Holding Pattern.

Dear snow, thanks for that four hour drive yesterday. Nothing like leaving work early, at 2pm, and finally getting home at 6pm. That was awesome…

On to a happy topic, gaming, I find myself in somewhat of a standstill. Currently I play EVE, WoW, and a bit of Puzzle Quest and online Poker. I have PotBS on my computer, but little draw to play it. NWN2 MotB is there, but I’m waiting for the 9000 series of graphics cards to come out from Nvidia before I return to that game. Same delay issue for getting The Witcher, or returning to LoTRO. I’m a bit burned out on Civilization 4, done with EQ2, done with Sword of the New World. Mythos is still there, but I just never find myself loading it up, and when I do, I find after about 30 minutes I’m done with it once again. Due to the 180 many people are pulling with Tabula Rasa, my interest has been raised, but I think I’ll wait a bit more before jumping in. Some people report boredom setting in after level 15ish. I have little interest in Hellgate:London, not sure why, but it just does not seem that appealing right now. Still waiting for WAR, and maybe AoC.

I think that about covers it. I know I’ll be playing Fire Emblem after Christmas on the Wii, but who knows for how long. I only play WoW about 5 hours a week, and EVE 4-10 depending on what’s going on. Basically I’m waiting for something to come along and really grab me, to make me look forward to loading it up regularly and being entertained each time. Hopefully WAR is that game, but with all the crazy stuff happening in the gaming world, I’m not betting the farm on that one. Anyone else find themselves jumping from game to game is small spurts, just stuck in a holding pattern?

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6 Responses to Holding Pattern.

  1. Brandstone says:

    Whenever I find myself in a similar “holding pattern” I just load up the old Smash Bros, and just play. It’s nice to go back to a simple game and just play for the hell of it. No theorycrafting, no grinding, no lag, no drama: just smash your opponent. It’s a nice diversion when waiting for a release or burnt out on what you’re currently playing.

  2. syncaine says:

    I think that rule generally applies to any single player game that runs well on a console or PC. Very relaxing, very simple, hence why I’m excited for Fire Emblem.

  3. krones says:

    Definitely. I’ve been that way for years now. I guess the real last MMOG that held my attention was EQ. Yea, sure I stuck with WoW for a bit, but I never raided hardcore or anything. EQ was an unhealthy obsession, and well, I don’t really want to fall down that hole again, but finding a MMOG I really enjoy playing, yea. Hard. Very hard. I mean I still enjoy them, but it’s not to the point where I “have” to log in to satiate some weird craving. When I’m burned out on everything, I drink, a lot.

    As for the video card, grab the 8800GT from EVGA and step up to the 9000 series when they launch, if they launch within 90 days of your purchase. (rumor is Feb)

  4. mandrill says:

    I find myself skipping from game to game quite alot. I’ll play EVE and pretty much nothing else for a few weeks and then find myself drifting off to play other games. UT3 is good for half an hour of mayhem, something to get the adrenaline going after the relative serenity of EVE.

    On TR and H:L; Avoid them both, there is nothing new to see in either of them. Hellgat s very pretty but mechanically it is simply Guild Wars or WoW with different clothes on. TR touts itself as a revolutionary step forward in MMO gaming but in reality its not engaging and has the same grinding, collect 10 x, kill 10 x, quests as every other 3rd person MMO on the go atm.

    I would stick with WoW and EVE for the moment, I too have high hopes for WAR but as you say, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

  5. Passerby says:

    NWN2 has proven to be quite expensive for me. I’m using the 8800U 8xAA,16xAF, Shadows ‘High’ and it’s pretty smooth. Consumes over 650MB of vid mem. Anyways, almost finished the OC and am excited to play Motb after this.

    The Witcher is alot of fun too with some solid characters in there, but it’s quite lonesome as a one man party. Runs great using the 7900GS (2xAA/16xAF).. Check out the demo i think you will be impressed with what they have done with the Aurora engine..

  6. Passerby says:

    Forgot to answer… but yes i do jump from game to game. for instance the Witcher gets monotonous after a while but i keep coming back for the story. in the meantime i usually play NWN2 or CoD4. Occasionally i’ll touch some space sim just for the change of pace.

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