DarkFall: Attack on Aradoth

DarkFall is really testing my writing ability lately, as it’s getting harder and harder to write posts without just typing “it was awesome” over and over. For the good of the blogosphere, I’ll try my best yet again today.

After watching “Behind the Music: 50 Cent” (Which was great, of course), I log into DarkFall at around 9pm EST to see what’s going on and to get myself to our new chaos city home up in Yssam. We decided to move up there for a bit just to mix things up, and also to be closer to our good buddies TRA, who own the entire island. For a warm welcome, as soon as I runestone in from Bladethrope with a ready bag and a mount, two TRA members start chasing me around trying to kill me. Now it would have been very easy to dump both the mount and the bag in the bank had I known its location, but seeing as this was my first time there, I was running around like a fool trying to dodge arrows and spells while looking for the damn thing. At about 50% HP and with my stam running low, I spawned my mount hoping to distract them, and as I turned the next corner found the bank. My bag went in just before my HP hit zero. Welcome to Yssam.

Shortly after that warm welcome, I got a quick tour of our new surroundings from one of our members (some very nice mob spawns are close by), and as we were about to go scout a few hamlets, we spot two different TRA members riding around. After a little chasing, we killed both in somewhat comedic fashion as one guy lost his mount, his buddy kept on going, and eventually he came back AFTER his friend was already dead. Welcome to Yssam part two.

On our vent an alliance clan leader popped on and asked how many members we have on currently, and if we want to help some friends in a siege. Group gets formed, ready bags get pulled out, and soon we are riding towards the city of Aradoth to kill a shard holder. Now as big as last Friday’s siege at Bladethorpe was, this event brought out a whole slew of big names out to play. On our side we had a few Cairn alliance groups, the Ruby alliance (who’s hamlet was being sieged), and the Zealot alliance mercs who were hired out (the same mercs who fought against us when we lost our city and hamlet a few weeks back). On the other side was the ShadowPact alliance (who started the siege) and TRA. At some point a third, random faction also showed up to cause trouble and scavenge any loot they could.

Our group received orders from the siege leader to breach the west wall and hold that side of the city down. We meet little resistance as we launched ourselves over the walls, and looking down we could see a fight had already broken out near the entrance to the cave system. The city of Aradoth is one of the tougher cities to attack, as most of the city is beside a mountain, but the key parts (bank and bindstone under the protection of two zap towers) are deep inside a branching, narrow tunnel system. AoE magic + narrow tunnels = bright shiny death. What came next is the very definition of trench warfare, as inch by inch our attack force pushed the defenders deeper and deeper into the tunnels, but at the cost of some players being insta-killed from massive magic and arrow fire. There are two tunnels that eventually get you to the room with the bank/stone, and we knew that was where the shardholder was being protected.

Our Apollo group along with some other Cairn allies went left, while Ruby members and Zealots went right. Our strategy was to make a push with a few people, with those behind throwing healing as we pushed. After a few feet, those who were taking heavy fire would peel off to the side and rest up while those behind continued the push. It more or less worked, but it was slow going and more than one person went down. Eventually we were at the mouth of the cave entrance, and it was at this point that our push stopped and a long (20+ minute) ranged and occasional melee fight started. We just could not clear the final room, and the defenders had the advantage of being able to restock at their bank should they go down. Yet after 20 minutes of heavy bombardment, they eventually broke and we were able to get enough people into the room to finish off the remaining defenders and kill the shard carrier.

The timing worked out well, because shortly after the shard carrier kill a second force of TRA and others came into the city and began fighting, effectively pinning the attacking side inside the tunnels. I believe most were able to fight their way out, but I do know a few went down during this phase as well. Although we had won, and most of us were able to loot a few tombstones, it was a fairly close fight and it’s not clear if we could have continued the push for much longer due to attrition. For a random Tuesday night, it was one hell of a battle, and just great fun to be a part of. Yes, it was awesome.

edit: A two-part video of the siege. Enjoy!

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  1. Der_Nachbar says:

    That really sounds good. Alot of action, vengance, mercenaries and intense battles. Currently im waiting for Mortal Online and i hope it will offer a similar thing, kinda Darkfall+ ;)
    Im no hardcore PvP player, but i enjoy the danger and suspense of an open pvp-environment.
    I hope Darkfall weeded out the HCs and let a healthier community prosper in MO, no offense ^^

  2. pitrelli says:

    ‘Behind the music:50 Cent’ bang goes Syncaines credibility ;)

  3. willee says:

    I truly wish i had time to play this game. I played for about the first month and really enjoyed it, then the baby came. Ughh. It has a lot of the things i’m really looking for in a mmorpg (no instancing, true consequences for your actions, political intrigue, rewards for exploring, very interesting game world, ship combat along with the typical land-based stuff, large-scale PvP battles etc.), and they seem to be making some gigantic strides with the large patches including beefing up the lackluster PvE and adding a little fluff.

    Oh well, maybe in 18 years i’ll be able to play Darkfall 4. /cry

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