More quick thoughts on DarkFall

My DarkFall time was a bit short yesterday, as Destro CoW had our first Lost Vale run planned, along with the release of the Choppa/Slayer class for those who completed the Bitter Rivals event. Lost Vale was very entertaining, and the customization options for a Choppa are great. More on both at some point I’m sure.

In DarkFall, two technical issues are affecting the game right now. The first is the long (30min+) queue to log in during peak time, no doubt due to the recently increased sales. Annoying but perhaps somewhat exacted since DF still only has one server. The other issue, and this is likely related, is that mob syncing is once again a problem. When fighting a mob, it’s not uncommon for the mob to move away from you after 3-4 swings, but the game will take 1-2 seconds to actually pick up on this. Since you lose stamina with every swing, and mobs have more smarts than your average MMO, losing track of the exact spot of the mob is a problem. I guess before this week the sync issue had been resolved, so hopefully it will be once again shortly.

Technical issues aside, I spend most of my time traveling over to our guild town (currently just a bind stone and some walls) and getting familiar with the local area. The area around our guild town is populated by tougher mobs than the starting spots, so without guild help I’m not about to do much combat-wise. On the plus side, since DF does not have levels or strict gear requirements, grouping with some guild members to take on tougher mobs is not only possible, but actually helpful for everyone involved. My health and damage are lower, I can still swing and deal decent damage, and mobs don’t one-shot me. You also don’t ‘die’ immediately like on other games, but instead get knocked down and start bleeding. If you ‘bleed out’ you die and release back to your bind point, but anyone can come over and save you, getting you back up. This makes hunting mobs as a group a bit ‘easier’, as basically anyone can rez. Hopefully tonight I’ll get more into actually playing the game, and not still running around like a damn noob.

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  1. pitrelli says:

    nice to see you got an account, I think however I will hold off trying until things have settled down. Again like WAR I applaud the differing options being offered as it certainly gives you a choice of games to play rather than clone after clone of the same.

    Also with glitches in DF Im hoping the communtiy give the developers a chance as it isnt exactly a massive company running the show. So far Iv not seen too much negative stuff on DF (except for creating/getting an account) so thats great

  2. syncaine says:

    Yea once inside the game, it’s a blast. Plus keep in mind also that currently only the really hardcore players are in (or sick people with way too much time to sit around and refresh a website each day).

    I’m sure once the more casual crowd gets in, you will hear a lot about how unfair/broken/gankfest/pointless the game is. It’s all perspective though. If I get ganked once, I don’t think twice about it, while someone coming from WoW might experience the same thing and quit the game that day because of it.

  3. pitrelli says:

    Agreed, I got moaned at for killing an alliance who was ’emoting’ with some horde on a pvp server a couple of nights ago.

    With PvP in DF how tactical/skill wise is it? or is it pretty much run it with blade swinging and hope to do more damage than the other guy.

    Iv had a look at some videos etc and really like the FPS aspect, it seems to have been done well. Anyway I’ll keep an eye out for your updates.

  4. pitrelli says:

    Forgot to ask has bonedead tracked you down and killed you yet? lol

  5. syncaine says:

    Bonedead fears me…

    The combat is very FPS-like, to the point that player ‘skill’ dominates gear or skill level, even with mobs. It’s a bit frustrating at first because we are so use to mobs just accepting a beating if we bring the right gear/level, and in DF that’s just not the case.

    Once you go above 1v1, tactics like surrounding people and sneaking up on them with a group are also important. More about all that once I start raiding (not the PvE kind) with my guild.

  6. pitrelli says:

    Yeah I had a look at boneheads blog which has a rather amusing writeup of his darkfall exploits. For all his ‘issues’ he is funny as hell

  7. Bonedead says:

    Do I see that at the top of this post because I’m using internet explorer (damn yous work computah!)?

    First off, I don’t know what issues you’re talking about, I am a perfectly normal person.

    I do fear you Syncaine. I fear everyone because I am pretty sure I’m horrible. For some reason I skilled up a 1h weapon and you just don’t kill people with those unless mounted or chasing or gang raping. I do have a nice new 2hander starter weapon now though.

    I’ve caught myself getting upset when I die. Not every time and not always because I lost stuff, but it happens and I sit there with a blank look on my face and I’m just like, damn, that friggin sucks so bad.

    The worst was when I ran all the way to my newbie area (from the middle of the map) and got ganked by 3 guys right outside town while resting. I was ready to go back out there and fight (because my skills are alright, I just dont have gear) but when I respawned I was back at my clan stone in the middle of the map (45 minutes away). That sucked because I didn’t even get to try and get my stuff back.

  8. syncaine says:

    You still see that now? Weird…

    I’m actually training 1h+shield right now more than 2h, specifically because of mount combat. We have a few people who already have high 2h skill, so my part in a raid is to stay on the mount and chase people down. Also helps in PvE when you are fighting tougher stuff, as blocking in DF is amazing (you basically don’t take damage).

    I’ve yet to really venture out too far outside our guilds area, and when I do it’s always with 4-5 others. Last night we had a 10 person group traveling to a local dungeon, people stayed clear of us :)

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