Just another DarkFall weekend

For a ‘dead’ PvP area, Ruby sure does see a lot of action. From getting attacked while farming, attacking others already farming, and solo and group raids on Ghana, it’s tough to go for an extended amount of time without something interrupting whatever you are doing. Not that this is a complaint of course, PvP is always good, but it does make one wonder just how little the more vocal members of ForumFall must actually play the game itself when they go on and on about how there is no PvP going on in parts of the world.

One such PvP encounter happened this weekend while we were working on the Fire Dragon as about 10 enemies attacked our spot on a small island. Of course I missed the entire fight thanks to the Fire Dragon nuking me down just moments before, but from what I heard on vent it was a good throwdown with the enemies eventually taking everyone down. Thanks to Ghana being so close, we quickly regeared and headed back out. As expected, the group that just wiped us was trying to finish the dragon, who was at 15% or so at this point, and again another fight broke out. This time we pushed into them quickly, and after a short exchange they tried to flee across the water. A few went down while diving underwater (I’m specced aquashot and was able to deal some nice damage with my bow here), and a few more were killed on the shore as the rest mounted up and fled.

Having regained some of our lost loot (I believe they piled the best stuff on one character and had him recall home), we once again picked up our bows and finished the dragon, getting 80k plus an infernal chest for our efforts. In a continued string of luck, I’m now two for two when rolling for loot and got another rank 60 greatsword made by the clan.

And that r60 helps stem the loss we took a little later, when we got a group together to do some PvP around our hamlet of Bladethorp and headed north to Albertworth. You know things are not going to turn out well when the scout you send into the city dies before he can even take a step back to retreat. Our group of five got chased out by 10 or more, and after crossing some water and getting two others to join us, we engaged and had a little brawl. Things were looking up initially, and I was able to somehow sneak behind them on a mount and deliver some nice frost axe backshots. Sadly the surprise only lasted for a moment, because soon I had someone take the horse out from under me and I found myself in the middle of a few enemies. With greatsword swinging, I temporarily cut my way back to our group and was able to start regaining my stats, but at this point people on vent were reporting going down and before I knew it I had a guy chopping at my head from his mount. I was able to dodge him, duck behind some trees and rocks, and just as I spawned my battlehorn to ride back into the fight, the world starts spinning and I’m insta-killed. The saddest part? The killer is a ‘lizard’, one of the weak little mobs that spawns in the area we were fighting in. Of all the luck…

Not being ones to take a beating lightly, we regrouped in Bladethorpe, got our group up to 11 people, and went back into Albertworth. Our initial push was solid, and we forced the enemies who survived into their keep. It was in the keep that things got bogged down, as a deathly choke point developed on the stairs leading up. Being unable to finish off the geared enemies, we never took full control of the city and slowly we started to get picked apart. Making a hasty retreat out of the keep, and with a sliver of health remaining, I was able to get on a horse and make my way out of the city with a few enemies in pursuit. Luckily they did not chase very far, and I made it to Bladethorpe in one piece. Most of the raiding party was not so lucky.

Good thing the server is dead though, otherwise I’d never be able to farm up more gear in peace.

(DarkFall-related post disclaimer/reminder. If you click the image link near the top-right of this page and buy a DarkFall account, I get paid 20% of the client cost. If you believe this taints my views and reporting on DarkFall, your opinion is wrong.)

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2 Responses to Just another DarkFall weekend

  1. Grimhawke[EB] says:

    It’s true the population is not like it was at EU or NA launch but it’s not as bad as people make it seem.

    Sure there are times when you can go out looking for PvP and just find a few solo farmers or some naked scrubs in a city but other nights I find myself constantly defending our cities, running into cities/hamlets that are actually defended or getting into good small scale fights at popular mob spawns.

    Sure there is a lot of travel involved but portals have helped in that regard and I’ve never minded running around the world looking for PvP. The world building team did a great job IMO.

  2. Unhandled Exception says:

    I liked the part where you described two pvp fights and said the game wasn’t dead.

    There were literally 500 people in Izkand after about 1 month of play on NA when the first major battle between TRA and Cairnivores happened. Do major alliance fights happen where your computer is ground to a halt anymore?

    Honestly, what killed the game (aside from the poor netcode) was all the stuff I mention here:

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