Roid rape goodness.

Sorry, this will not be a post about a Friday night after a football game in high school, just not the type of content we provide here.

It is however a post about the damage my new Corp and I did to a series of asteroid belts on Sunday. You know the Corp means business when the time of the mining Op is ‘Sunday’, without a timeframe beyond that day. I logged on around 1pm EST with my recently neglected mining pilot and his lowly Retriever. He has been promised a Hulk for a long time now, but unfortunately all available funds have been going to the combat pilot and his Rohk. Still, the Retriever is decent enough when it comes to rock rape, and after a few jumps it’s two strip miner beams were getting down to business.

The first real surprise of the day was the actual size of the Op, both in length and in the number of pilots. We fluctuated between 18 and 22 pilots most of the day, which for me is a lot of people mining and hauling all for one cause. The Op went for a good 5-6 hours as well. The second surprise was just how organized everything was. They had a system for calling haulers, a system for which roid to mine, which belt to jump to next, how each group was organized for maximum bonuses, everything was covered and explained well. Just a very well run operation that resulted in everyone working as quickly and efficiently as possible. The final surprise was the end result, which was that all 16 fresh asteroid belts in the system were picked clean; not a single veldspar asteroid remained. I don’t know the totals in terms of minerals, but I can only imagine they must have been rather high.

Aside from making a good chunk of change during the Op (total also unknown, as the Corp bean counters were still working on payouts when I logged off), the best part of such an activity is that it leaves everyone with a ton of time to chat, making it the perfect opportunity to learn all about your new Corp. Mining is a slow, relaxing process, one that requires only minimal interaction with the game, leaving everyone free to type/chat away.

After all the mission running I’ve been doing lately, this Sunday’s mining Op was a great change of pace. Good times!

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5 Responses to Roid rape goodness.

  1. Swift Voyager says:

    Sounds like you are hanging with my old buddies. I’ve let my subscription expire, but you’re making me think about re-subing. That long training I started before my account expired should be done by now.

    If you want to do something fun, try this: When JK is on the -BLL- channel, play a little guessing game with him. Start with a popular song, like something from the classic rock era. Then modify parts of the lyrics with Eve words, and then ask him to guess who told you to do that. I guarantee he’ll guess in one try.

    P.S. I noticed in one of your previous posts that you have trouble with level 4 Recon. I usually do part 1 and 2 in a shuttle. You have to be quick, but if you get blown up you just grab another shuttle and try again. For the first one, it’s pretty straight forward. Just head to the gates as fast as you can and jump. You’ll take damage but you can make it. For part 2, there’s a little trick because you have to be faster. The enemy doesn’t spawn till you get close to the gate. So figure out where you want to warp out to (a station, gate, planet, etc) and circle around the gate at a safe distance until the gate is between you and your warp target, so you’re aligned on your exit. Then head towards the spawn trigger until the enemy spawns and warp when you get the mission complete dialogue. The third stage is easy enough in a tanked battleship. Hope that helps with future Recon missions so you don’t have to pass on them. The LP gain is great for the time it takes to blitz all three Recon stages.

    You’re right about mining ops leaving plenty of time for chatting, …perhaps too much time?

  2. Micah S says:

    I had a surprising amount of fun hauling for my corp’s mining op this weekend. I’d never done one before ( just started playing again after a long time in Wow, and had been a noob even before I quit), and I kind of went into it as a duty, since my industrial is more useful than my little Osprey. It turned out to be surprisingly chill. It was nice to have something low pressure to do that also helped out the corp a lot., and I could still take the odd brake to run errands as necessary.

  3. Heartless_ says:

    0.0 space or not? EVE mining is the most boring thing I’ve ever attempted in an MMO, until I got involved with Ice mining in 0.0.

  4. syncaine says:

    High sec. It’s boring solo, in a fleet it can be entertaining (purely based on what is going on in chat)

  5. Heya. I’m Marakhan in EVE. Send me mail or something.

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