DarkFall: Still looking for a new home

It would seem that Inquisition is cursed when it comes to sieging. Every time we set something up, bad luck seems to follow. This really only happens when it’s our guild/alliance launching the siege, as anytime we attend someone else’s siege things usually go well. As always, we have plans currently brewing for a new home, as living out of an NPC city does start to wear on you since you can’t control who binds at the city stone.

That said, our current NPC home does have some advantages, mostly in that I can harvest while playing iPhone games or Puzzle Kingdom on the second PC (more on both later this week) thanks to being within close proximity to a tower, and living in a somewhat remote city that most PK groups avoid entering. Our old hamlet was located along a popular PK path, which while great for PvP, was a bit tough on harvesting. The result of selling our hamlet and moving is that we have all been able to focus more on harvesting, building up our supplies and also getting nice crafting skill and stat gains. It’s a nice short-term solution, but since we all play to PvP, it’s not going to work long-term. One of the things I miss most about having the hamlet is the warning system. Before, anytime a group entered our hamlets area, everyone in the guild would get a system message telling us who arrived. This made it very easy to know when to return to the hamlet to defend, or when to avoid it if overwhelming numbers showed up. Living in an NPC city, you don’t get that benefit.

Hopefully this week or upcoming long weekend results in some more dramatic changes. If nothing else, some interesting options/locations are out there for us.

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  1. Maedhros says:

    I heard this story and just want to spread it around.

    After the Mercs took Aradoth, the former owners raided the city and founda Merc at the smelter and got 400 Neithal ingots.

    Is that some kind of a record?

  2. Diametrix says:


    You said something cryptic last week when I mentioned my first DF Alliance, Stasis; you said,”Give it a few days” or such…

    I experienced my first full fledge Darkfall seige last night. And similar to your recent encounter, our best laid plans were crushed. My clan’s job was to defend the brokered or wagered or whatever, hamlet. We were overrun by a ton of Mercs and BadBoys4Life.

    The fighting was incredibly furious and chaotic. I’m not geared or skilled to much extent and I didn’t last very long but I was pleased w/ the game’s responsiveness given at least 100 people in close proximity.

    Fighting en masse in Darkfall is so cool. The sense of confusion and frantic motion is intense. No one has big red letters floating above their heads so you have to mouse/glance about to discern who you are supposed to hit. And the first person perspective only adds to the sensation that you are IN THE FIGHT.

    I don’t expect Stasis will last much longer on Rubiak. I’ve already taken a long swim to settle my nerves and I’m holding up on the mainland to focus on some much needed training.

    • syncaine says:

      We were going to assist Stasis that day, but never really got the chance since things went south for you guys so quickly. Had things gone well we might be on Ruby now.

      And yea, mass combat in DF is intense, and much harder to actually make an impact in than other games, in part thanks to no red names and friendly fire. The game/server holds up until you get 200ish people in one area, then it starts to suffer. But anything below 200, and usually its fine, which is very impressive for a small dev studio to have produced.

  3. Julian says:

    “That said, our current NPC home does have some advantages, mostly in that I can harvest while playing iPhone games or Puzzle Kingdom on the second PC (more on both later this week) thanks to being within close proximity to a tower, and living in a somewhat remote city that most PK groups avoid entering.”

    I was thinking of pointing something out, Syn, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to, do you? ;)

    • syncaine says:

      Ummm, I guess I do? I mean I think I know it, and I have a response, but I would rather you clarify before I say my part.

      • Julian says:

        Well I’m just trying to come to grips with the flow of things in this example.

        A PvP game in which you need to do non-PvP stuff (farming? harvesting? grinding?) to be more effective at it, but this is apparently boring(?) enough that you play other games while you’re at it, while at the same time being glad that you’re located in a remote, protected area of the map which I assume keeps you safe from the, well, PvP you went into the game looking for in the first place.

        I’m only half-kidding. :)

  4. PeZzy says:

    When theMercs build their fleet of Warhulks, I suspect that large clans will be owning most of the cities since they can afford their services.

  5. Diametrix says:

    While wandering around the world I’m impressed by many things: the geography, landscape variety, and size. But one thing I’ve noticed and thought about: abandoned structures.

    There are a LOT of abandoned, empty buildings, forts, fortresses, etc. Given the size of the world and the current population I can see a lack of clan ownable space as an issue.

    Has there ever been a suggestion for something smaller clans could use to take advantage of the structures in the wilderness? Like a portable bank/clanstone?

    It would have to be small and very limited in capacity to be balanced. It would be something portable but attackable…like a Wagon. A clan could roll it into a place (like the structures mentioned above) and ‘activate’ it. It might then be accessible as a small bank and limited bindstone for clan members.

    This would be something that small roaming clans could use to establish a home. It would be fully attackable and items stored within it would be lootable. I would not suggest that it be similar to a raft / boat as in stealable. That would move people’s bindspots in an unbalanced fashion.

    Just a thought. Aventurine is not in the business of customer feedback and they have enough on their plate right now, I’m sure.

  6. syncaine says:

    Yea, you never know if a ruin or structure is the home of some camp, or just empty. I like that some are empty though, as it gives exploring them a purpose. If everything had a mob camp in it, it would reduce that ‘found’ factor you get now.

    Something smaller than a hamlet is needed IMO, to cater to guilds with 20-30 active members. It would need to be more limited, perhaps with a single resource or even just a bank/stone and some housing.

    Like you said though, Aventurine has plenty on their plate, but once they fix up the current issues, perhaps this is something they will go back to and address.

  7. Rostam says:

    With regard to the number of cities and hamlets available I think of it as a two-edged sword.

    On the one hand you want cities to be scarce so that they are worth fighting over and there is healthy competition for cities, and value in holding onto one. If there are too many then everyone can just up and move to a new location without any penalty.

    On the other hand, you don’t want too few where small guilds feel like they don’t stand a chance at ever getting a city and are frustrated and turned off in the process.

    So it’s a balancing act that also depends on the ever-changing server population. I think they will have to wait a few months for the population to stabilize before they can make any decisions on this. Though I do like the idea of a roaming band type of thing. Or how about they can move their bank about only and use the existing bindstones that are spread out through the land.

  8. syncaine says:

    @Julian: Seems you can only reply 3 times in the new comment system. Anyway, outside of a pure FPS, any PvP MMO is going to have non-PvP aspects that factor into it. Even the biggest PvP fans are not ALWAYS looking to PvP.

    Now that said, I don’t like the fact that you can farm resources within or close to tower range, keeping you more or less safe from PKs. But that’s how it is, and it would be foolish to not take advantage of that. Harvesting is boring if that’s all you are doing. It does give you the opportunity to catch up with your guild, world politics, or doing character housekeeping (or in this case, be semi-afk and play something else, just keeping an eye on the screen)

  9. Rostam says:

    @Julian, I don’t know how to respond in that sub-thread so I will do it here. DF is not strictly a PvP game. It is just as much about resources, supply, politics and geography as it is about PvP.

    The analogy is like saying that a war in RL is just about the fighting. Whereas a war also involves resources, a political goal, geopolitics etc.

  10. Bonedead says:

    Didn’t they change the nodes to deplete quicker? Thus forcing gatherers away from the safe zones?

  11. syncaine says:

    They are now global, so once someone tabs a node dry, it’s dry for everyone until it refills. However, in my current location, the number of nodes within short distance is so great, and the location is so easy to defend, that it’s rare we run dry on all nodes at the same time.

  12. Julian says:

    Seems to me (without having played the game) that one of the problems then seems to be that it takes too much harvesting time overall to be effective at PvP? Would it be better if it was toned down a bit?

  13. syncaine says:

    I can’t really say it takes too much time, as you can completely avoid all harvesting and still have enough gear/stats to PvP. Mass harvesting is usually done by crafters, or by people just looking for a low-attention way to raise stats. But if you give the game full attention, going out and fighting mobs is actually more beneficial than just harvesting, so in that regard the balance is fine IMO.

  14. Bonedead says:

    What I liked about harvesting (for the guild) was that we’d have little groups of harvesters all huddled together out of say the NW corner of town. Whenever we got attacked we’d all nakedly defend each other while also calling in the cavalry. Good times defending our harvesters, built a nice sense of team.

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