Because 59 FPS just won’t do…

I would like to think I’m normally strong willed regarding most things in life, with one very noticeable exception: gaming. Be it chasing a .05% crit upgrade in a themepark, grinding out some skill to 100 just to get it maxed out, or resetting a level because I made a small mistake on one of the 30+ turns, gaming makes me a loon. And it’s not just in-game either; gaming-related purchases are no different. Why ONLY spend $130 on headphones when the $180 model might help identify sounds just that much better. If you are going to spend $2500 on a gaming rig, you might as well go to $3000 and get the Alienware, right?

And so when Aventurine announced that DarkFall now supports SLI thanks to their work with Nvidia, well, that single 8800GT just won’t do. And while a second 8800GT would be a quick and cheap option, the 295GTX card is only a few… hundred dollars more. I mean it’s going into a $3000 comp, what’s a few hundred on top? I’m weak, so so weak.

The truth is, when I got the Alienware I intentionally got a weaker graphics cards because I knew at the time Nvidia was planning to release newer cards (this was before the 200x series of cards were released), so instead of getting a top end 9800x card, I got the older model 8800GT and waited. Plus with all the other hardware being top-end, even on a 24” monitor (why get a 21” when the 24” is that much better, right…?) at 1900×1200 most games still run at 60FPS+.

Unfortunately for my wallet, DarkFall does not run at 60FPS+ at ALL times with everything maxed at the moment. So shadows got turned off, and now even in large 100+ battles the FPS holds up, but hey, shadows are off, and I like shadows. So Newegg, Nvidia, and BFG all owe some money to Aventurine, because without those beta drivers that now support SLI for DF, I would not have been motivated to make the purchase of a new BFG 295GTX card last night. Hopefully I get it Friday for some weekend gaming goodness, but now comes the fun part, waiting for the damn thing to arrive!

(And if we are really being honest here, Nvidia actually bought the card for me, since their stock has been on fire recently. At least normally being good with money somewhat lessens the pain of being gaming obsessed)

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6 Responses to Because 59 FPS just won’t do…

  1. evizaer says:

    You need two identical cards to use SLI. I don’t think it’ll work with an 8000-series and a 200-series.

    • syncaine says:

      Oh yea I know. The 295 card is a two-in-one card that uses SLI itself. The 8800GT card is coming out of the case to join it’s buddy the 7900GTX on the shelf.

  2. Werit says:

    That’s an awesome card but why stop there? Quad-SLI!

  3. Scrung says:

    Might as well run 2 quad core chips as well. 12gb of ram will help too. Man up, don’t be a pussy.

  4. Sean says:

    Why not AMD’s just released 5850 for $259? You would get comparable or better performance than the GTX295 for half of the MSRP on the NVIDIA part and the option of doubling up with Crossfire later. Not to mention the new feature set with support for multiple monitors; you know, when 2×24″ monitors just won’t do:

    • syncaine says:

      I prefer Nvidia over ATI, mainly based on driver support and game performance. In this case, DarkFall supports SLI but not Crossfire, and that’s somewhat common in non-AAA titles.

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