The wait for NA-1…


This is worse than waiting for a beta to go live, because at least in beta everyone is playing like its beta and you know it does not count/matter. This is worse because half the population is in “I don’t care, I’m rerolling” mode, and the other half is still going full-time because they are staying. Stuff is still happening, but you kinda half-care about it. Plus like many other guilds, Inq is less active, and vent shows most people playing other games just to pass the time.

It’s also worse because we now know DarkFall IS a solid game, one that we will be playing for a while, and so we want NA-1 up asap so we can actually get back to having fun with the game as a group full time.

God help us if the release is delayed. Luckily this is the MMO genre, and Aventurine in particular, so the odds of a delay are next to nil, right…?

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4 Responses to The wait for NA-1…

  1. WG says:

    It will be interesting to see how many non North American’s reroll on the new server to get a “fresh” experience even with a disadvantaged ping.

  2. Unsterblich says:


  3. João Carlos says:

    I am North American but I will reroll at the NA-1 server.

  4. João Carlos says:

    ops, I wanted to say “I am NOT North American”

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