DarkFall: Finally more beavers!

For a patch out of left field, this is a nice (if a bit cryptic: mob run speed, faster/slower?) list. And just when I had wrapped-up questing in the human lands, out comes this update. To the carebear mobile!

What’s interesting to watch is how the graphics of DarkFall are constantly improving. Each time something gets an update, it looks far superior to it’s previous form (given the long development DF went through, that’s not entirely surprising), and all of these ‘little’ updates eventually add up to an overall better looking game. Now please release the DX11 info so I can set my budget accordingly!

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3 Responses to DarkFall: Finally more beavers!

  1. Maladorn says:

    FE is doing the same thing in regards to graphics updates. Sunset in the desert is quite appealing, especially.

  2. Adam says:

    Huh… the mob speed tuning worries me tbh. I enjoy the mobs when they are unpredictable and hard to hit. I’m hoping it’s not a nerf….

  3. kaozz says:

    Even though I don’t play, I always thought the graphics were pretty interesting looking. Nice to see them improving them though.

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