Blood in the sand

It figures that on a night Apollo planned to mine stone to build our church (SimCity!), a hamlet siege was underway and we got called in to help against our enemies The Red Alliance (TRA). As I had just been killed while doing some mob farming, I was certainly up for some PvP, and so a group of 16 Apollo members geared up and got ready.

The hamlet in question was on the island of Ruby, which is in the south-west corner of Agon. Our city of Hammerdale is located in the south-east, meaning if we had to travel by mount/raft it would have been a good 40 minute or so trip. Considering the hamlet siege was set to end in about an hour, the distance was somewhat of a problem. Over vent it was announced we would be traveling via Nexus Portals, new items added in the NA expansion that allows 10 people to basically teleport from a Nexus entrance to an exit. The portal has a 1 minute cooldown between people going through, and I believe requires the original traveler to have a marked rune to use once they place the entrance. While I don’t know the exact price of a Nexus entrance/exit (two separate items), I do know they are not cheap and something you just throw around, but they are a great tool for small-sized groups to use in a time of need. It was very cool to finally see one in action, and it’s a great addition to DarkFall.

Once our group was all on Ruby, we gathered with other Cairnivore alliance members and soon enough the order was given for our group to mount up and head out to execute a flanking charge. The island of Ruby is all desert/Egypt themed, which means tall sand dunes and wide open terrain with little vegetation to obscure line of sight in most places. As our group rounded the hamlet and charged up the tallest hill, I saw 30 or so players already engaged in combat, with a fireworks-like display of magic being hurled back and forth, along with arrows flying and the occasional melee breaking out.  Unfortunately for our enemy, they got pushed off the high ground and once below, bombarded from above. After only a few minutes, they pulled out of the hamlet and retreated, with what I would guess to be five to ten casualties.

After we did some quick looting and banking (the hamlet bank was still functional), TRA made another push at the hamlet and actually gained some ground, pushing Cairn and friends back up on the hill and inflicting some casualties of their own. At one point I got a little too far out along the combat line and was almost brought down from a vicious amount of magic/arrows. Luckily I was able to slink back into our ranks and recover, but it was close. This stage of the battle was very trench warfare-like, in that every inch of ground was hard-fought and all around players tried to dig in behind any cover they could find. Being right in the heart of such combat certainly gets your blood flowing and your nerves on edge, and the few times melee combat broke out it was very difficult just to keep track of who the enemy is. I had my two-hander out and was doing my best to stick to an enemy, but he was weaving between friendly players and each swing at him was always a risk of hitting an ally. It’s also risky to blindly chase someone around, as you won’t notice you have exposed your back to the enemy until it’s too late, yet at the same time if you take your eye off them even for a second, it can be difficult to keep up. Lots of stuff for me to still learn when it comes to DarkFall PvP, that’s for sure.

The second TRA push lost steam once our alliance recovered and counter-pushed, and soon we broke their line and they scattered and ran, many of them chased down and killed. One nice moment for me was riding my mount alongside a Sinister member, chasing a TRA player on foot who was doing his best to flee but had gotten himself too separated from his allies. Finally riding him down was very satisfying, and a great way to end the battle. With our work done, and our ‘friends but not allies’ (welcome to DF politics) having won the hamlet, we recalled back to Hammerdale and put up our church, gathering inside to thank the battle gods for our victory.

(The last part did not actually happen, the church gathering, but it makes for a good ending)

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10 Responses to Blood in the sand

  1. coppertopper says:

    What does a church gain you in the DF universe? The ability to influence governmental bodies via not-so-subtle propositioning of church members’ voting powers?…or is it just a 10% bonus to hitpoints or something.

    • syncaine says:

      The church gives a mana regen bonus to any clan member within the city. A fully built city will, among other things, give all it’s members a bonus to hp/mana/stam regen, making it a little easier to fight and defend the city. Not sure if any other bonuses apply after that, and no city has built a Wonder yet.

  2. heartless_ says:

    Having a church, obviously, legitimizes the abuse that occurs.

  3. theJexster says:

    “What does a church gain you in the DF universe? The ability to influence governmental bodies via not-so-subtle propositioning of church members’ voting powers?”

    Good call, politics and church, they are always together, always self serving, and always breathing corruption.

  4. Xyloxan says:

    Good reading Syn. :-)

  5. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    Sounds like good fun. So my question is when you die, you loose all items in your inventory? Is it easy to replace those items?

    • syncaine says:

      Yes everything you have on you stays on your tombstone for anyone else to loot. In terms of replacing gear, it depends what you wore and lost. A set of banded armor is easy/cheap to replace, a set of Dragon armor not so much. Risk/reward when deciding what to go out in every time you gear up.

  6. Kyff says:

    I remember a time, when from you description I considered banded armor being a highly desired top notch commodity. Although it’s not “raining epics” there seems to be a steady influx of new and better armor which outnumbers the broken and used up gear.

    • syncaine says:

      Not exactly, because while crafting banded (the lowest tier heavy armor) is quick in terms of how long it takes to gather the mats, scale takes longer, and plate much longer than that. Full Plate and above not only takes far more general resources, it also takes special ore. Plus because of the current strength of magic, bone armor is worn by most players in large-scale battles (which is not as good as banded vs melee, but much better for magic).

      Also keep in mind that since release, PvE has been toned down, so mid-level players are actually able to kill far more mobs now (a good thing) and get access to better drops. Yet even in the above battle I did not spot anyone with Full Plate or above armor.

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