Reader vote: Wasteland 2 or Divinity?

Both are on sale right now for $26. If you could only pick one, which would it be?

(I’m going to own both at some point, but which one should I grab first to fill time until after Xmas?)

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10 Responses to Reader vote: Wasteland 2 or Divinity?

  1. cirdanx says:

    Thats difficult, i would say Divinity because i´m more into the fantasy genre, but both games are just awesome. Wasteland however is even more “old school” in terms of difficulty, play style and soooo heavily text based, its great! And has even more content.

    However i found Divinity more enjoyable and dear god the soundtrack is sooo amazing, i was humming it for weeks and now its stuck in my head again by just thinking of it.

    If i would have one negative thing to say about each game then it would be that Divinity has a pretty generic hero story (very predicable) and Wastland 2 drags out a bit too much.

  2. Jenks says:

    Co-op vote: Divinity
    Single player vote: Wasteland 2

    • SynCaine says:

      That reminds me, I was going to see if the wife would want to do co-op Divinity; is it much better co-op? Would someone who isn’t crazy about RPGs enjoy it?

      • Caldazar says:

        The player who isnt ‘talking’ to the npc also needs to follow the conversation in a bottom right chat window, which is relatively unpractical.

  3. Mobs says:

    Divinity coop is pretty seamless. The dialogue is really great, the world is interesting and really easy to dig into. There is no hand holding and the game has a really great sense of discovery. The combat is admittedly hard. If she isn’t into rpg combat and mainly turn based she might get frustrated. I have hit brick walls for days on some of the encounters in the game. It’s a great game though, I really can’t say much bad about it except the only hitch with coop is the coop partner plays the other character in your campaign. A lot of people were upset at release when they couldn’t bring their actually character into coop from their own single player game. So it’s kind of a start together finish together game.

    • SynCaine says:

      Co-op is the same game as single though right? It’s not two different stories/games?

      • Mobs says:

        Yeah same game. You just play alternate characters and it makes the dialogue more fun when you guys disagree on a response and you have to play the Rock Paper Scissors mini game to decide who wins

  4. maljjin says:

    Divinity is a good game, I’ve went thru the story in co-op with my good buddy and we had fun. I have no desire to play another round though as the story and events will be the same. Once you get the hang of the combat system, it’s rather easy to optimize your build and strategy. The difficulty lies more in some weird camera angles, a couple of puzzles that we had really no clue how to solve without looking online and those damn switchs on the wall that are way too tiny.

    I haven’t played Wasteland 2 yet, I keep waiting for an even cheaper Steam sale. The same gaming buddy is having a blast though and he’s trying to lure me in a co-op… which I will counter with a game of Endless Legends..hehe

  5. silvertemplar says:

    I read this little bit on the W2 forums which might be interesting to consider, even though it was prior to release:

    ” I’m kind’ve confused as to why Wasteland plays like Fallout: Tactics and D:OS plays like someone sent Baldur’s Gate 5 back in time from the future.”

    A few months ago , the general consensus was that Divinity was VERY polished and “complete”, whereas Wasteland 2 was not exactly all there considering the time&money of their respective kickstarter campaigns. I am sure by now it’s not too bad, but it does seem D:OS got the more vibrant/alive graphics and featuresets (including the modding).

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