Welcome to ELO hell

I’m going to preface this post with a little back history about Boink/Paragus and his approach to League of Legends for anyone not fortunate enough to experience it personally. You see if everything played out like Boink predicts, we would lose 90% of our games, 70% during the loading screen when you see the other team. I don’t even want to count the number of games a surrender vote has been brought up only to have us win (at times comfortable) in the end. Glass half empty is being positive here. For Boink it’s more like “rage bucket always full”.

Boink is always raging about how terrible solo ranked games are, how bad people play and the horrid number of leavers or afk’ers. I took a lot of this with a grain of salt due to the above, and figured the bad experiences were simply overstated. After all, solo or small group normal games are generally enjoyable in LoL, and while feeders/leavers happen, they are somewhat rare.

Boink was 100% accurate about solo ranked games, and I just don’t get it.

Somehow when clicking the ‘ranked game’ button, people lose all sanity and just turn into twitching sociopaths out to get THEIR OWN TEAM long before a game even gets rolling. Between people raging out during the draft, people raging out after a first blood, and the “well I’m going afk now” that happens when someone does not get middle lane, it’s just crazy.

You would think at level 30 in a normal game, you would get a lot of people playing some champion for the first time, or playing some non-optimal build ‘for fun’. After all, the game ‘does not count’, and if things don’t work out or you don’t play extremely well the game can still be fun or close, since the other team might be doing the same thing. You would also think stuff like that would NOT happen in a ranked game, yet dear god I’ve already seen a ton of people ‘just messing around’ with one of the free weekly heroes in a ranked game, or ‘trying’ some nonsense build that just very clearly DOES NOT WORK.

In addition, the forums generally have a few “Elo hell” threads going, and much like Boink’s raging, I always assumed these were more sensationalized for the sake of entertainment.

Wrong again.

Low Elo hell is very much a real thing in LoL (I assuming at decent ranks the idiot count drops), and getting out can indeed seem impossible. Out of all the ranked games I’ve played so far, I can honestly say all but two of my losses are due to a leaver/afker/feeder, and a good number of my wins are due to the other team having such a player. That’s just crazy, and a bad string of games with those people on your team can send your Elo ranking right back to hell through no fault of your own.

Of course in the long run your Elo ranking will indeed reflect your skill level, so those who are just poor at the game will be low, and those who are skilled (or just not rage-quitting morons) will be high. It would be nice if this happened a little faster though, as that initial ‘feeling out’ process sure does feel painful, and even at the ‘average’ level of 1200 Elo the idiot ratio is uncomfortable high.

Chuck-o-the-day: Chuck Norris once beat Tiger Woods at golf so bad that Tiger was found at 2:30am dazed and bloody in a wrecked SUV with no recollection of what just happened.

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  1. Remastered says:

    Well, hopefully there will soon be enough of us at 30 so that most of the time someone doesn’t have to look at the solo queue for a ranked game. Even if there are 3-4 of us, it tilts the idiot/afk/leaver odds more in our favor.

    • SynCaine says:

      The only options though are solo/duo for a 5v5, a full 5 man team, or a full 3 man team. Can’t do 5s with 3 or 4. But yea, full 5v5 is what I’m looking forward to for sure.

      • Remastered says:

        Ah, did not realize that differed from normal games. We should have 5 though most nights considering the amount of people who have been on and playing.

  2. Baredil says:

    I’ve been wondering about the amount of emorage-quitting in WoW battlegrounds. Get a few points behind, lose a tower or a flag, or whatever and chat fills up with ‘Thanks losers we lost now’ and ‘you all suk’ and ‘lets just let them win quickly so we can re-queue’ or a bunch of people just dropping out.

    What is it with the idea that if you’re not steamroller-coasting to victory you must be losing? Are not comeback victories all the sweeter? Even a close loss can be an exciting game – getting stomped (or even stomping your opponents isn’t terribly exciting, imho). It can’t just be kiddies not getting their way, since the average Wow player is almost 30 years of age now. Is it only a north american thing, or does it happen on european and pacific servers too?

    • Carson says:

      The situation is twisted somewhat in WoW by the fact that a lot of the people in a BG are not their for fun, they’re not their for an exciting game – they’re there for honour points, as simple as that. And a quick “give up and let them have it” loss is more efficient (spit!) than a hard-fought win.

      • Paul says:

        Or, they are just there for the daily random BG, and need a win to get their 25 arena points. For those players, a loss is worth nothing.

        I expect a lot of surrender-and-try-again in Cataclysm rated BGs, especially at low ratings.

  3. Paragus says:

    The solo queue will test the limits of your sanity and tear your soul into a million pieces. I don’t want to be that guy, but when you see the things I have it changes a man, and gives you that 1000 yard stare.

    The more you lose the lower you go, the lower you go, the worse your teammates become. It is a never ending fail spiral that is sure to cause extreme fits of rage vomit. At my highest I was at 1250, then I had 6 games in a row with leavers on my team. At my lowest I think I was down to around 1020, and have since managed to claw my way back to 1148 as of today. There comes a point though where it becomes near impossible to climb out, case and point JT who is down into the 800-900’s.

    The next time you hear someone in vent getting the soul torn apart, don’t hold it against them until you have sampled the madness that is the ranked solo queue.

  4. mike says:

    This is my biggest complainant about LoL. I’v yet to play ranked games yet because im still collecting runes but the amount of leavers ragers in normal games even when were not losing really we just get a bad run of luck like outer team getting a ace and taking a tower people turn into rageing idiots and rage because i dont surrender unless its a clear loss. But when i was in the SC2 beta it was the same. The times i ranked high from the start i always moved up in rank, times i placed low it was really hard to move up. I have a good feeling its because its a F2P game and a lot of teens/kids play.

  5. KaKTy3 says:

    I am a pretty decent player who’s been playing LoL since November last year, and I can tell you that after about 200 ranked games, I still can’t get out of 1,300 ELO range. This is with my main Morgana at 70% wins…

    Solo queue FTW!

  6. J. Dangerous says:

    Hahahahaha. It looks like the LoL community has already become 100% the same as DotA’s. I knew Syncaine’s praise was suspect, way too good to be true.

    I don’t expect it will ‘get better’ for you guys, not one bit. The problem is that it isn’t just “bad players” “noobs” or “ragers” that are utter douche bags.

    It’s that the entire freaking DotA community is about 85% douche, and its not hard to imagine that they make up the majority of LoL’s players.

    No matter what measures were taken or implemented to punish leavers afkers and griefers, they prospered and were plentiful. I don’t know what it is about this type of game, but its impossible to deny.

    The *only* way to avoid this problem is playing full team matches. I’m not sure how LoL works, but you want to be playing full team vs. full team. Even having 5 yourselves doesn’t do much if the other team has 3 leavers.

    Also, can you switch teams in LoL? DotA put this in so that 2 leavers from one team could be evened out.

    Good luck, you’ll need it.

  7. J. Dangerous says:

    Oh sorry and:

    My point with the douches not just being the bad players…they are everywhere. I would guess that it would take a very, very high solo rating to avoid leavers and the like.

    Is there a punishment system for leaving/afking/etc? If not, expect ANY pub/solo match to be ripe with people who do so. In either case, expect it commonly even if they are punished.

  8. Obmar says:

    I tried LoL recently – I didn’t so much like it.

    But I’m not much into RTS. Just not my genre.

    How would you fix this flawed game mechanic?

    • SynCaine says:

      Mandatory L2Pnoob for everyone.

      Sucks you did not like it though, we are having a great time with it, and we are seeing a few other CoWs coming over as well.

  9. Obmar says:

    Yeah I pretty much don’t like RTS as a genre in general. And I’m talking all the way back to Total Annihilation, Red Alert etc…

    I *do* enjoy turn based though – I think it’s due to me being more of a strategist, I like to plan my moves and not feel so .. “twitchy”

  10. mc2147 says:

    wat an awesome article.. real hilarious and u tell the truth lol

  11. dimmukalmah says:

    seriously, LoL needs a very heavy banning system for lvl 30 ranked matches, ive seen people in 2-3 games in consecutive matches ruining and trolling hardcore, also the tribunal is more of a threat than doing…

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