DarkFall: Much improved, and still great

Dear DarkFall: I’m sorry I doubted you, or considered not playing on the NA server. I was wrong. My bad.

Seriously though, the last patch has improved a ton of stuff, and overall the game is still great fun. More after the weekend.

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8 Responses to DarkFall: Much improved, and still great

  1. Werit says:

    I hope they do a trial at some point. Would love to get a look at what Darkfall offers.

  2. João Carlos says:


    do teh title quests. You can get them at the cpaital city of your race. It is a lot better than macroing for skill up.

    • syncaine says:

      Working on the goblin title quest ATM, also planning to complete the harvesting one as well. Not sure about undead or the others.

      • João Carlos says:

        Syncaine, each quest is divided at 3 parts. You first gain a title with +2 bonus, the second part you gain a title with +4 bonus and the last one you gain a title with +6 bonus.

        Each part need more and more things to do.

        I completed teh first two parts of the wisdom title. Haversting and crafting. Completing last part now. My mining is almost 75.

        Be preparated. After you kill 200 goblin scouts, 50 goblin fighters and 20 goblin shmans, you will need kill a lot more mobs.

        By the way, what race are you?

      • syncaine says:

        Human, in-game Syncaine GodHand.

        Finishing the gathering title right now. Goblin one is halfway done (first part for both anyway)

  3. pitrelli says:

    Hmmm so you aint read the 2nd Eurogamer Review then? ……… I headed over to see you nerd rage and have been let down :(

    • João Carlos says:

      well, the new reviewer give 4/10 only because he cannot make the otehr reviwer appear stupid.

    • syncaine says:

      Unfortunately today was the day I missed checking the bastion of knowledge and truth that is EG…

      But yea, when you re-review and the score doubles, plus the new review reads absolutely nothing like the old one… EG did more with that review than any server log could have.

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