Get to know Aventurine

Aventurine has launched their company website, and it’s actually worth taking a look at. From the initial page, with it’s “slow for the short bus kids” statements, to the different pictures of DarkFall-branded sports cars, to gems like:

Note: It’s Aventurine, not Adventurine. We’ve seen our company name routinely misspelled by media, job applicants, business contacts, and by fans. We forgive the fans.

And could this be a hint at some upcoming buddy-pass system?

We appreciate all the support Darkfall gets by its fans! There are many ways you could help Darkfall grow while earning Darkfall rewards. More on this very soon.

Overall you get the impression that Aventurine is a company of very talented people who love being involved with technology and gaming. Their indie budget might not afford them a fully staffed PR department, but much like DarkFall itself, other companies in the genre have the PR-BS well covered, and let’s hope Aventurine does not change that approach anytime ‘soon’.

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  1. Raff says:

    I also found it interesting to see the non-Darkfall stuff they’ve done over the years, like super top secret military software! Makes the fact that they’ve managed to stay afloat through the delays slightly easier to understand.

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