AA: Easy fix for the massive queues

The 3k+ queues for most servers right now means you won’t be playing that day, which is basically WoW-launch terrible in terms of being unable to play an MMO, at all, that you are paying for.

You want the easy fix Trion? Disable all F2P accounts. Boom, problem solved.

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7 Responses to AA: Easy fix for the massive queues

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    Trion also needs to fix the exploit of labor point farmers avoiding AFK timers by sitting in the ocean and therefore creating even bigger queues.

  2. Whorhay says:

    They could just create two queue, one for F2P and one for paying customers. Customers always get preference for login.

  3. Scott says:

    Or just have two queues – paying and non paying, and run it like a “fast pass” at a theme park. Then you can still say you have f2p available.

    • RohanV says:

      They have the double queues, or at least they did at earlier at headstart. I believe they let 3 Patrons in for every F2P person they let in. The old queue screen showed both queues.

      I don’t know if they changed that when they changed the queue screen though.

    • SynCaine says:

      Two queues doesn’t help that much, since free players are still taking up slots on the server.

      Given the current success, I’d love a sub-only server. I’d pay $25 a month for a sub only server that has all the cash shop crap removed, with all the associated game systems fixed to make sense rather than annoy you and drive you to the shop. It’s a good opportunity for Trion, and not that difficult, given that AA was originally designed as a sub game.

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