DarkFall: New home, new friends

Having worked out a deal with TheMercs alliance, we now have access to the city they took from Mortis Consortium. Most of our members are bound at the old NPC city TheMercs worked out of, which is just a short trip south of their new home. The details of our agreement are not public knowledge so I can’t go into it here, but I can talk about how they run their city/alliance in general.

Very simply, it’s ruled with an iron fist and everyone is under a ‘one and done’ mistake policy. Everyone is expected to carry their weight, and anyone slacking is quickly replaced. When you are inside the city, you just ‘feel’ it’s not the place to screw around or act like an asshat. It’s both amazingly imposing and at the same time incredibly inspiring. These guys are pros, and when you see the machine from the inside, it’s easy to see why TheMercs are as efficient and successful as they are.

A simple example: In DarkFall leaving your mount out in a city usually results in someone jumping on it within a few seconds. If you are lucky, it’s just someone messing around and they jump off shortly after, rather then take off. With TheMercs, you can leave a mount out and come back an hour later to find it in the same spot, untouched. From an outsiders perspective this might seem like such a silly and minor point, but when you factor in the internet fuckwad theory and the anonymity it provides, it’s an amazing accomplishment in leadership and control.

Being associated with one of the more hated yet feared alliances will surely bring a lot of PvP our way, both defending the city and accepting contracts from others. Now that the foundry is up in the city, and TheMercs having created a bunch of warhulks, I’m sure some serious sieging is in the works. Good times ahead.

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  1. Maedhros says:

    I like your writing and you usually have good points.

    But the Mercs….lol

    They are getting raped every day in their city. I myself have stolen 4 horses and don’t forget, they were just recently deprived of 300 Neithal ingots and 150 neithal ore when one of their guys was killed at the Smelter.

    You are joining one of the more sloppy and embarrasing guilds out there. I mean, a Merc just threated to hunt down all members of the former Aradoth Alliance because they keep attacking the city.

    And lets not forget, to take the city they created a dummy clan with 1-2 members to siege it.

    That means THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHO IS IN THE CITY. They get no warnings because NO one online owns the city, you can literally get in there whenever you want and know one will know until you attack.

    Lol, try and spin this how you want.

  2. Maedhros says:

    And I am sorry, I am still laughing at your horse analogy. They leave their horses, SPAWNED, while they harvest or use the city. Spawned! I guess that makes sense since they do not tolerate people fooling around, but we literally got dozens of mounts from them until they learned this.

  3. syncaine says:

    The value of taking a pre-built city, and then burning the remaining hamlets far exceeds a few stolen mounts. The ingot kill was a mistake, but even the value of that is not close to the value put into the city.

    Sure some adjustments need to be made, but lets face it, outside of some random naked players running in trying to steal a mount without getting killed, no one is bringing a force vs that city, or risking any gear around it. The former owners are buzzing around, but it’s not any actual threat.

  4. Maedhros says:


    Read that post, that’t the Mercs for ya.

    Mercs: Record loss for a PvP kill in ANY MMO

    Threatens the player who got that post not to put it on the message boards or they will hunt them down all over the server, foreve. Mature much?

    Another play declares war on the KFC alliance for having the audacity to attack their city.

    You are joining a very unprofessional clan here. They do not know how to run a city. They are now the LAUGHING stock of the entire server.

  5. syncaine says:

    I don’t see the problem with declaring war on them. They continue to harass the city, now they don’t have functioning hamlets because of it. Are those mounts worth losing all that property? Is every member of KFC happy to trade that many building modules for some mounts?

    Forumfall aside, in-game not many guilds/alliances are laughing after they draw the attention of TheMercs. I’m guessing KFC would give those ingots/mounts back in a second to have the TheMercs attention off them.

  6. Loire says:

    Sounds like someone has some issues with The Mercs (read: Got butthurt).

    The only reason anyone laughs at that thread is because that one players attitude is a sharp contrast to what you would expect from the most feared clan in the game. Hell, what would you expect? He is officially and forever a legend for all the wrong reasons, I’m sure you would be nerdraging too.

    For an unprofessional clan they sure do inspire fear in anyone who they come up against. Even the goons say oh fuck when The Mercs show up.

    What clan are you in again Maedhros?

  7. Maedhros says:

    Yes, I was part of Aradoth. I did not cry too much because in the grand scheme of things its not a big deal. It definately hurts now, though.

    Where I am coming from here is Syncaine is saying that the Mercs are professional and all but that made me laugh because there is a lot of proof out there saying it aint so. Sure, they are good fighters, but they know nothing about holding a city as was evident by their actions.

    Going to a smelter with rare ingots worth 300,000 ish is beyond noobish. It was embarrasing for them. But what was worse was that they threatened the guy that took it, saying for him not to post about it or they would hunt us all down wherever we went. We really laughed at that and posted it anyways, because its just a game.

    The threat they made proves they are immature, and the post I referenced also proves their immaturity.

    So, join em, good luck but geez, do not talk these guys up.

  8. Bonedead says:

    I find it funny how he’s saying they’re immature while he’s here being totally 100% mature. Indeed.

    I’d say you picked the winning team Syncaine, grats!

  9. Maedhros says:

    Bonedead, exactly how was I immature?

    I was laughing at what syncaine said and gave reasons why I disagreed. It may not have been pipe-smoking in the library talking about economic mature, but it surely wasn’t immature.

    Go read about them on the forums, go read their posts, its all there.

  10. Maedhros says:

    Also, I gave evidence that they are anything but professional soldiers, they afk macro with thousands of reagents, have a dummy guild own the city which means they can’t see the warnings when somoene enters, carry around 300,000 worth of rare ore, by themselves and naked.

    These are all very bad mistakes, far from the clan syncaine is describing.

  11. Loire says:

    Neither are really that big of deals. There are uses for knowing when people enter your city but Aradoth has so many people entering it at any given moment that the channel would be spammed out every day.

    Likewise those who macro do it so deep into the city that even if you did get to them for the kill you would most likely find yourself massacred long before you could loot.

    Their afk macroing allows them to be maxed out in their elemental of choice while most are still grinding lesser magic so they can launch themselves in. All in all from I think they are winning in this situation.

    Really all you have is the rare ore incident, which, although extremely embarrassing is only one flaw on a nearly flawless record. Every clan has them (just like every clan has that idiot carebear who uses a smelter 3 kilometers from the nearest bank without an armed guard to smelt his rare ore). One idiot does not make a guild.

  12. syncaine says:

    Just to wrap this up, since I don’t want this post to be a mirror of the DarkFall forums, but you can’t say they don’t know how to own a city, they own one now and Aradoth does not. They admitted to the guy going with the ingots was a mistake, they owned up to that.

    Every alliance has it’s forum warriors, and no one is a real ‘winner’ on those. They are entertaining as hell, but it’s not my source for determining who is a power in DarkFall. In-game results is the metric I use, and in that regard, TheMercs have about as good a record as you will find.

  13. Maedhros says:

    They AFK macro’d out in the open, with 100’s of reagents.

    They left their horses spawned while the mined the quarry or chopped at the grove.

    Taking a city is easy, running it is hard, and yes, they may learn in time, but they were horribly noobish, and very immature with their attitude on the forums and in the screenshots.

    I’d like you to defend their attitude plz.

  14. Maedhros says:

    Also, if they are so good and professional, why did they make a dummy clan to siege the city?

    And why did they siege it at 2am Eastern US?

    What were they scared of from such a small alliance?

  15. syncaine says:

    Small alliance is relative, KFC is/was bigger than Afgan at that time. As for the rest, why make things harder than they need to be? If the game allows it, it’s fair game. I think most players agree that DF needs a SB-like WoO system, but until that time, you play by the current rules.

  16. Loire says:

    You keep saying “they”, every post I’ve seen is by Galgorth, the before mentioned smelter who got pwned. The wardec? Galgorth. The “I killed the guy who killed me while he was hiding in the city, lawl, and heres a screenshot!”?Galgorth. Just because TM aided him in razing KFC’s hamlets means that they enjoy the PVP.

    And as good professionals do, they left themselves with next to nothing to lose by setting up a dummy corporation as well as sieging in the late hour. There is no honor in Darkfall. And if The Merc’s as well as multiple other clans could put together enough people to siege the city at that hour then why couldn’t MC?

    You need to stop thinking in timezones. The Server is populated by Americans, Europeans, Australians and Russian’s primarily. If you’re going to own a city (or any real estate) then diversify your guild’s population so you build a defense at all hours, otherwise fuck it and hope for the best. Stop using e-honor and timezones as a crutch.

    Eh, well I’m done here for today.

  17. Werit says:

    Yes! The sandbox forum game (that darkfall and eve types spawn) has spread to blogs :) Now I don’t need to go to the forums for it.

    I mean that as a good thing too.

  18. Bonedead says:

    Let’s just say we can spot our own.

  19. AbsoluteVirtue says:

    Maedhros, your posts are quite annoying to read mate, just randomly bashing for no reason, why don’t you take your PvP back to the game and leave it out of here. I scrolled down and expected to see some good constructive comments, instead I see your wasted pixels, get a life man.

    On a side note, cool to hear your progressing in a decent direction, the name is kinda silly though!

  20. Rostam says:

    Speaking of Warhulks, I heard in alliance chat that the Mercs were rolling one of their WH’s out and had attacked KGB’s city. I was wondering if anyone was there and if they have any feedback on the usefulness and power of a WH?

  21. syncaine says:

    I was there, but died right as the WH was being brought out, and had to log right after so I was not able to hear the result.

    Good fight at KGB’s city though, and very minimal lag considering it must have been 100ish people going at it.

  22. Beleg says:

    Warhulk article has been posted by Paragus at:


  23. Marlenus says:

    Syncaine, I really enjoy reading your posts about DarkFall — it’s the first game in a long time that has tempted me to consider playing something other than EVE. And I’m not sure it would be more than a word to me (the meaningless name in the EVE-O threads where ranters say “I’m going to go play Darkfall until you nerf Civilian Shield Boosters!”) if you weren’t blogging about it.

    That said, it sounds like what you call ForumFall is every bit as ugly and tedious as COAD in the EVE forums.

    A word of unsolicited advice for you: Don’t let the forum warriors bring their game to your blog comments. Just ruthlessly nuke anything that smacks of people trying to fight their in-game battles on your blog. Like it or not, your gaming blog is always a propaganda organ for your in-game interests; which means, you don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) let it be used as anybody else’s propaganda organ.

    I would have nuked the first comment in this thread, because anybody using multiple LOLs in connection with an in-game organization is, pretty much by definition if not in intent, a troll. COAD madness must inevitably follow, as it has here.

    Your blog, your game, obviously you’re gonna do what you want. But that’s my two cents worth.

  24. syncaine says:

    I loved COAD when I played EVE.

    I know anytime I talk about actual in-game events, someone has a different view of it. I don’t mind hearing a little about it here, but I don’t want it turning into a back and forth too much like the forums. A fine line I guess (completely controlled by me).

  25. Marlenus says:

    Fair enough! I can’t stand that stinking cesspit myself.

    Looking forward to more DarkFall updates as events warrant.

  26. Kyff says:

    I’ve been following your blog for months now and it seems you are contradicting yourself here. Didn’t you state, that getting a city/hamlet handed on a platter was ‘doing it wrong’ in this post https://syncaine.wordpress.com/2009/04/28/stop-blaming-the-game-for-your-own-failure/#comments ?

    Now you are doing – sort of – the same. You did not “earn” the crumbs from the Mercs table in a true darkfall fashon. So you should appreciate them less and be less likely to defend them according to your own theory.

    Nonetheless I’m interested in your continued adventures in Darkfall.

  27. Kyrandos - TM says:

    The mark of success on the internet is when every chromosonally deficient primate swarms your name armed with vitriolic words and clenched fists.

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