ESO: Sand in unexpected places

Quick ESO beta weekend update: At one point the three different quests I had were all bugged out (named mob not spawning), which initially made me log out because whaaa I can’t progress. Wanting to play the game more (a good thing), I logged back in a day later and just decided to wander off towards something on the map and see what would happen.

I found some ‘hidden’ gathering stuff, got some xp, and eventually leveled and made it to another questing area (still all the same ‘zone’), this one with working quests. Good times.

I’m currently leaning towards the CE and RP’ing a ‘better than you’ Imperial character. You know, do something out of character and really challenge myself with the RP…

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2 Responses to ESO: Sand in unexpected places

  1. John says:

    I did not liked it at all. This is maybe the first beta test that I don’t like the game…Character model, character movement, combat animation were all mediocre to bad. I didn’t “feel” that I hit something when I swing my weapon.

    As an MMO is not better than my already MMOs (Final Fantasy, GW2, Aion) and as an Elder Scrolls game is not better than Skyrim(even without mods!).

    So I ll pass on this one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    johnsmedley blog: “Not a lot has been said about what Sandbox means.”

    If only there were some great blogs and podcasts out there to help Smedley out. Pick up your game Syncaine!

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