Blood Bowl League has been formed. Sign up!

League Name: Inquisition Hardcore Casual Blood Bowl League

Password: Inq

Create a fresh team and sign up. Don’t forget to bookmark our league forums as well. Post in the name/team thread if you have not done so as well.

I’m hoping we get most people signed up over the weekend, so next week we can start playing.

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9 Responses to Blood Bowl League has been formed. Sign up!

  1. Lagman says:

    I’m in man. Just registered on INQ forums and in game have a team pending approval.

    I’m new though so take it easy on me.

  2. Wilhelm2451 says:

    I just downloaded the game. Let me see if I can figure it out through the tutorial. Registered in the forums.

    • Lagman says:

      I found that doing a career for a few games to get the hang of the player management and then doing the story mode to get some exposure to different mechanics was pretty helpful.

      also, you should find the “living rulebook” thing on their forums if you have time to do some reading. the first 20 pages or so of it explain most of the game systems.

      I’m finding its alot more complex than I thought initially lol.

  3. Wilhelm2451 says:

    I’m still trying to get at the fun looking game that appears to be hidden behind the slow, inaccurate, and unresponsive UI. I’m not ready for tournament play yet methinks.

    • SynCaine says:

      What are of the UI are we talking here? The pre-game stuff, or the in-game UI? The pre-game one is not pretty, but I think it’s functional enough. The in-game one throws a ton of stuff at you, but I don’t know that I’ve experienced it being slow or inaccurate. (It does somewhat annoying stuff like always setting the camera to auto for every game, in all phases, making you hit esc 3-4 times every game, but that to me is very minor overall).

      • Wilhelm2451 says:

        What I mean is trying to, say, right click on a player to do something and not having the game respond for 5-10 seconds to my click, or not respond at all. And that is after I have gotten used to the oddity of everything having a ridiculously tiny hot spot on which it will accept a click as input.

        • SynCaine says:

          Is this on your new hardware? Because I don’t get that 5-10 sec delay at all (we are talking about the turn-based mode, right?), even online. Online I’ve seen actions take a second or so to process if you are playing someone on a bad connection, but never the actual input.

          As for hotspots, are you zoomed out really far? All actions that I can think of are based off the squares or players in then, and at the zoom level I play (I think the default, or close to it) on my 24″ 1900×1200, the hotspots are rather large.

        • Wilhelm2451 says:

          Turn-based mode, on my new system, 1600×1200, zoomed in so everything is pretty big, playing the tutorial or single player campaign, behaving as described. And it isn’t just in a match, it seems to be everywhere. For example, the pretty darn big “next” arrow in the lower right seems to only have a clickable hotspot on the very bottom right of the arrow. Probably an incompatibility with something on my system, but most annoying since the whole this is fresh and has the latest drivers.

        • SynCaine says:

          Yea that sounds like something is not playing nice. Their tech support is decent, since you can send them game files and such, I’d give that a shot. I don’t experience any of the stuff you listed on my system, nor have I seen anything like it on the forums (though I don’t check the tech forum much, but if this was common I’d have seen it)

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