You, me, and Darkfall.

Thanks to the happy combo of my wedding + honeymoon, it’s rather unlikely this blog will see many (if any) updates in the next two weeks. Yes, this means you will need to go out and find your very own Chuck-o-the-day. I’m sorry, and I’m also sorry that there will be one less girl gamer available out there in the world. Get yours while you still can!

Now don’t think I’m just abandoning all of you for two weeks to go island hopping, sip drinks on a beach, and eat some amazing food, all while accompanied by a great girl. No no no. Because you see Greece is not just a great honeymoon destination, it’s also the home of Aventurine, and what says “I love you forever” better than getting some behind-the-scenes info about Darkfall and meeting the people behind the game? No promises on what I’ll see and what I can share with all the little people here (that would be you), but I’m sure I’ll get something. At the very least I’m stealing one of those sweet Darkfall posters they have to put up in my command center (the 3rd bedroom).

Until then, may your epics be shiny, may your world-saving go as planned, and may Blizzard not get you killed and/or raped IRL. At least not until I return to blog about it.

Chuck-for-the-next-two-weeks: When ghosts go camping, they sit around the fire telling stories about Chuck Norris.

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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23 Responses to You, me, and Darkfall.

  1. Remastered says:

    IMO, you should have some guest bloggers while you’re gone.

    • SynCaine says:

      You have to play an MMO to blog about an MMO.

      You and Allerion better be able to carry me in DF PvP when I get back, no excuses.

  2. Rock Leg says:


    Congratulations on your marriage and honeymoon plans.

    Aventurine owes you. Darkfall owes you. You, as we all recognize, are the independent public mouthpiece that provides a great deal of feedback for AV’s product.

    Without your blogging efforts there would not be as much community involvement with this game as we see today.

    Whether your readers agree or disagree with your content, you are there keeping the spotlight on the game you enjoy.

    Here’s hoping you have a great honeymoon, wedding and a welcome meeting w/ the AV team.

  3. sid67 says:

    You must be going back to the Hive so that you can get an update to your mind-control device.

  4. Sleepysam says:

    Be careful on the mopeds.

  5. Drew says:

    Congrats, SynCaine!

  6. Irenor says:

    Watch out for the Fun Hulk inside AV’s office, I bet they’re playing with bumper cars at the moment!

    • Rock Leg says:

      Ok, I’ve been wanting to comment on the Flags and Fun Hulks….

      Despite the ire and venom that forumfall spews, I support this added content.

      It is a sandbox. If you don’t like the content – don’t use it.

      I gaurantee that, in no time at all, flags and fun hulks will find good use in PVP. That is what Darkfall players do best. They adapt the sandbox tools to a competitive edge.

      Whether they are used as fun go cart races or capture the flag comptetions, I expect that within no time you will see flags used as waypoint markers and communication aids and fast mini hulks as scouts or some such adaptation.

      The argument that the AV Devs’ time would be better spent improving X or rolling out Z is bunk.

      Give these guys some credit. They are the one of the most successful companies bucking the Blizzard Trend and have improved this game a ton in the last year.
      They know what they want to deliver and they have a LONG TERM goal of what DF will look like in another year or two.

      People that bitch about what they have now or what they’re getting in a few weeks are short sighted.
      I want to be playing Darkfall in 3 years because no other gaming company will have invested the time and attention to detail in sandbox game development to challenge them.

      I come from EVE and CCP shows what can be done with long term planning and development.

      • SynCaine says:

        I agree that like strongboxes, these things will be used in ‘creative’ ways, but still, they called them Fun Hulks…

  7. Wyrm says:

    Tired of those loud, crass American tourists coming here to pollute the Old World with their Hawaiian shirts and their 15 minutes of screams and “oh yeah”s whenever they hear “usa”…

    On the other hand my felicitations and I wish you a great time with your soon to be wife! :D

  8. mbp says:

    Congratulations HC to you and the new (soon to be) Mrs. Casual. Long life and happiness to you both and all that good stuff.

  9. Randomessa says:

    Congratulations and have fun! If you’d like to keep track PvP style, you beat me by 3 months :P.

  10. Congratulations! :D

  11. Suxbad says:

    Congrats your upcoming wedding!

  12. Bhagpuss says:


  13. Snaffy says:

    Congratz! You’re lucky Greece is such an amazing spot for dozens of reasons, otherwise people might rod you for choosing to honeymoon where your favorite game development studio is located! :P

  14. YelloBird says:

    Congratulations to both of you.
    Have fun and a great wedding/honeymoon


  15. Julian says:

    Grats, Syn.

    Does she pvp?

  16. Khardamon says:

    Congrats Syn on your marriage! Miss playing WAR with you guys. Hope to catch you guys, Remastered, and Allerion in the future in another game.

    Take care and post a honeymoon pic or two. ;)

    • Remastered says:

      What’s going on HB? You playing anything these days?

      • Khardamon says:

        Sup Remastered! Man not playing too much these days. Been dating a lovely lady for the last few months, which has sucked up my time. I mess around with a few things here and there, but no MMO goodness to speak of. Keeping my eye on several things tho. What are you guys up to?

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