100k views, plus some rambling.

100,000 views, ding!

At some point over the weekend that ‘milestone’ was reached, just before the one year anniversary of the blog. I think that’s a lot… is it? I mean I know major sites get like millions of views a day, and I know Tobold gets half the internet to swing by daily, but still, I think 100,000 in a year for a new blog is decent enough. More overall thoughts on my blog will be made during the wrap-up post, so I won’t go into it here.

Moving on from patting myself on the back, the weekend was overall quality in terms of gaming. Played a bit more Civ4 multiplayer with my buddy Nick. We found out the ‘unofficial’ 3.13 patch, which fixes a ton of really silly errors that the official 3.13 BTS patch introduced (no culture displayed when viewing a building, wtf?) does not work for multiplayer. That whole ‘create a backup file before patching’ is good advice, I wish I had followed it. Instead I had to re-install BTS, which luckily was quick due to the file still being in my downloads folder when I got it off Direct2Drive. So while silly, the whole ordeal was not terribly painful. Shame on Firaxis for not patching Civ4 more though, especially with such obvious bugs. Hopefully the rumor that a patch IS coming are true, Civ4 is way too good to be left in such a bugged state.

In EVE news, I did actually log in and fly around a bit, although most of the time was spent getting my mining pilot organized and a bit up-to-date. He had a ton of ammo scattered all over from his buy orders, and it took a decent amount of time to round it all up and get it in one station. I set a more aggressive sell price on it all, and due to the last patch making Ghesis a bit more populated, hopefully it all sells quickly. I need a solid chunk of game time to figure out what I’m going to do with my combat pilot and factional warfare, and that has yet to happen.

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5 Responses to 100k views, plus some rambling.

  1. crazykinux says:

    Congrats on this major milestone! Yes it is. Pad yourself on the back. I recently reached the 150k mark, after 3 years though. So you should definitely be proud!!

    Here’s to the next 100k!


  2. syncaine says:

    Thanks CK. More so than the number itself, I’m just happy people stop by and comment, as it drives a lot of the posting around here. Without the comments, I’m not sure I would have kept up with this for so long. Talking to yourself all the time is kinda creepy after all…

  3. p@tsh@t says:

    Gratz! I puffy heart syncaine. Keep up the good work!

  4. Bildo says:

    It’s fantastic to be hearing back from readers, even just a few comments here or there.

    Let’s a blogger know someone cares. :)

    Grats, Syn.

  5. Adam Tiler says:


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