WAR State of the Game: more solid progress being made

Mark Jacob’s “State of the Game” is up at the herald. It’s a good read, and I think contains a lot of new information for players who don’t follow every forum post made about WAR. It’s very clear that while Mythic is happy with the direction WAR took with the 1.2 patch, it really was only the beginning.

About the SotG specifically, I think Land of the Dead will be huge for the game. It will not only make old DAoC players happy to have a new Darkness Falls-like dungeon, but also expose a ton of new MMO fans to it’s greatness. Given the quality of the added content to WAR so far, I’m sure Mythic will nail it with LotD as well. Giving players an additional venue to fight over and not having everyone focus on the war campaign will be nice. Now you can assault the city, drop it a few stars, and wait for the other realm to build it back up before you make another attempt to burn it.

Concerning oRvR, I think overall its light-years better already than it was at launch, both in stability and just overall fun. People are actually fighting to fight, visible progress is being made in the campaign more regularly, and the rewards are just right to encourage participation without turning the whole thing into “chase the purplez”. It’s still not perfect (it never will be), but 1.2 was a big step, and it sounds like 1.3 will be as well. I’m curious how guilds upgrading keeps will factor into everything, as currently keeps flip at a brisk pace. What will Mythic do to make it worthwhile for guilds to spend time/money to upgrade something that can be captured less than an hour after you have acquired it? If nothing else, guild scrolls to teleport players to a keep are a must-have addition. The part about making Fortress attacks easier was also odd, as currently I believe a Fortress is impossible to defend against a maxed-population attack. Toning down AoE would help that of course, and I’m sure Bright Wizards will be slapped with the nerf stick soon.

Personally the timing of all this is rather poor, as Mythic is making it rather difficult to focus on DarkFall. Knock it off you bastards!

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9 Responses to WAR State of the Game: more solid progress being made

  1. pitrelli says:

    Hmm you have a way with words syncaine I’ll give you that altho arent Mythic a little worried or disappointed they are having to close even more servers? Ive heard as much as 60%

    I quite liked WAR but played it when it was ‘broken’and have said previously I will give it another go once im burned out with WoW. I think they offered alot of fresh and new ideas and should get praised for it however I still think they released far too early.

    With temptations to also dip my toe into darkfall and the release of champions online soon it may well just be slipping off my things to do list.

  2. skarbd says:

    I would recommend giving it another go. It’s moved forward significantly since launch. It’s more the game it should have been at launch. Still needs work, but when is an MMO ever finished.

  3. DOW says:

    The servers being “merged” or “closed” have already had their active occupants vacated for months. They’ve just kept them up in the “More” tab for those resubscribing to move their characters to an active server. You couldn’t even make new characters on them anymore.

    Now, they’re just transferring the character data to respective live servers so they can shut down essentially unused hardware. Anyone resubbing gets a free transfer to the server of their choice if their original server was merged.

  4. pitrelli says:

    I will without doubt give it another go and with my bad experiences of joining games at launch I may well let champions online release and patch for a few months so that will give me a window of opportunity to give WAR a fair bit of time to try and impress me.

  5. pitrelli says:

    @DOW is there a cut off date for this? Im not sure what realms my characters are on. They are order however so not much of a loss if they are deleted, although my witch hunter might be one Id like to save

  6. syncaine says:

    They won’t delete them. When you come back you just assign the character to a new server. When you do come back, make sure to join a solid guild for Tier 4 activity. Pugging T4 is terrible.

  7. Micah S says:

    Yeah lum was having kittens about server closures, but really those servers were ‘closed’, for all intents and purposes, when they opened transfers off of them. The server quickly empties as people go to higher pop, where the game is just better in all ways. Sub numbers are more important than server numbers.

  8. Hudson says:

    Rhetoric. He always comes out spewing this garbage to his clinging player base when they announce something bad.

  9. syncaine says:

    Wait now MY player base is clinging? If only my readers would stop quitting and taking their guilds with them…

    That was a good one Hudson, even for you.

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