s March 2nd, and the sheep are still playing Darkfall. This is a slap in the face to all those ‘hardcore’ wolves who signed up, as clearly all of you are slacking way too much. Get out there and gank already, clear some spots for the rest of the wolves.

How in the world is it possible that such a tiny niche game, one that is clearly unplayable and had the worlds worst MMO launch in history, by the worlds worst MMO company, still full? How did any of those sheep escape the starting area? How do any of them have gear when the wolves should be full-looting them 24/7? What is it with all these ‘suprisingly fun’ reports we are hearing? What is surprisingly fun about being ganked and /spit on while being called the n word all day ?

Clearly the wolves of the world are just a bunch of carebears, more focused on setting up towns, alliances, and crafting. Why are they not camping newbie spawn points at all hours of the day griefing? Slap in the face I tell you, and I’m taking my whole guild back to WoW for some real PvP!

edit: Oh, and how long will people be debating the seriousness of the Dread OG video, over/under longer than Leroy Jenkins? People being fooled by joke videos, it really is like the good old MMO days!

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  1. Thallian says:

    Someday, some nut job is going to take you seriously, and then show up on your porch with s shotgun. In the meantime, I will simply chuckle to myself. ;)

  2. Ravious says:

    How come on every blog the sarcastic use of “a slap in the face” is always pretty humorous. I am considering joining up to be another sheep because the thing that really piqued my interest was crafting… not PvP per se. :O

  3. Beau says:

    You understand that if I were to say that the game is doing poorly, you would say that it is too early to say HOW it is going to do.

    By sarcastically declaring (poorly so, again, by making fun of a game that you frequented for hours upon hours)that the game is doing “surprisingly” well, that you are doing the same thing.

    It’s barely been out a week. Give it time to get boring. Trust me, I hope it sells a million copies, I always wish success on any game (it’s good for the industry) but I am realistic.
    I recognize the bloggers/podcasters/players that have done this numerous times in the past: over-analyzed, over-hyped and then burnt the heck out (but blamed it on the game.)

    We’ll see.

    The Dread OG videos, whatever their intentions, are brilliant on both fronts.

    a) He IS really an odd little pvp kid that will probably end up killing someone (or just winding up as a boring 3-kid strange American guy) which just shines light on how many of those kids are out there, and one of the common player types that follow these types of games

    b) He is really poking fun at those types of kids that are fans of these types of games.

    We all know the types of kids he is/is talking about. You keep trying to shine light on the “good” ones. We all know those are there, as well.

    But stop denying that the majority audience for these types of FPS/PVP-centric games are young, white, and annoying.

    You haver selectively heard your “good” reports, but for every “good” one, I can show you a bad one, I promise.

    Beau Turkey

  4. Bonedead says:

    It sucks because the guild I joined is RP light in public channels. So as much as I want to look down on people’s corpses and call them racial slurs just moments after I finally pay for the game and get in, I’m not supposed to.

    Who would’ve seen that shit coming?

  5. Tuebit says:

    Don’t worry, in 3 months the servers will be empty. This guy ( said it, and he’s been around forever, so it must be true.

  6. Loire says:

    Yea well… In all seriousness. I’ve been waiting for my spot since launch and I applied early into the process. Clear ~me a spot so I can start spitting on corpses.

  7. Tizer says:

    This blog gets more deluded every day.

  8. shadowwar says:

    Reading through the sarcasm, I respond like with this: when it’s been more than a month we’ll see how fun it still is for people, and how many people are still playing it. When it’s been more than three months, and then six months, we’ll take another look. Just as when WAR came out, you and a lot of other people were clamoring about how “good” and “fun” it was, and then a good percent of them left. I still find WAR to be fun, and the best MMO I’ve ever played, with the most dev interaction, and response to the community. You would think after your recent acceptance of WAR’s shortcomings, you’d be a little shy of touting the glories of another game this soon after release, even if in a around-about, sarcastic way.

    Or did I mis-read and you’re just trying to tell people to wait and see how it plays out, in your typical, overly sarcastic and abrasive manner?

  9. syncaine says:

    Like WAR, I don’t think DF will be perfect, but WAR for me is now at that stage where the good is known, and it’s time to clean up the rough edges. Pointing those out does not mean I enjoy WAR any less, it’s still my main MMO that I play most nights.

    This post itself is a comment on two things: One that if DF was DoA, they would not be holding off on inviting more people because of server space concerns, and we would be seeing a lot more ‘this is awful’ stuff now that people have been playing for a few days. The other is a comment on the ‘doom and gloom’ that some people continue to harp on regarding PvP. More on that hopefully tomorrow.

  10. Swift Voyager says:

    So, if carebears and PvP can co-exist in Darkfall, then maybe one day there’ll be a place for carebears in Eve too? I was afraid that joining Darkfall would be total-newbie-hell-death just like it is in Eve. Whatever DF is doing to allow people to play in a full-loot pvp world and still have fun should definitely be copied in Eve, since I just get ganked every time I log into Eve. It’s seriously unplayable as it is. When Eve gets to be 8 years old, the subscriber numbers are going to start to fall and it’s going to become a ghost town because of all that ganking. I’ll sign up for darkfall as soon as my Eve sub runs out. I could really use a break from all the fierce fighting and human interaction. When I play an MMO, I really could do without being bothered by all those other players all the time.

  11. syncaine says:

    You might want to avoid it though Swift, I hear from VERY reliable source that the general channels lack maturity, which would be a first in an MMO (or internet for that matter). I would recommend staying in the safe and mature general chat channels in all other MMOs.

    That highly-reliable source also indicate that the starter areas are crowded, and players may effect each other in that space. Again, terrible MMO design, player interaction. Back to the mature and safe space of Barrens I go!

  12. Swift Voyager says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Those public chat channels are always just like the forums. There’s always all these other people there, and they’re always saying stuff. Why is it that everyone in public chat channels and forums, or blogs for that matter, always feels the need to spew ideas and thoughts for everyone else to read? Why can’t they just keep quiet and play the game? The last thing I want when I get home from work is for some stranger to ask me for help with some quest or try to get me to join his guild.

  13. Beau says:

    Well, I guess you DO delete comments.

    Oh well, you know I’m right.



  14. Random Poster says:

    “Looks at calendar” hmmmm it’s been almost a WHOLE week and people haven’t left in droves yet (let’s forget the fact that the first day was completely shut down, and then that the servers were down for another 27 hours after that). Yep that clearly shows that the sheep are here for the long haul.

    You so funny.

  15. syncaine says:

    I don’t delete comments Beau, other than spam that gets through the filter.

  16. syncaine says:

    I just checked the spam filter, I think someone on wordpress must have tagged your account for spam, found 3 of your comments. I approved them, hopefully that stops them from being sent directly to the spam bin for now. If you make a comment and don’t see it, let me know and I’ll look again.

  17. Einherjer says:

    Too much too soon Syncaine. But then again, there were people talking about Darkfall in the past tense already, so i guess it is alright.

    One thing is certain while Darkfall is still on many “hardcore pvp’ers” will be too scared to log in and get their delusions sorted out thus will bad mouth it.

    If it gets canceled you will have lots of the same “hardcore pvp’ers” saying how great it was and how they were the biggest PK’ers of their server.

    Humans are so fucking predictable…

  18. Scott Jennings says:

    I just checked the spam filter, I think someone on wordpress must have tagged your account for spam, found 3 of your comments.

    Ending a comment with a website URL often will make Akisment flag the comment for moderation as possible spam.

  19. syncaine says:

    Ah, that explains why some of his comments were going through, and others were going straight to spam (not moderation).

    Thank you helpful carebear :) (ebolt xbow hally, loot, ooOOOoooOO you too)

  20. Scott Jennings says:

    I can’t believe you call me a carebear when I was involved in the nigh-mythical Fourzors Hally Hit technique.

    (because double hally hits were for noobs.)

  21. Beau says:

    Sweet, I was pissed if you were taking away my gripes.


    I keed.


  22. Bonedead says:

    Man everyday I wake up the first thing I do is refresh the DF shop page. Every day gets more and more depressing.

    Lemme play mfkers!

  23. syncaine says:

    Read: Another day of seeing a website fail to load, followed by a crushing announcement that they sold out again. But yea, hopefully I can grab a copy so I can stop leeching off other accounts.

  24. Bonedead says:

    I’d be trying right now. Don’t refresh too often or they’ll ban you, right now im doing every 45 secs.

    They brought it up for 1 second to stress test, everyone believes, so it’s gotta be soon.

    7:23 pm greece time

  25. nick says:

    Heh, if that Dread OG video is the only video you’ve seen of Darkfall (and surprisingly, it is for a lot of folks recently), it’s hard not to think that the odds of it being serious are just as high as it being a joke. It was entertaining, either way. ;)

    -nick / reroller

  26. Skoll says:

    Man, I like the way you wanna play Darkfall, but if you think wow is real pvp action you can suck my wiener.. Wow is the most boring game ever made by commercial fucks like Blizzard… I’m not a DF fanboy, I had barely heard of it before the release, but the game is rather good, and as I saied I like your ide of ganking people 24/7, but that dosen’t mean I don’t like the players the server has now. It’s good that the game majority is not sweatty nolifes spearing every living minute of their lives behind a computerscreen. It goves us non virgins for lifes room to party, work and have fun besides the game…. finally i just wanna say YOU SUCK!

  27. spiritoftime says:

    seriously Darkfall is the best MMO on the market if you don’t like it it’s probably because you aren’t good at aiming from years of playing kiddie games like wow.

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