Old nightmares still haunt some people.

Dear Lum,

Some of us remember the torment that was pre-trammies UO for you. You got killed, ganked, decapitated, harassed, etc. People called you fat, and a picture of you ‘leaked’ out and was the source of entertainment for many. Basically wtfman.com would ridicule your futile attempts to play UO on a daily basis. We understand; UO was really hard for you. But you need to move on; you need to let the wounds heal. After all, bitching daily on your site about all those mean PKs got you a job at Mythic for a bit, plus that NCSoft game, right?

So while Darkfall launching might bring back all those awful memories for you, not all of us have had all that pent up anger festering in us. Most of us grew up, moved on, and are now looking forward to reliving some good times with old friends, even if that means picking on the next easy target whiny fat kid. Who knows, maybe by ganking him, he will grow up to be an indie designer as well.

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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  1. Snafzg says:

    /sips coffee…

  2. Regis says:

    /grabs a bag of pocorn

  3. Random Poster says:

    :Points at Darkfall and laughs:

    Ok its out of my system now…I can move on and grow up.

  4. Random Poster says:

    : Points at himself and laughs :

    Spacebar fail.

  5. Ravious says:

    Possibly related posts:

    And another thing about Oprah.

  6. Swift Voyager says:

    “almost a DECADE of interacting with the wonderful and perfectly well-adjusted Darkfall community.”


  7. Nat says:

    I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, I just can’t express how much of an inspiration you are to those of us who derive our pleasure (and measure our worth as a person I might add) from making unnecessary and (more often that not) completely irrelevant personal attacks from behind our monitors. I don’t want to gush but…. can we at least stand and marvel at your glimmering (freshly waxed) epeen?

    I mean if no one is courageous enough to stand up and call others fat winey losers, then how can we perpetuate the truth that we all have law degrees, are executives at multi-national corporations with a ravishing wife and countless mistresses who range in occupations from super-model to professional dancer? I know it goes without saying that you good sir are cut from the same cloth and might I add that your well oiled six-pack is looking fine and tight today!

    It takes a truly rare breed of man to stand up for what we believe in, and what we believe in is not trivial…NO! To defend a game against all those lesser being that look to tear it down before it can even grow is a mark of true conviction and for that we all applaud you.

  8. Swift Voyager says:

    Actually Syncaine, it IS really funny that the servers crashed on launch. After waiting for SO long and getting SO excited about this game, the waiting it finally over. We get to finally play Darkfall. Okay, so they downloaded the client, set up an account…. connect …. …. “unable to find server”.


  9. Swift Voyager says:

    So, could darkfall actually be vaporware after all?

  10. Beau says:

    Syn, if there is one person that has pent up anger, it’s you.

    At least his might be towards a human being, while yours is directed at World of Warcraft.

  11. Wilhelm2451 says:

    @Ravious – I was disappointed to find that Oprah expressed no opinion on Darkfall. She was merely calling other people fat.

    Bonus assignment: Compare and contrast Oprah calling people fat with Syncaine calling Lum whiny/resentful.

  12. Wilhelm2451 says:

    @Beau – Damn, you were supposed to post that AFTER I posted the bonus assignment!

  13. Beau says:

    Well hey, I give him cred for allowing comments to stay. If someone says something I don’t like, I delete it. I ain’t as worried about people’s opinions about me.

  14. Nat says:

    No sarcasm here and not looking for a fight, honestly.

    If you delete comments you don’t like then why do you even allow comments? For that matter why do you even have a blog then?

    I’ve never understood things like this about blogs. I also never understand why the authors of blogs don’t often respond to comments.

    If the purpose of a blog is only to write what is on your mind and not discuss it then why publish it on the internet – seems like writing it in a journal would serve the same purpose.

  15. syncaine says:

    Although its only Thursday, I won’t be posting tomorrow, so needed something for my weekly ‘weekend holdover’ controversy.

    Plus seriously, three lengthy posts in one day about a game you supposedly have zero interest in other than to read about it failing, when you consider that the game will do nothing for the MMO space other than prove you are right? This is comparable to WoW influencing the entire space and making everything candyland (WAR included) how? Sorry, but somehow I don’t think Blizzard is going to look at Darkfall and suddenly add full looting to WoW, while other games certainly did look at WoW and say “hey, neon works, lets do that”. I don’t like pushover games, never have, so naturally I’m not going to like the direction WoW is heading, or it’s influence on other MMO games. Unless you seriously think Darkfall is going to bring hardcore PvP influence into your MMO, why worry?

  16. Beau says:

    Because when some guy leaves a comment like “You are a fat stupid idiot” (which is ironic because I am 130 pounds, in good shape thanks to exercise, and I’m actually pretty smart) it serves no purpose at all.

    Also, wait until you piss someone off and they send about 4 kabillion spam comments. It does happen.

    Also, my blog is a discussion forum, not a flame forum. Like I said, Syn is one of the few grumpy bloggers (they are their own breed) that will actually leave comments up, and for that I would probably like to have a beer with the guy. He seems to know that we can yell at each other without it being personal.

    Anyway, he knows as well as I that any attention is (for certain types) good attention.



  17. Bonedead says:

    Deleting comments you don’t like = uber fag lol, giggle

  18. Beau says:

    Not sure where my other comment went, maybe he decided to delete it?

    Anyway, Syn, you DO have an interest in “pushover” games…how long did you play WoW for?

    This is all by your admittance, not mine. And please don’t say that the “pre-BC” raiding was so hardcore that the game has lost it’s touch with you. You mean all 60 levels before hand mattered nothing?

    Just say it: you like WoW, but got mad that the game allowed raiding to get a little more “easy.”

    And quit acting like I should be worried at all about “hardcore pvp.” Darkfall is not “hardcore.” It is a “FPS.”

    Kill, run. Get killed, respawn.


  19. Beau says:

    Bonedead is a perfect example of adding something legit to the conversation, which is why his comment should stay.

  20. syncaine says:

    40 man Naxx look like Darkfall right now compared to current Naxx. Was vanilla WoW ‘hardcore’? No, but it was also not the candyland it is now. And I’ve always said I think WoW is a great game at its core, otherwise why would I have played it for as long as I did? But it being great does not change the fact that since that time, it has been getting worse (imo) each patch, and each change is designed with a ‘cookies for everyone’ approach.

    You won’t play Darkfall, just like you never played UO/AC-DT, or you would understand why your whole ‘kill, run, get killed, respawn’ statement is laughable.

  21. Wilhelm2451 says:

    “Although its only Thursday, I won’t be posting tomorrow, so needed something for my weekly ‘weekend holdover’ controversy.”

    And you skipped me again this week in favor of Lum? Ah, well, if I wanted more traffic I’d just do another Pokemon post.

    I notice that you did not actually link to any of the offending posts on Broken Toys. Any reason?

  22. Bonedead says:

    I’m a perfect example of a lot of things Beau, but my favorite is a reason not to let your children use microphones in internet games.

  23. syncaine says:

    Well I was not talking about any one in particular, just a general ‘hey look a theme’ post. I thought about linking all of his DF posts in the first sentence or so, but got lazy.

    I just noticed all of the ‘possibly related’ posts, is half the internet talking about weight issues? Damn.

    And I knew there was a reason you did those Pokemon posts…

  24. syncaine says:

    Bone I think you meant speakers (they can still hear you without a mic), but even so, I still got a laugh out of that.

  25. Beau says:

    Hang on a second, I never played UO or Asherons call? Or how many other pvp-some games like EVE or Shadowbane? Hell, I have played pretty much every MMO out there! Seriously! (Only about 30 of the Asian market ones though.) It’s not like playing a game takes that much time. OBSESSING about a game (raiding or pvp’ing all night) does.

    I won’t expect you to write out a long answer for this (that’s what your blog is for) but how IS Darkfall not kill-run-respawn-kill?

    You really think people will lose much when they die?

    The point is, there is no hardcore at all in any game. EVE wasn’t it, WAR isn’t it, and certainly UO wasn’t it. (It was a lot of clopping clopping clopping after each other though.) We all found ways to not lose much.

    Did we sometimes make mistakes? Sure. But that wasn’t most of the time.

    If you are going to presume something about me, presume that I am actually probably older than you (34) and have been playing games (pvp games,too! whoa!) since UO. For some games,long enough ago to forget how bad many of them were.

    I play them enough to know that there is always a easier way to do anything, including pvp. The players of DF will find it, and will do it for hours and hours.

    Then they call themselves “hardcore.”

    I just don’t get how you don’t see the obvious trends here..how you don’t recognize the same section of the wheel coming around. I ain’t knocking you for looking for fun, but making it seem like no other game could be as “hardcore” as a game with a bunch of young males running around all night is just silly. Challenge can be found in many, many games in many ways. I think you know that, being that you have played a few games for a long time, and enjoyed their “normal human standard” of game-play.



  26. Beau says:

    Dude, at least clarify the record that I did, indeed, play UO and any other game mentioned. (Pvp and all.)



  27. Bfred says:

    Oh look, you’re playing that card again. You did it with warhammer and attacked everybody who disagreed with you before folding and attacking the game for not being what you wanted. And now you’re doing the same with Darkfall. I await your posts ignoring how wrong you were about Darkfall in a few months time.

  28. Beau says:

    Man, give him cred. At least he really really really wants people to think he is hardcore.

  29. Yeebo says:

    @Bonedad: your last comment made all this worth reading.

  30. Bonedead says:

    I guess I meant mic and speakers heh. Usually when they use the mic its to cry about losing in a horrible voice and then aurally assault them.

  31. Zensun says:

    I thought the blog was just as tongue-in-cheek as a few of the posts, and *meant* to get a reaction (sure did!).

    In any event, I agree completely with Syn here: ignore Darkfall if you want, and for the love of the FSM, quit hijacking any/every thread about it that you can find? Please?

    Get’s a little tiring reading the ‘same’ unconvincing comment over and over and over again. It really seems like a negative publicity campaign to make people feel ‘good’ about sticking with their current game rather than honest, objective criticism.

  32. Anonymous says:

    “Waaah Waaah, WoW is too easy.. people who play it are tourists and other offensive things… Warhammer is the holy grail… all you people who disagree are wow tourists…wait, Warhammers not as good as I thought.. Darkfall is the holy grail… all you people who disagree are fat whiney idiots that couldnt hack UO.. wait, Darkfalls not as good as I thought.. where is the next ‘shiny’ I can jump on board then just as fast leap off and condemn anyone still riding along”

  33. pitrelli says:

    Darkfall will be a niche game and wont change a thing in any other MMOs or bring anything new to the table, I salute them for making a game for the so called ‘hardcore’ and perhaps it will give them something to do other than bitch about wow or make personal attacks….

  34. Bonedead says:

    Hi, I get offended when you talk bad about my game, please stop.

    The Average MMO Gamer

  35. pitrelli says:

    Well it seems to be syncaine getting upset about the fact someone is ripping ‘his game’

    Must be an Average MMO Gamer afterall Syncaine or maybe even worse a ‘WAR tourist’

  36. Jason says:

    I love anonymous posters.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

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  42. TheRemedy says:

    I love people who feel a need to sign comments. Like it makes everything they say 10x more valid. No offense Jason.

  43. Bonedead says:

    Well in Jason’s case I think it does make what he says 10x more valid.

  44. Jason says:

    No offense taken. I’ve always signed my comments when I’m trolling through the blog-o-sphere. I don’t know why. Guess it’s just a habit now.

    In fact…I think you’ve just given me an idea.

    Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive who likes to sign his comments because it makes them 10x more valid)

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  47. Bonedead says:

    So Syncaine, I’m sure youre saving your next DF post until tomorrow but I’m curious if you got in. I’ve still yet to be blessed but watching the streams has left me yearning to play.

  48. syncaine says:

    Nope, still not in. My guild is saying that the sync patch made the game perfectly playable too, bastards.

  49. Bonedead says:

    Yeah that is what I saw. I was watching the live streams all weekend while camping IRC just waiting for some sort of ETA, man have they been ignoring me lol. But it doesn’t matter because I still can’t wait to play.

  50. syncaine says:

    Beau: Just read the 3 comments that got caught as spam. In terms of ‘hardcore’, its all relative. Dying in DF is hardcore compared to WoW, so in that way it does have more meaning. If nothing else, selecting what you equip and can afford to lose is an interesting gameplay choice (for me) that is lacking in WoW/WAR. Everyone always wears top gear, and while cool in those models, is a nice change of pace in a game like EVE or DF.

    And since you did play UO (pre-tram I’m assuming?), you know that in that world, regardless of what you did, a certain air of danger did exist. For some that’s a reason to quit, and for others its a reason to stay. The market has spoken (loudly), and declared the safe approach the more popular choice, but it’s not unanimous. There IS a market for a more free/hardcore/whatever environment, and perhaps now we will get to see it’s size in the post-WoW era.

  51. I was disappointed to find that Oprah expressed no opinion on Darkfall. She was merely calling other people fat.

  52. So, could darkfall actually be vaporware after all?

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