DarkFall is here, again.

DarkFall has launched in the US. Forums seem happy so far, which is rare for that crowd. Guess it’s time to slot the game back between Blood Bowl, WAR, EVE, and DDO. Anyone want to fill in for me at work while I get to all this gaming? Thanks.

More on the launch itself ‘soon’.

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  1. evizaer says:

    It’ll be fun to see what the next round of exploits are.

    Darkfall is such a fun game to follow (probably more fun to follow than to play) because of how Wild West the entire situation feels. The devs are a bunch of unknowns, the community is full of filth, nastiness, and jerks (dotted with a couple of cool people), the game has a “no rules” attitude, and the game mechanics are ridiculously low-effort from a design perspective.

  2. unwize says:

    You might be interested in Kieron Gillen’s latest tweet:

    “Listening to Gallows, writing Darkfall review.”


  3. coppertopper says:

    If you leave our Iron Rock WAR Order group there will be hell to pay!!!!

  4. WG says:

    I just looked a the Inquisition site and saw they weren’t moving to the NA server. Are you joining a new guild, or are some members of your current guild joining the NA server instead of going to Aion? I hope the game’s still alive in September when I’m back from holiday, I was looking forward to playing it.

    • syncaine says:

      Yea Inq was not up for going to NA, and instead are going to play Aion. I’ll be looking around for a guild in the coming days for DF.

  5. Beau Turkey says:

    You don’t find it ironic in any way that we just had a discussion about “AAA” titles, and about this new “F2P revolution” and here you’re playing:

    1) Blood Bowl: A multi-player stand alone PC game. (Actually, I gotta’ try this. I loved it YEARS ago.)

    2) WAR: A sub-model game that has gone from 40 servers down to (soon?) 9. (Perhaps they will go F2P as well?)

    3) DDO: A F2P game, in beta now and officially on Aug 4th.

    4) EVE: Far from the “AAA” you are claiming that WoW is. Also, a game in which you can buy entire characters, ships and cash with real life money.

    5) Darkfall: A game with two servers, and a game that you (it seems) stopped playing after talking about it non-stop. Again, FAR from “AAA”.

    While you might be right about there being a “AAA’ market, and right about there not being some kind of “F2P revolution”, you sure seem to be supporting non-AAA games AND F2P games.

    Just sayin’.


  6. syncaine says:

    Well I never claimed DF was AAA, it’s about as niche as they come. But yea, aside from WAR and a bit of EVE, nothing major on my plate atm. And definitely get BB, it’s great fun both single player and online vs others.

  7. James Taylor says:

    I think I’ll muster up the 50 bones to try Darkfall out – one more time.

    The NA launch couldn’t have landed at a more appealing time for me. My WoW sub ended and I wasn’t rushing to make sure it wouldn’t run out, which is a sign I wasn’t *that* into it in the first place. Same goes for my LOTRO and WAR accounts.

    My brain is telling me to just reactivate WAR or WoW and resist dropping the $50, but my heart wants to experience something different, in Darkfall, in what sounds like a much smoother experience than the EU launch (the out-of-sync and lag ruined it for me).

  8. smakendahed says:

    What?! No 8-hour review of the opening 2 hours after it opens?

    You’re slacking…

    • syncaine says:

      Currently my review score for the NA version is 2/10. Granted I did not have time to log in, but come on, I’ve seen a screen shot and read a forum!

  9. Paragus says:

    INQ was torn on whether or not to go back into Darkfall for the NA release. We have no beef with the game, and wish it the best. The fact of the matter is a lot of my guys did not want to rebuy the game a second time to play on NA at this time.

    I think the next month or so will show us if the game has long term viability once the free month expires for the new NA players. If they retain a lot of the new players there, the game will be good to go for a while. They better start advertising soon though, because the EU server will have serious issues in the coming months.

    We are still reviewing Aion as a guild. I played the beta weekends, and a bunch of us are playing the Chinese version of the game which costs almost nothing to play. I should be getting a good look at the PvP aspects more in the next few days and will probably do a write up. A lot of people have been comparing it to DAOC, so it could turn out to be the game WAR should have been, but failed to become.

    • syncaine says:

      Yea it’s too bad you guys did not make the switch to NA. Just from reading the forums it seems quite a few guilds are getting totally new players (not just former EU players), so in that regard pop should be good. That the game has improved since the EU launch won’t hurt either, especially with villages being in the game on day 1, along with the skill books and everything else.

      Hopefully Aion sucks enough that you guys come back, I had a damn good time with you all on EU.

    • James Taylor says:

      I understand that sentiment from a money-saving standpoint, but buying different copies of a game for two different regions is nothing new. You have to do it for any game, any MMO, etc. I really don’t see why people are so shocked by this, even if Aventurine really is the “publisher” in NA (all that conspiracy theory crap is annoying).

    • Dblade says:

      wait, the game’s biggest booster and his guild is leaving? That’s kind of a damning indictment,since you and syncaine often were really the only positive press on it.

  10. Bonedead says:

    You should resub to SWG like a real man.

  11. João Carlos says:

    Ok, I am playing the NA server. I think i will need cancel my EU character, I cannot play both at same time.

    Some observations:
    1- Ping – US citizens are having ping bellow 100 (Florida is around 150 and California is around 50) – THAT MAKES A HUGE DIFERENCE AT PVP!
    [I live at Brazil, so my ping is around 250 at both european and north-american server]
    2- Everyone have a new character, characters from EU server will need 3 months for transfer, so everyone started with low skills – no one maxed the combat skills and problably no one get master skills yet. Yesterday we had the first guys with GM, I guess we will need one week before we have the first guys with elemental spells.
    3- Cities, hamlets and villages – some cities and hamlets were bought, I think th3ey bought too some villages, it is not hard to a guild with 45+ members to get 10k gold for buy a shard. The problem now will be built the cities an hamlets, the nodes are universal now, so the resources are rarer than when EU was launched. They must build the walls fast or soon enemy guilds will com with hammers for destroy tehir bindstones and conquer their cities.
    4- A lot of exploits were solved since the EU launch, so it is harder now to macro for skill up, get free money and kill bugged mobs. I don’t say it is impossible, it is just not so easy. We see runners and swimmers at NPC cities, but too we know that any Game Master will give temporary ban if it see it (yes, the GM GIVE that temporary ban, it happens at the EU server). Spells and archery skill up only when hiting someone (mobs and players), guard towers don’t give skill up to Rigor, newbie weapons don’t give skill up, and so on. I think NA server will need more time before we have players with maxed skills.
    5- The guys that get Greater Magic said that they were casting Mana Missile at the goblins for skill up Lesser Magic to skill 50. I think it is true, because I completed all 3 starting cities quests (a good quantity of goblins were hunt) and my LM skill is 27 now. Aparently, skill up with spells is faster now, but need to hit mobs and players for get the skill up. We too need remember that there are new quests at the capital cities, and that quests have good rewards (money, resources and a title) and need a lot of mob killing (for example, a quest need kill 200 goblin scouts, 50 goblin warriors and 20 goblin shamans). So, we will see a lot of goblin killing for long time, for both profit and skill up.
    6- Currently, at EU server there are Blood Walls, a wall at Player Cities where the players stay AFK while everyone that pass on can hit them and cast spells on them, for gain skill up at combat and for the guys AFK at the wall gain skill up at Rigor (there are a rule for not kill the guys at the Blood Wall, so when they get low health the attacks stop or someone skill up healing spells). That was the substitute to the macroing we had before in cities, when everyone had macros for cast MM or other spells or arrows for skill up. The changes to the game killed that macroing (but not all macroing…), so at NPC cities we see only players running or swimming. However, I think we will not see Blood Walls at NA server while the player cities defenses (walls and towers) aren’t built. And as resources are scarser now, that will need time.
    7- Alliances are being built, but everyone know that at 3 months we will be invaded by the EU guilds. So, only guilds that believe they have (or will have) enough strenght are taking cities (no one want to built a city and lose it later).
    8- A player market is being built, everyone need armor and weapons (no skill up from newbie weapons) and there are few crafters for now. I see people selling materials and horses at the trade chat, but I think soon we will see people selling arrows, armor and r0 weapons (mostly polearm).
    9- There are a new weather system, but it is server wide. So, fog or rain happens everywhere at the same time. Take note that fog and rain change the range of vision and affect PvP.
    10- I think we have maybe 30-40% new players at NA server, the race chat is full with questions about how to play the game (including “How I loot the goblins?” classical n00b question).
    11- Some newbie areas are moderatly full, other are relativelly empty. Human newbie areas are full, mirdain and dwarf areas are moderate (two goblin camps at two mirdain starting cities had more players than goblins while other camps at same cities were empty) and orcs newbie areas are almost empty (from what I hear, I not saw it). No idea how are alfar and mahirim areas, but I guess they are the same than mirdain or better.
    12- Chaos chests – you got one? Higher mobs drop more materials and money and we have chaos chests now, so I think the people will have more money for buy things and the economy will be healthy. Remember that the game have a huge money sink, the skills that need be bought and some crafting items that need money for be craft.

  12. syncaine says:

    Thanks João, all great stuff. It will take some time (2-3 months) to see the full results of the recent changes, but I agree that so far, DF seems more ‘complete’ and balanced than it was for the EU launch. I’m looking forward to getting some time with it on Thursday and playing with a new character once again. What guild are you in?

    • João Carlos says:


      Currently, guildless. I don’t want to enter the mad competition for cities now. At EU server all guilds I entered had plans that weren’t the plans I had. The guilds I entered wanted to stay at the Isles, while I had a lot of quests for complete at the main continent.

      I want to try to be mostly a crafter. I tryed it at EU server, but soon I discovered that I was a lot behind the guys making the real stuff. But EU launch was a mess and I bought the game ONE MONTH after launch. At that one month, with the game bugs and exploits (now mostly solved), I just found everyone maxed and making war at the isle continents. I really don’t want to live at a jungle isle (too called Vietnan) or at a desert isle.

      For the NA server’s launch they solved that shop’s issue, the game is free for be bought by everyone now. Everyone can have a equal start and competition will be more fair. And less expoits now, so we will not have guys with Rigor and combat maxed for some time. I think we will not see Blood Walls soon, not while the walls and towers of the player cities need be built. And you don’t will see MM and bow macroing at NPC cities (they need hit someone for give skill up now), only running and swimming, so it is a situation a few better than what we saw at EU server.

      Ping too is a issue for me, PvP it is harder if you have 250 ping while an european or a NA have 50 ping at their respective servers. You can note that it was an issue to NA players at the EU server too. So, I want to try mostly PvE and crafting.

      As a crafter can be a better option to stay guildless for some time. No one will exploit the fact they are at a war with another guild for attack me (I want see they try it with me unguilded), so I can use the NPC cities for make trade. Anyway, the new player home system helps unguilded players interested at trade. The hosues with windows are a good place for trade. The guilds will not care if someone unguilded have a house at a village, they gain money from the house anyway, they will just want the player is not from an enemy guild. So, an unguilded player can use the village system for move someway unscattered between the factions at war.

      The worse problem for an unguilded crafter is harvest the materials. But you can build nodes inside the player houses, so that problem is parttially solved. But it is ever a good advice to buy(or craft)a high hit points door.

      The new quests help it, they need we kill a quintilhon of mobs (well, 270 goblins at the example from my last post, but there are at least more 4 other massive killing quests from what I saw – skeleton archers, kobolds, zombies and akathra) but the reward is 2 k (or more) gold. There are too a massive haversting quest, I am doing it now (200 fish, 300 logs, 200 iron ore, 300 stone).

      My guess is that who try that massive quests will grind skills with them. I think that it is viable to grind to max skills only completing the massive killing quests. The old “the way the game need be played”…

      But there are some problems, or at least things I think are problems.

      They just need add a quest for link the quests at the starter cities to the quests at the capital cities for everyone follow that path for grind the skills. I think that there are a lot of people that don’t know that quests exist.

      Population can be an issue later. The newbie areas are razoably full now, but not tottally full. And I am not sure for how much time we will have that razoable population. However, the first NA server’s weekend will be now and it is possible the server will be tottally full at this weekend (at least tottally full at the newbie areas). A lot of players are new or quit the game at beta or some months after EU launch, so they need time for patch the game (around 1 or 2 days for who is new).

      The guilds I saw are mostly ARAIC. Same as EU server. Sadly, I think the devs really need make more restrictions to ARAIC guilds for incentive the racial guilds or the PvP war will continue to be a mess.

      While the situation is better now, exploits and second party aplicatives continue to be an issue. The last exploit I heard is about a second party program that create a radar in-game, so you can see where are the enemy players. By the way, who use that king of program is intentionally exploiting (and a serious exploit, against the game mechanics) and need be banned forever. Not a temporally ban.

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