Lum the Director

More embarrassing: How your in-game Aion character sounds, or the company behind the game producing this? That video actually encouraged me to buy Aion gold… sorry keno, or khino, or kihnananaan. Whatever…

I’d love to have been in the meeting where not only someone proposed making that video, but then someone else thought about it, and came to the conclusion that yes, this would be a good use of resources and will definitely, definitely slow keno sales. This being Friday, I’m going to say that it was Lum’s idea. Good job!

(Glad you are back to blogging though, and it only took Derek Smart talking again to do it!)

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8 Responses to Lum the Director

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  2. Kyir says:

    I guess it’s new and different at least?

    I think?

  3. Bronte says:

    God bless Derek Smart and his wicked ways!

  4. coppertopper says:

    Reminds me of the ‘Reno911!’ public service announcement videos.

  5. Jeremy S. says:

    I love it. It’s a great video. It’s very “in the realm” of PSA’s on TV. Plus, they appeal in the same way PSA’s use celebrities.

  6. Anne says:

    Stupid video that blames the players for the fault of the game. Make a grindy game that involves a bad economy and sucky leveling system and you have players that want to skip it and gold sellers/levelers that want to take advantage of that. Solution: game without leveling (or bad leveling) and a game with an economy that doesn’t suck (or has multiple depths so gold sellers can’t take advantage of it, since Aion gold is used for EVERYTHING in the game it is beyond stupid).

    Either way, gold sellers have families too. It’s not like NCSoft actually DOES anything about them anyway. Unless LUM the lame has cracked down on them now, but I’m guessing he’s too busy writing blogs about sticking up for pathetic millionaire developers who got fired from a major publisher because they were back stabbing bastards.

  7. Mojeaux says:

    Anne, how can you say it’s the game’s fault that people buy gold? That’s just fucking retarded, or as you put it, “beyond stupid”. If you think it’s too grindy, don’t resort to cheating and just take your happy ass to an easy game like WoW… oh but wait, they have gold buying there too! What’s your fucking excuse for that then? That game to grindy for you too? That’s the problem with people today. You think it’s alright to cheat just because you don’t like the rules. Fucking ignorant.

    • Anne says:

      A game that purposely places all content on the value of money. Eco-system of any game is very important to whether or not others can take advantage of it.

      Simple yet effective example; Would gold sellers exist on a game without a gold-styled currency? Kinah or whatever it is pays for EVERYTHING within that game. Every little thing in the game requires it (even if those little things make little sense). NCSoft created a simplistic system and are paying for it, just that simple. They PURPOSELY made a simple grindy game.

      They created a game that, “gives the gold sellers and levelers the maximum potential to live and flourish”.

      So now I ask you. A game must have a huge long-arse grinding to have ‘depth’. Sorry but future MMORPGs will skip on grindy stuff… Hence why Aion is failing horribly. People just want to play the game.

      And yes, WoW has a far more effective eco-system then Aion. While by all means it doesn’t mean I like WoW. But can you trade badges? No. Do Chinese farmers have an effective way to grind instances for your character (since this type of activity requires player input, even though in WoW it is minimal it is still enough to give trouble to payed services)? No.

      These services PURPOSELY targeted Aion because the system they put in place ARE A PILE OF CRAP.

      Do I think it is alright to cheat? Meh, not in a game like Aion. But AION forces players to cheat because it a grindy POS game.

      And here’s a quote I’ll throw in just for the bum of it.
      “Make a game based pretty much solely on Kinah and make a game with a bad economy. Check.
      Make the game as grindy as ****, to the point that it is almost impossible for a person with a life to get to max without giving up in the early levels. Check.

      Blame players for the core faults of your own stupid game. Check.
      LESSON: Create a game that gives the gold sellers and levelers the maximum potential to live and flourish, and well…. BLAME THE PLAYERS EVERYONE FOR YOUR CRAP POS GAME.”

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