Darkfall’s Kraken strikes again

This is good stuff.

It’s a clip from a livestream of some (I’m guessing) new players just out exploring a bit of Agon, sailing towards a volcano on Ruby. Make sure you have the sound on, it makes the whole video.

Spoiler: They don’t make it.

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17 Responses to Darkfall’s Kraken strikes again

  1. Chris says:

    Hahaha, that was hilarious. I love how they all start squealing! This is Darkfall in a nutshell, right there. What other MMO can give you such unexpected moments of excitement :-D

    • coppertopper says:

      Are you referring to being ganked by an 8bit graphics boss?

      • Saucelah says:

        that’s not even a slightly reasonable way to describe the game. Does it bother you that some people enjoy it?

        • SynCaine says:

          It eats him up.

          I figured out why too. People like him come here, read about something unique in DF, then log into their MMO to repeat the same faceroll activity for the 100th time for a +.001% gain, log out, and die a little inside. Then they come back here the next day with just a little more self-hate.

          It’s a vicious cycle.

          One I’m proud to facilitate.

        • coppertopper says:

          Well its the truth – Kraken looks like an original EQ mob with maybe 3 animation frames of artwork.

          If Beau Turkey can find the PvE enjoyable then there must be some merit to it.

          But when 95% of the PvP is akin to being airdropped on to a ‘Lord of the Flies’ like world of serial ganking kiddies, whats to like?

        • Jordan says:

          Beau Turkey??

          Anyway, how can any fan of WoW rip on the graphics of Darkfall?


        • Jordan says:

          Edit to my reply: Re: Beau Turkey- googled him, if you actually put any merit in what that chuckle head has to say…that explains a lot. Remember him from the Vanguard forums…there is no bigger tool on the interweb.

        • coppertopper says:

          I rest my case.

        • Drew says:

          It sounds to me like you:

          A) use some very bad resources for determining if PvE in a game is enjoyable. Jordan is spot-on about Beau Turkey, head jester of the F2P kingdom.

          B) Have never actually played Darkfall. Granted, I only played for a few weeks, but never found the playerbase to be a bunch of ganking kiddies. The game just wasn’t for me because in order to fully enjoy it, I think you need to interact with a clan and be available to do so on an irregular schedule- something I can’t do.

          Are the graphics great? No. But if that and the misguided perception that DF is all ganking kiddies is all you have – you don’t have much.

        • sid67 says:

          So what exactly do you have against “serial ganking kiddies”? That smacks of bigotry.

        • coppertopper says:

          until you exit your parents basement and enter the real world, you don’t have the right to use the word ‘bigot’.

        • Drew says:

          Apparently the irony was lost on you. (Sid67 hosts a blog that is entitled “Serial Ganker”). ;)

        • coppertopper says:

          well if I did I apologize. That was made mid-drunkeness late last nite :/

  2. Sean Boocock says:

    That is so awesome. The concept of setting out on a raft exploring unfamiliar territory only to inadvertently run into an epic monster, all the while knowing you could lose everything doing so, is very seductive. If I had the extra time I would definitely give DF a try as it seems to capture the sense of mystery and unknown that people report as being a large part of UO and early EQ’s appeal.

  3. smee, T says:

    that does look epic, might look into DF again

  4. Capt Hook says:

    More reasons to go back to Darkfall…
    Are they thinking of putting up a new server (Or something similar) anytime soon? I don’t feel like doing the grind to catch up in stats.
    And is magic still a must-have for PvP? I used to love bows/2h swords and don’t have much interest in using magic.

    • SynCaine says:

      AoE magic got nerfed hard (diminished returns on splash), so that’s no longer a must-have. Buff spells are still very nice though, but I don’t exactly consider them ‘must have’ (I have a few at 50+, but I don’t even have every spell, let alone leveled).

      Skill and stat gains have been increased significantly though, especially at the earlier levels. HP gain also scales now, so early gains are worth more than late gains.

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